IBM Subsidiaries

10Ibm Niger SarlNiger
3Scale IncUnited States
3Scale LlcUnited States
7Summits LlcUnited States
Accenx Technologies IncUnited States
Access360 CorpUnited States
Accessible Software IncUnited States
Acg Applicazioni Contabili Gestionali SrlItaly
Adaytum IncUnited States
Adaytum LtdUnited Kingdom
Adaytum Software IncUnited States
Advanced Linkage Technologies Of America IncUnited States
Aerosystems OyFinland
Agile 3 Solutions LlcUnited States
Akopia IncUnited States
Alchemyai IncUnited States
Algorithmics IncCanada
Alphablox CorpUnited States
Amentra IncUnited States
Amicas Pacs CorpUnited States
Ammirati IncUnited States
Amsys North America IncUnited States
Ansible IncUnited States
Aperto AgGermany
Applied Intelligence Solutions LlcUnited States
Aptsoft CorpUnited States
Aragon Consulting Group IncUnited States
Armanta CorpUnited States
Arsdigita CorpUnited States
Arsenal Digital Solutions Usa IncUnited States
Arsenal Digital Solutions Worldwide IncUnited States
Ascential Ihq LtdUnited Kingdom
Ascential Software CorpUnited States
Ashbourne Group LtdUnited Kingdom
Asp Assets Of Qwest Cybersolutions LlcUnited States
Aspera IncUnited States
Aston R5Denmark
Athenyx IncUnited States
Atlas Files CoSaudi Arabia
Automated Catalogue Services LpUnited States
Avitiva Inc Hosting OperationsUnited States
Banco Ibm SaBrazil
Banter Systems IncUnited States
Batrus Hollweg International Selection Services LtdUnited States
Bdi Systems IncUnited States
Beeinstant LtdIreland
Bigfix EmeaUnited Kingdom
Bigfix IncUnited States
Bit Blue It Services GmbhAustria
Blade Network Technologies IncUnited States
Blekko IncUnited States
Blue Box Group IncUnited States
Blue Wolf Global LtdUnited Kingdom
Blue Wolf Group LlcUnited States
Bluecurve IncUnited States
Bluewave LtdUnited Kingdom
Bowstreet IncUnited States
Brassring LlcUnited States
Buildforge IncUnited States
Business Planning Solutions LtdSingapore
Butterfly Software LtdUnited Kingdom
BuystreamCom LlcCanada
C2Net Software IncUnited States
Canada Systems Group LtdCanada
Candle CorpUnited States
Caseworks IncUnited States
Cast Iron Systems IncUnited States
Castify HoldingsFrance
Catapulse IncUnited States
Catapult IncUnited States
Cc:Mail IncUnited States
Cedara Software LtdCanada
Cedara Software Services India Pvt LtdIndia
Cedara Software Usa LtdUnited States
Cedex Services InternationalUnited States
Celequest CorpUnited States
Centerview Software IncUnited States
Cgi Informatique SaFrance
Cims Lab IncUnited States
Citloi SasFrance
Clarity Systems LtdCanada
Classic BlueAustralia
Clear Software IncUnited States
Clearleap IncUnited States
Cleversafe IncUnited States
Cleversoft IncUnited States
Cloudant IncUnited States
Cloudigo LtdIsrael
ClustyUnited States
Coast Software IncCanada
Codenvy LlcUnited States
Codenvy Ukraine LlcUkraine
Cognea AiUnited States
Cognos AbSweden
Cognos Austria GmbhAustria
Cognos EspañaSpain
Cognos Europe LtdUnited Kingdom
Cognos France SaFrance
Cognos GmbhGermany
Cognos Hong Kong LtdChina
Cognos IncCanada
Cognos LlcUnited States
Cognos LtdUnited Kingdom
Cognos NvBelgium
Cognos Pte LtdSingapore
Cognos Pty LtdAustralia
Cognos South Africa Pty LtdSouth Africa
Cognos Switzerland LtdSwitzerland
Cognos UlcCanada
Collation IncUnited States
Comergent Technologies IncUnited States
Comfirst SaFrance
Commquest Technologies IncUnited States
Compagnie Générale D’InformatiqueFrance
Compagnie Ibm France SasFrance
Companhia Ibm Portuguesa SaPortugal
Compose IncUnited States
Confirma Europe LlcUnited States
Confirma IncUnited States
Connect3 Systems IncUnited States
Constellar CorpUnited States
Consul Risk Management International BvNetherlands
Continuity Services LtdUnited Kingdom
Coremetrics IncUnited States
Coremotives LlcUnited States
Coreos GmbhGermany
Coreos IncUnited States
Corio IncUnited States
Corts Trust For International Business MachinesUnited States
Corts Trust Ii For International Business MachinesUnited States
