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Think of blockchain as a revolutionary engine driving transformative change across industries. But what fuels this engine? Innovation, of course, and its tangible footprint lies in the booming landscape of patent filings.

Patents act as blueprints for the future of blockchain. Companies like Oasis Network and Zcash are already using them to build tools that keep your information safe.

Sure, transparency is blockchain’s hallmark, but what about privacy? Can we have both? Inventors are cooking up ways to use blockchain while keeping things confidential, and so much more is going on!

This report delves into the heart of US patent filings, unveiling not just technical intricacies but also the patent filing trend, leading companies, and innovators involved in innovation within this domain. Stay tuned to read other insights on the Blockchain Industry!

This analysis is based on published US patent data from 2012-2018. Interested in the updated analysis?

Stay tuned to read insights on blockchain industry. Delve into technology trends, major companies driving the innovation, major countries from where this research is originating, and leading innovators within the sector.

What is the patent filing trend in the Blockchain Industry?

The chart below represents the patent filing trend within the blockchain industry from the year 2007 to 2017.

Blockchain Industry Patent Filing Trend

Blockchain technology adoption has increased rapidly in recent years. Over the past few years, there has been a significant surge in patent filings related to blockchain innovations. Beginning in 2013, the number of patent filings in this field soared, doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling since that time.

The upsurge in patent filings in blockchain industry between the years 2013 to 2016 might be due to increased recognition of the industry’s transformative potential. It was during this time period when major players in the industry like IBM and Mastercard were heavily involved in blockchain research and development which might have inspired a wave of patent filings in the industry.

The table below provides the number of applications filed and the number of patents granted from the year 2010 to 2018.

YearApplications Filed in Blockchain IndustryPatents Granted in Blockchain Industry

Technology Overview of the Blockchain Industry

The technological categorizations such as Cryptocurreny and Decentralized database/ledger, demonstrate the collective efforts to address the challenges and tailor blockchain technology for diverse domains.

Blockchain industry technlogy area
Blockchain industry technlogy analysis
Blockchain industry technlogy overview

Key companies filing patents in the Blockchain Industry

The chart below showcases the top 15 companies actively involved in research and development for innovations and technological advancements in blockchain industry.

Blockchain Industry Leading Company

At present, the fintech industry remains the largest driver of blockchain related patent filings.

Big financial firms, such as Bank of America and Mastercard, and information and communication technology (ICT) giants, including International Business Machine and Intel represent larger players in the blockchain technology domain.

Technology Overview

This analysis provides an insight into areas of focus and innovations of companies thereby offering comprehensive snapshot of their contributions to the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Industry Technology Overview vs Leading Company

The table below shows the number of patents assigned to the top 25 companies in the blockchain industry.

Bank Of America46
Tecnotree Tech16
Accenture Global Solutions9
Toronto Dominion Bank8
Walmart Apollo8
Cisco Tech6
CME Group6
Refinitiv US Org6
Intellectual Frontiers6
MidCap Financial Trust5
CA Tech5
Raise Marketplace5
British Telecommunications4

Who are the leading innovators in the Blockchain Industry?

The table below shows the number of patents assigned to the top 25 inventors in the blockchain industry.

Inventors NamePatent Count
Castinado Joseph B21
Kurian Manu Jacob17
Saxena Manoj16
Sanchez Matthew16
Knuszka Richard16
Davis Steven Charles15
Thomas Richard H14
Smith Ned M13
Ronca James G13
Johnsrud Darrell11
Jayachandran Praveen11
Dolan Heather11
Durbin Thomas E10
Uhr Joon Sun8
Wuehler Michael8
Lee John Jong Suk8
High Donald R8
Hong Jay Wu8
Chan Paul Mon-Wah8
Gaur Nitin7
Haldenby Perry Aaron Jones7
Song Joo Han6
Shah Shahid N6
Kraemer James R6
Linton Jeb R6

Which countries have filed patents in the Blockchain Industry?

This analysis highlights the contribution of different countries in international landscape of the blockchain industry.

Blockchain Industry Worldwide Patent Filing

The U.S. has a significant presence in blockchain technology, with numerous startups, research institutions, and large corporations actively working on blockchain projects. Additionally, regulatory bodies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) have been involved in shaping the regulatory landscape for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Where are the Research Centers in the Blockchain Industry located?

The chart provides a snapshot of key contributors in the industry highlighting their pivotal role in development novel approaches and solutions in blockchain industry.

R&D Centres of Blockchain Industry
Leading companies in USA filing patents in Blockchain Industry
Blockchain Industry Leading Companies In USA
Technology Overview

The technological categorization of patents related to blockchain industry within United States of Americaranges from Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Database/ Ledger to Public Blockchain.

Blockchain Industry Technology Overview vs Leading Companies In USA
Leading companies in Europe (EPO) filing patents in Blockchain Industry
Blockchain Industry Leading Companies in Europe(EPO)
Technology Overview

The technological categorization of patents related to blockchain industry within Europe (EPO) ranges from Cryprocurrency to e-Commerce.

Blockchain Industry Technology Overview vs Leading Companies In Europe(EPO)
Leading companies in United Kingdom filing patents in Blockchain Industry
Blockchain Industry Leading Company in United Kingdom
Technology Overview

The technological categorization of patents related to blockchain industry within United Kingdom ranges from Block Generation to Security.

Blockchain Industry Technology Overview vs Leading Companies In United Kingdom

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