Alibaba’s patents were used in 522 102/103 type rejections

We monitored the patent publications of Alibaba for the past 20 years at the USPTO. Its patent portfolio has its footprints in 28 different technology areas ranging from Databases and File Management to Business Methods.

Below are the top technology areas of their interest – 

Technology AreasNumber of Applications
Databases and File Management63
Computer Networks31
Cryptography and Security29
Business Methods – Incentive Programs, Coupons; Electronic Shopping; Business Cryptography, Voting; Health Care; Point of Sale, Inventory, Accounting; Business Processing, Electronic Negotiation29
Graphic User Interface and Document Processing25
Electronic and Commerce25

Which assignees faced the most rejections?

Since they have patents covering a wide array of technologies so we thought why not check which type of companies are getting blocked by these patents. Refer to the table below for more information:

Number of Blocked assignees159
Number of publications monitored1841
Publications involved in rejections188
Number of 102/103 rejections522

Interestingly, ~500 rejections (102/103) were given based on Alibaba’s patents. It would be even more interesting to see which companies are getting rejections based on Alibaba’s patents.

The below chart shows the top competitors which get maximum rejections because of Alibaba’s patents.

AssigneeApplications Blocked102 Rejections
Samsung Electronics146
Google 151
Tencent Technology144
Walmart Apollo62
Excalibur IP30
Amazon Technologies71
The Bank of Newyork Mellon Trust Company52
Verizon Patent and Licensing41

We used our proprietary tool BOS to track which assignees were getting blocked by Alibaba’s patents.

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