Corts Trust Iii For International Business MachinesUnited States
Cplex OptimizationUnited States
Cross Access CorpUnited States
Crossideas SrlItaly
Crossworlds Software IncUnited States
Csl InternationalIsrael
Curam Software IncUnited States
Cúram Software LtdIreland
Curam Software Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Cyanea Systems CorpUnited States
Cygnus Solutions IncUnited States
Daeja Image Systems LtdUnited Kingdom
Dascom IncUnited States
Data Sciences LtdUnited Kingdom
Databeacon IncCanada
Databeam CorpUnited States
Datacap IncUnited States
Datadistilleries BvNetherlands
Datamirror CorpCanada
Datamirror Europe Holdings LtdUnited Kingdom
Datamirror Uk LtdCanada
Datapower Technology IncUnited States
DemandtecUnited Kingdom
Demandtec IncUnited States
Demandtec Southern EuropeFrance
Diamond Software Acquisition CorpUnited States
Dicarta IncUnited States
Digital Aspects Holdings LtdUnited States
Digital Marketing Services & Software BusinessUnited States
Diligent Technologies CorpUnited States
Dm Information Systems LtdUnited States
Dmdata ASDenmark
Docusys IncUnited States
Dovetail Software IncUnited States
Dr Systems IncUnited States
Dwl IncUnited States
Eads Matra DatavisionFrance
Early Cloud & CoUnited States
EcxIo Germany GmbhGermany
Edge Consulting LlcUnited States
Edi Software & Services UnitGermany
Edmark IncUnited States
Egrail IncUnited States
Electronic Data Exchange ServiceUnited Kingdom
Emptoris IncUnited States
Encentuate IncUnited States
Enovance SasFrance
Enovance Solutions India Pvt LtdIndia
Envizi Pty LtdUnited States
Epigraphx LlcUnited States
Epona Data AbSweden
Equitant IncIreland
Etrials Worldwide IncUnited States
Exeros IncUnited States
Expertus Technologies IncCanada
Explorys IncUnited States
Ez Legacy LtdUnited Kingdom
Feedhenry Ireland LtdIreland
Feedhenry LlcUnited States
Feedhenry LtdIreland
Fiberlink Communications CorpUnited States
Filenet CorpUnited States
Filenet GmbhGermany
Filenet JapanJapan
Filenet Korea CorpSouth Korea
Filenet LtdUnited Kingdom
Filenet Shared Services Centre Ireland LtdIreland
Filesx IncUnited States
Financiera De Tecnologia E Informatica Sa De CvMexico
Fluid Inc Expert Personal ShopperUnited States
Fortel Analytics LlcUnited States
French & AssociatesIreland
Gantz Wiley Research Consulting Group IncUnited States
Gesnext Spain SaSpain
Global ValueItaly
Global Value Services SpaItaly
Global Value Solutions SaBrazil
Gluecode Software IncUnited States
Gluster IncUnited States
Gold Wire Technology IncUnited States
Goldcup D 2933 AbSweden
Gravitant IncUnited States
Green Hat Software LtdUnited Kingdom
Green Pasture Software IncUnited States
Groupe Lgs France SaFrance
Grupo Ibm México S De Rl De CvMexico
Guardium IncUnited States
Gulf Business MachinesUnited Arab Emirates
HalfbrainCom IncUnited States
Hbe Solutions LlcUnited States
Hells Kitchen Systems IncUnited States
Holosofx IncUnited States
Hoshanco HoldingSaudi Arabia
Hoshanco Investment CoSaudi Arabia
Hrc Human Resources Consulting GmbhGermany
I2 Group United KingdomUnited Kingdom
I2 Holdings LtdUnited Kingdom
Ibm 401K Plus Plan TrustUnited States
Ibm Acquisition FinanceUnited States
Ibm Africa BvAngola
Ibm Africa Bv NetherlandsNetherlands
Ibm ANz Holdings Pty LtdAustralia
Ibm Ap Holdings YkJapan
Ibm Ap Operations BvNetherlands
Ibm Argentina SrlArgentina
Ibm Australia Credit LtdAustralia
Ibm Australia LtdAustralia
Ibm Bahamas LtdThe Bahamas
Ibm Bahrain SpcBahrain
Ibm Bangladesh BvNetherlands
Ibm Bangladesh Pvt LtdBangladesh
Ibm Belgium Financial Services Co SaLuxembourg
Ibm Belgium Financial Services Co SprlBelgium
Ibm Belgium LuxembourgBelgium
Ibm Brasil Indústria Máquinas E Serviços LtdaBrazil
Ibm Bto Business Consulting Services BvNetherlands
Ibm Bto Global Holdings BvNetherlands
Ibm Bulgaria LtdBulgaria
Ibm Burkina Faso SarlBurkina Faso
Ibm Business Consulting Service Korea IncSouth Korea
Ibm Business Consulting ServicesBelgium
Ibm Business Consulting Services IncUnited States
Ibm Business Consulting Services Russia BvNetherlands
Ibm Business Services Asset GmbhGermany
Ibm Business Transformation Center SrlCosta Rica
Ibm Canada Credit Services CorpCanada
Ibm Canada Holdings BvNetherlands
Ibm Canada Investments BvNetherlands
Ibm Canada LtdCanada
Ibm Capital IncUnited States
Ibm Capital Italia SrlItaly
Ibm Capital Malaysia Sdn BhdMalaysia
Ibm Capital Mexico I S De Rl De CvMexico
Ibm Capital Peru SacPeru
Ibm Capital Singapore Pte LtdSingapore
Ibm Central & Eastern EuropeAustria
Ibm Central & Eastern Europe BvNetherlands
Ibm Central Holding GmbhGermany
Ibm Ceská Republika Spol SroCzechia
Ibm ChinaCayman Islands
Ibm China Co LtdChina
Ibm China Holdings BvNetherlands
Ibm China Hong Kong LtdChina
Ibm China Investment Co LtdChina
Ibm Client Innovation Center Germany GmbhGermany
Ibm Cloud Object StorageUnited States
Ibm Congo SarlCentral African Republic
Ibm Consulting Services FranceFrance
Ibm Corp Surfaid Analytics BusUnited States
Ibm Credit Financing CorpUnited States
Ibm Credit LlcUnited States
Ibm Credit Receivables IncUnited States
Ibm Credit Receivables Lease Asset Master TrustUnited States
Ibm Croatia LtdCroatia
Ibm Daksh Business Process Services Philippines IncPhilippines
Ibm Danmark ApsDenmark
Ibm De Chile SacChile
Ibm De Colombia & Cia ScaColombia
Ibm De Colombia SaColombia
Ibm De México Comercialización Y Servicios S De Rl De CvMexico
Ibm De México S De RlMexico
Ibm De Mexico SaMexico
Ibm De Venezuela SaVenezuela
Ibm Del Ecuador CaEcuador
Ibm Del Peru SaPeru
Ibm Del Peru SacPeru
Ibm Del Uruguay SaUruguay
Ibm Denmark Retirement FundDenmark
Ibm Deutschland Aviation Industry Services GmbhGermany
Ibm Deutschland Aviation Industry Workplace Services GmbhGermany
Ibm Deutschland Business & Technology Services GmbhGermany
Ibm Deutschland Business Transformation Services GmbhGermany
Ibm Deutschland Communications & Networking Support ServicesGermany
Ibm Deutschland Customer Support Services GmbhGermany
Ibm Deutschland Direktvertrieb GmbhGermany
Ibm Deutschland Financial Industry Solutions GmbhGermany
Ibm Deutschland Financial Markets Services GmbhGermany
Ibm Deutschland Global Business Solutions GmbhGermany
Ibm Deutschland GmbhGermany
Ibm Deutschland Informationssysteme GmbhGermany
Ibm Deutschland Infrastructure Technology Services GmbhGermany
Ibm Deutschland Kreditbank GmbhGermany
Ibm Deutschland Mittelstand Services GmbhGermany
Ibm Deutschland Pensionsfonds AgGermany
Ibm Deutschland Pensionskasse VvagGermany
Ibm Deutschland Research & Development GmbhGermany
Ibm East Africa LtdKenya
Ibm East EuropeAsia LtdRussia
Ibm Eastern Europe Holdings BvNetherlands
Ibm Eesti OüEstonia
Ibm Egypt Business Support ServicesEgypt
Ibm Engineering & Technology ServicesUnited States
Ibm Engineering Technology Shanghai Co LtdChina
Ibm Estonia OüEstonia
Ibm EurocoordinationFrance
Ibm Europe Holdings BvNetherlands
Ibm Europe SasFrance
Ibm European International Services CoBelgium
Ibm Factoring China Co LtdChina
Ibm Financial Services BvNetherlands
Ibm Finans Norge AsNorway
Ibm Foreign Sales CorpBarbados
Ibm France Financement SasFrance
Ibm France Location SncFrance
Ibm France SasuFrance
Ibm Global Asset Management LtdUnited Kingdom
Ibm Global Business ServicesGermany
Ibm Global FinancingUnited States
Ibm Global Financing Australia LtdAustralia
Ibm Global Financing Canada CorpCanada
Ibm Global Financing Danmark ApsDenmark
Ibm Global Financing De Chile SpaChile
Ibm Global Financing Deutschland GmbhGermany
Ibm Global Financing España SlSpain
Ibm Global Financing Finland OyFinland
Ibm Global Financing Investments I BvNetherlands
Ibm Global Financing Korea LtdSouth Korea
Ibm Global Financing Polska Sp ZooPoland
Ibm Global Financing Schweiz GmbhSwitzerland
Ibm Global Financing South Africa Pty LtdSouth Africa
Ibm Global Financing Sweden AbSweden
Ibm Global Financing Uk CoUnited Kingdom
Ibm Global Holdings BvNetherlands
Ibm Global ServicesUnited States
Ibm Global Services Australia LtdAustralia
Ibm Global Services BvNetherlands
Ibm Global Services China Co LtdChina
Ibm Global Services Dalian Co LtdChina
Ibm Global Services Delivery Center Czech Republic SroCzechia
Ibm Global Services España SaSpain
Ibm Global Services Japan Solution & Services CoJapan
Ibm Global Services Redes De Ordenadores Y Servicios SaSpain
Ibm Global Systems IncUnited States
Ibm Global Technology ServicesUnited States
Ibm Growth Markets LlcUnited States
Ibm Hellas Information Handling Systems SaGreece
Ibm Hellas SaGreece
Ibm Holdings BvNetherlands
Ibm Hrvatska DooCroatia
Ibm Hungary Ais KftHungary
Ibm India Pvt LtdIndia
Ibm Indonesia PtIndonesia
Ibm Innovation Services Pte LtdSingapore
Ibm Instruments IncUnited States
Ibm Interactive ExperienceUnited States
Ibm Interactive SasFrance
Ibm International Business Machines DooSerbia
Ibm International Business Machines Turk Ltd StiTurkey
Ibm International Centre For Asset Management NvNetherlands
Ibm International Finance NvNetherlands
Ibm International Group BvNetherlands
Ibm International Group Capital LlcUnited States
Ibm International Holdings BvNetherlands
Ibm International Holdings Finance Co LtdIreland
Ibm International Holdings Investment CoIreland
Ibm International Holdings IrelandIreland
Ibm International Services Centre SroSlovakia
Ibm International Treasury Services CoIreland
Ibm International Treasury Services CompIreland
Ibm International Treasury Services Unlimited CoIreland
Ibm Internet Security SystemsUnited States
Ibm Ireland LtdIreland
Ibm Ireland Product Distribution LtdIreland
Ibm Ireland Retirement Benefit PlanIreland
Ibm Ireland Retirement FundIreland
Ibm Isc Hungary Korlátolt Felelosségu TársaságHungary
Ibm Israel LtdIsrael
Ibm Italia Servizi Finanziari SrlItaly
Ibm Italia SpaItaly
Ibm Japan Application Solution Co LtdJapan
Ibm Japan Credit LlcJapan
Ibm Japan Holdings LlcUnited States
Ibm Japan LtdJapan
Ibm Japan Technical Solution Co LtdJapan
Ibm Korea Holdings BvNetherlands
Ibm Korea IncSouth Korea
Ibm Kuwait SpcKuwait
Ibm Latin America Holdings BvNetherlands
Ibm Latvija SiaLatvia
Ibm Leasing Co LtdChina
Ibm Lietuva UabLithuania
Ibm Logictools Supply Chain Applications BusUnited States
Ibm Lp LtdUnited Kingdom
Ibm LtdSierra Leone
Ibm Luxembourg SarlLuxembourg
Ibm Magyarorszagi KftHungary
Ibm Malaysia Sdn BhdMalaysia
Ibm Malta LtdMalta
Ibm Maroc SaMorocco
Ibm Mauritius LtdMauritius
Ibm Microelectronics IncUnited States
Ibm Middle East Fz LlcUnited Arab Emirates
Ibm Middle Europe Holdings BvNetherlands
Ibm Nederland BvNetherlands
Ibm Nederland Financieringen BvNetherlands
Ibm Nederland NvNetherlands
Ibm Netherlands Pension FundNetherlands
Ibm New Zealand LtdNew Zealand
Ibm Niger SarlNiger
Ibm Nordic AbSweden
Ibm North Region HoldingsUnited Kingdom
Ibm Ocean Us IncUnited States
Ibm Österreich Internationale Büromaschinen GmbhAustria
Ibm PakistanPakistan
Ibm Pc CoUnited States
Ibm Pension & Life Assurance PlanUnited Kingdom
Ibm Pension FundUnited States
Ibm Pensionsfonds SwitzerlandSwitzerland
Ibm Pensionskasse AgAustria
Ibm Personal Pension Plan TrustUnited States
Ibm Philippines Employees Retirement Benefits PlanPhilippines
Ibm Philippines IncPhilippines
Ibm Phytel IncUnited States
Ibm Polska Business Services Sp ZooPoland
Ibm Polska Sp ZooPoland
Ibm Products Holdings BvNetherlands
Ibm Qatar LlcQatar
Ibm RdcCentral African Republic
Ibm ResearchUnited States
Ibm Research GmbhSwitzerland
Ibm Retirement FundUnited States
Ibm Retirement PlanCanada
Ibm Retirement Plan Trust FundUnited States
Ibm Romania SrlRomania
Ibm Schweiz AgSwitzerland
Ibm Science Research AssociatesUnited States
Ibm Security Guardium Big Data IntelligenceUnited States
Ibm Service Delivery Center Denmark ASDenmark
Ibm Singapore Pte LtdSingapore
Ibm Slovenija DooSlovenia
Ibm Slovensko Spol SroSlovakia
Ibm Software GroupUnited States
Ibm Solutions Delivery Co LtdThailand
Ibm Solutions Delivery IncPhilippines
Ibm South Africa Group LtdSouth Africa
Ibm South Africa Pty LtdSouth Africa
Ibm Sri LankaSri Lanka
Ibm Svenska AbSweden
Ibm Systems & Technology GroupUnited States
Ibm Systems Technology Shenzhen Co LtdChina
Ibm Taiwan Holdings BvNetherlands
Ibm Tanzania LtdTanzania
Ibm Tax Deferred Savings PlanUnited States
Ibm Tchad SarluChad
Ibm Thailand Co LtdThailand
Ibm Tivoli Systems IncUnited States
Ibm TunisieTunisia
Ibm Turk Ltd StiTurkey
Ibm Ukraine TovUkraine
Ibm United Kingdom Asset Finance LtdUnited Kingdom
Ibm United Kingdom Asset Leasing LtdUnited Kingdom
Ibm United Kingdom Financial Services LtdUnited Kingdom
Ibm United Kingdom Holdings LtdUnited Kingdom
Ibm United Kingdom LtdUnited Kingdom
Ibm United Kingdom Pensions Trust LtdUnited Kingdom
Ibm Us Pension FundUnited States
Ibm VenturesUnited States
Ibm Vietnam CoVietnam
Ibm Watson Research CenterUnited States
Ibm Websphere Information IntegrationUnited States
Ibm World Trade Asia CorpUnited States
Ibm World Trade Asia Holdings LlcUnited States
Ibm World Trade CorpIndonesia
Ibm World Trade CorpBarbados
Ibm World Trade Corp New YorkUnited States
Ibm World Trade Corp Sri LankaSri Lanka
Ibm WtcEgypt
Ibm Wtc Asia Investments LlcUnited States
Ibm Wtc Finance LlcUnited States
Icing SoftwareUnited States
Icommerce Pte LtdSingapore
Icsa Boardroom Apps LtdUnited Kingdom
Ilog Deutschland GmbhGermany
Ilog IncUnited States
Ilog LtdUnited Kingdom
Ilog SaFrance
Immeuble IbmTunisia
In2Itive Technologies CorpDenmark
Infima TechnologiesIsrael
Infodyne CorpUnited States
Information Manufacturing CorpUnited States
Information Manufacturing LlcUnited States
Informix Software IncUnited States
Initiate Systems IncUnited States
Inktank Storage IncUnited States
Instana GmbhGermany
Instana IncUnited States
Integral Solutions LtdUnited Kingdom
Integrated Clinical Data CorpUnited States
Integrated Systems Solutions CorpUnited States
Intelliden IncUnited States
Intelliden SoftwareUnited States
International Business Machines AsNorway
International Business Machines CorpUnited States
International Business Machines CorpHungary
International Business Machines EmeaUnited States
International Business Machines Gabon SarlGabon
International Business Machines Ghana LtdGhana
International Business Machines Madagascar SarlMorocco
International Business Machines Of Belgium SarlLuxembourg
International Business Machines Of Belgium SprlBelgium
International Business Machines Oy AbFinland
International Business Machines SaSpain
International Business Machines Semea SpaItaly
International Business Machines SenegalSenegal
International Business Machines Svenska AbSweden
International Business Machines Trucs Trust 2001 2United States
International Business Machines West Africa LtdNigeria
International Business Machines Zambia LtdZambia
International Financial Systems LtdUnited States
International Information Products Shenzhen Co LtdChina
International Information Services Management LtdMalawi
International Information Services Management LtdSeychelles
International Maintenance Parts Logistics BvNetherlands
International Sales & Services BvNetherlands
International System Technology CoChina
Internet Security Systems IncUnited States
Internet Security Systems LtdUnited Kingdom
Intigma IncUnited States
Iona Technologies IncUnited States
Iphrase Systems IncUnited States
Iris Analytics GmbhGermany
Isc Hungaria Informatikai KftHungary
Ism AlbertaCanada
Ism Information Systems Management CorpCanada
Isogon CorpGermany
Jandel Scientific SoftwareUnited States
Jboss IncUnited States
Jcl InformatiqueFrance
Joan Wellman & Associates IncUnited States
Johnson & Michaels IncUnited States
Joint For Growth SrlItaly
Journée Software CorpUnited States
Jra Nz LtdNew Zealand
Jwan Group HoldingSaudi Arabia
Kenexa CorpUnited States
Kenexa Government Solutions IncUnited States
Kenexa Singapore Pte LtdSingapore
Kenexa Strategic Outsourcing CorpUnited States
Kenexa Technology IncUnited States
Knowledge Workers IncUnited States
Kobelco Soft Service CorpJapan
Language Analysis Systems IncUnited States
Level 3 Communications IncUnited States
Lex2000 IncUnited States
Lexiquest IncUnited States
Lgs Group Consulting CorpCanada
Lifeguard Finance BvNetherlands
Lighthouse Security Group LlcUnited States
Logical CsiNew Zealand
Logicalis Australia Pty LtdAustralia
Lombardi Software IncUnited States
Lotus Corp Pvt LtdIndia
Lotus Development CorpUnited States
Lotus Development United Kingdom LtdUnited Kingdom
Lotus SoftwareUnited States
Lufthansa Systems AgGermany
M Factor IncUnited States
Mae Software IncUnited States
Maersk Data AsDenmark
Maersk Data Organisator AsDenmark
Mainspring Communications IncUnited States
Mainspring IncUnited States
Makara IncUnited States
Manageiq IncUnited States
Marketingcentral LlcUnited States
Marketsoft CorpUnited States
Mdtvision GmbhGermany
Mediobanca Innovation Services ScpaItaly
Mediosystem SpaItaly
Meiosys IncUnited States
Merge Asset Management CorpUnited States
Merge Cad IncUnited States
Merge Eclinical IncUnited States
Merge EmedUnited States
Merge Healthcare France SarlFrance
Merge Healthcare IncUnited States
Merge Healthcare Solutions IncUnited States
Merge Interactive IncUnited States
Merge Sf Holdings IncUnited States
Merge Sh Holdings IncUnited States
Merge Technologies Holdings CoCanada
Merrick Healthcare Solutions LlcUnited States
Metamatrix IncUnited States
Metamerge AsNorway
Metaphor Computer Systems IncUnited States
Meteorix LlcUnited States
Metrica Systems LtdUnited Kingdom
Micromuse IncUnited States
Micromuse LtdUnited Kingdom
Micromuse Uk Holdings LtdUnited Kingdom
Mindflow Technologies IncUnited States
Mongo Machine LlcUnited States
Mpc SoftwareGermany
Multi Threaded IncUnited States
Munitions Manufacturing CorpUnited States
National Intelligence Support Services LlcUnited States
National Interest Advanced Solutions LlcUnited States
National Interest Security Co LlcUnited States
Net Integration Technologies IncCanada
Netezza Corp LtdUnited Kingdom
Netezza LlcUnited States
Netgenesis CorpUnited States
Netmon2 IncUnited States
Netscape Security SolutionsUnited States
Netsecurity VentureDenmark
Network Solutions Pvt LtdIndia
Neudesic LlcUnited States
Neudesic Technologies Pvt LtdIndia
Neuvis IncUnited States
Nexus Technology IncUnited States
Nippon Ibm Chugoku Solution KkJapan
Nistevo CorpUnited States
Nodefly Systems IncCanada
Nordic Processor AbSweden
Nordic Processor ApsDenmark
Nordic Processor OyFinland
Noticecast Software LtdUnited Kingdom
Novus Consulting Group IncUnited States
Nutech Solutions IncUnited States
Nynex Dpi CoUnited States
Object Technology International IncCanada
Objectime LtdCanada
Objectory AbSweden
Öcs Computer Service GmbhAustria
Omen IncUnited States
Omron Alphatec CorpJapan
Oniqua Holdings Pty LtdAustralia
Oniqua IncUnited States
Oniqua Pty LtdAustralia
Openorders IncUnited States
Openpages IncUnited States
Ophthalmic Imaging Systems IncUnited States
Optevia LtdUnited Kingdom
Oramasters Software India Pvt LtdIndia
Ordinox Network IncCanada
Ounce Labs IncUnited States
Outblaze LtdChina
Outstart IncUnited States
Overstat IncUnited States
Oy Ibm Finland AbFinland
Palisades Technology PartnersUnited States
Palladio Software CorpUnited States
Pana Sequent IncJapan
Parkegaard Partners Holding AsDenmark
Parkmycloud IncUnited States
Pcm Computer AgGermany
Performance Awareness CorpUnited States
Performance SystemsUnited Arab Emirates
Permabit Technology CorpUnited States
Personalvorsorgestiftung Der IbmSwitzerland
Phlyt IncCanada
Physician To Pharmacy Communications SystUnited States
Pinehurst Tech IncUnited States
Pivotal Veracity LlcUnited States
Placepunch IncUnited States
Plaform Computing GmbhGermany
Platform Computing IncCanada
Platform Computing LtdUnited Kingdom
Platform Solutions IncUnited States
Pointbase IncUnited States
Portal Danmark AsDenmark
Pos Perakende Otomasyon Sistemleri Ticaret Ve Sanayi AsTurkey
Powerq SoftwareUnited States
Presence Online Pty LtdAustralia
Princeton Softech IncUnited States
Professional Data Management Again IncUnited States
Profound Logic Software IncUnited States
Project Ready CorpUnited States
Promontory Financial Group Global Services Japan LlcJapan
Promontory Financial Group Italy SrlItaly
Promontory Financial Group LlcUnited States
Promontory Financial Group Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Proxima SpaItaly
Pss Systems IncUnited States
Psychometric Services LtdUnited Kingdom
Pt Ibm IndonesiaIndonesia
Pt Red Hat IndonesiaIndonesia
Public Steers Series 1998 Ibm Z2 TrustUnited States
Pure Atria CorpUnited States
Pureedge Solutions IncCanada
Pwc ConsultingUnited States
Q1 Labs IncUnited States
Quantime LtdUnited Kingdom
Qumranet IncUnited States
Quorum International Search LtdUnited Kingdom
Qwest Cyber Solutions LlcUnited States
R5 Consulting AsNorway
Rational Software CorpUnited States
Rational Software EurlFrance
Red Hat AbSweden
Red Hat AbNorway
Red Hat ApsDenmark
Red Hat Asia Pacific Pte LtdSingapore
Red Hat Asia Pacific Pty LtdAustralia
Red Hat Austria GmbhAustria
Red Hat Brasil LtdaBrazil
Red Hat BvNetherlands
Red Hat BvbaBelgium
Red Hat Canada LtdCanada
Red Hat Chile LtdaChile
Red Hat Colombia SasColombia
Red Hat Czech SroCzechia
Red Hat De Argentina SaArgentina
Red Hat France SarlFrance
Red Hat Fz LlcUnited Arab Emirates
Red Hat GmbhGermany
Red Hat IncUnited States
Red Hat India Pvt LtdIndia
Red Hat Israel LtdIsrael
Red Hat KkJapan
Red Hat LtdFinland
Red Hat LtdChina
Red Hat LtdSouth Korea
Red Hat Malaysia Sdn BhdMalaysia
Red Hat Middleware LlcUnited States
Red Hat New Zealand LtdNew Zealand
Red Hat Philippines Software Solutions CorpPhilippines
Red Hat Poland Sp ZooPoland
Red Hat Professional Consulting IncUnited States
Red Hat S De Rl De CvMexico
Red Hat Sa I LlcUnited States
Red Hat Sa Ii LlcUnited States
Red Hat Saudi Arabia LtdSaudi Arabia
Red Hat SlSpain
Red Hat Software Beijing Co LtdChina
Red Hat South Africa Pty LtdSouth Africa
Red Hat SrlItaly
Red Hat Switzerland SarlSwitzerland
Red Hat Thailand LtdThailand
Red Hat Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Red Hat Yazýlým Servisleri AsTurkey
Red SharkUnited States
Redpill SolutionsSingapore
Regional Bank Solution & Services Co LtdJapan
Rembo Technology SarlSwitzerland
Requisite IncUnited States
Requisite Software IncUnited States
Resilient Systems IncUnited States
Resource Ventures LtdUnited States
Responsor AsFinland
Rh Financial Holdings IncUnited States
Rh Subsidiary IncUnited States
Rheinmetall Informationssysteme GmbhGermany
Rivermine Software IncUnited States
Rlh Bluewolf Holding LlcUnited States
Rolm CorpUnited States
Round Pond Unlimited CoIreland
Rp Emea Holdings I LlcUnited States
Rp Emea Holdings Ii LlcUnited States
Rp Emea PartnersUnited States
Samjoo System Service IncSouth Korea
Sanctum IncUnited States
Sane Solutions LlcUnited States
Sanovi Technologies CorpIndia
Sanovi Technologies India Pvt LtdIndia
Sap Italia Consulting SpaItaly
Saros CorpUnited States
Saudi Business Machines LtdSaudi Arabia
Scali IncUnited States
Schlumberger Business Continuity ServicesUnited Kingdom
Science Research Associates IncUnited States
Scopus Tecnologia LtdaBrazil
Scottworks Solutions IncCanada
Sentaca IncUnited States
Sentry Financial Systems LlcUnited States
Sequent Computer Systems IncUnited States
Sequent Computer Systems LtdUnited Kingdom
Sequis UnitUnited States
Server Business UnitUnited States
Service Delivery For Distribution CompanFrance
Seterus IncUnited States
Sevone IncUnited States
Shana CorpCanada
Shared Storage BusinessUnited States
Silverpop Systems IncUnited States
Silverpop Systems LtdUnited Kingdom
Simpler Consulting LpUnited States
Simpler North America LlcUnited States
Sistemi Informativi SrlItaly
Sistina Software IncUnited States
Smartsales IncCanada
Sociedad Para La Prestacion De Servicios Administrativos SlSpain
Softa LtdUnited Kingdom
Softek Storage Solutions CorpUnited States
Softlab IncUnited States
Softlayer Technologies Deutschland GmbhGermany
Softlayer Technologies IncUnited States
Softlayer Technologies India Pvt LtdIndia
Softlayer Technologies Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Software Artistry IncUnited States
Solid Information Technology CorpUnited States
Solid Information Technology OyUnited States
Solstice Software IncUnited States
Somerset SystemsAustralia
Speak Up GmbhGermany
Spss Amsterdam BvNetherlands
Spss Benelux BvNetherlands
Spss Europe BvNetherlands
Spss FranceFrance
Spss Gmbh SoftwareGermany
Spss IncUnited States
Spss International BvNetherlands
Spss Japan IncJapan
Spss LtdUnited Kingdom
Spss Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Sq Technologies LtdSouth Korea
Sqa IncUnited States
Srd IncUnited States
Stackimpact GmbhGermany
Stackrox IncUnited States
Star Analytics IncUnited States
Sterling Commerce America IncUnited States
Sterling Commerce IncUnited States
Sterling Commerce Sweden AbSweden
Stichting Pensioenfonds Ibm NederlandNetherlands
Storediq IncUnited States
Storwize IncUnited States
StraightsourceUnited States
Strongloop IncUnited States
Stryker Imaging CorpUnited States
Sxiq Pty LtdAustralia
Symon AiUnited States
Systat IncUnited States
Systemcorp Alg LtdCanada
Talentpoint IncUnited Kingdom
Taos Mountain LlcUnited States
Tarian Software IncCanada
Tealeaf Technology IncUnited States
Technology & Management Services LlcUnited States
Technology Products & Services LtdUganda
Telelogic Deutschland GmbhGermany
Telelogic FranceFrance
Telelogic Ireland LtdIreland
Telelogic Sverige AbSweden
Telelogic Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Teletype Prestaçao De Serviços Informaticos SaPortugal
Texas Memory Systems IncUnited States
The Business & Technology Resource Group IncUnited States
The Centre For High Performance Development Holdings LtdUnited Kingdom
The Ibm Watson GroupUnited States
The Now Factory LtdIreland
TheplanetCom Internet Services IncUnited States
Thomas J Watson Research CenterUnited States
Tivoli SoftwareUnited States
Tizor Systems IncUnited States
Tr2 Consulting Enterprises IncUnited States
Tradepoint Solutions IncUnited States
Transitive CorpUnited States
Transitive LtdUnited Kingdom
Trellisoft IncUnited States
Trigo Technologies IncUnited States
Tririga IncUnited States
Truqua Enterprises LlcUnited States
Trusteer IncUnited States
Truven Health Analytics IncUnited States
Truven Health Analytics Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Truven Holding CorpUnited States
Turbonomic IncUnited States
Turbonomic Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Uab Ibm LietuvaLithuania
Ubique LtdIsrael
Unica CorpUnited States
Unica Corp LtdUnited Kingdom
Unica FranceFrance
Unica Search OndemandUnited Kingdom
Unicible SaSwitzerland
Unicorn Solutions IncUnited States
Unimétal Société Française Des Aciers Longs SaUnited States
Unison Software IncUnited States
United Computer & Management Consultancy LlcUnited Arab Emirates
Urbancode IncUnited States
Ustream Hungary KftHungary
Ustream IncUnited States
Valchemy IncUnited States
Vallent CorpUnited States
Vallent Software Systems UkUnited Kingdom
Valontime Solutions SlSpain
Value Transformation Services SpaGermany
Valuedge IncUnited States
Varicent Software Hong Kong LtdChina
Varicent Software IncCanada
Varicent Software Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Varsity Gateway IncUnited States
Varsity Gateway LlcUnited States
Velteo Pty LtdAustralia
Venetica CorpUnited States
Vento Software IncUnited States
Verdix CorpUnited States
Viacore IncUnited States
VipitechUnited States
Vivant Digital Pty LtdAustralia
Viveca IncUnited States
Vivisimo IncUnited States
Volta Networks IncUnited States
Vtrenz IncUnited States
Watchfire CorpUnited States
Watchfire CorpCanada
Watchmark CorpUnited States
Watermark Software IncUnited States
Watson FundUnited States
Wcss IncUnited States
Web4 IncUnited States
Webcriteria IncUnited States
Webdialogs IncUnited States
Webhire IncUnited States
Webify Solutions IncUnited States
Westech Group Of CosUnited States
Whistle Communications IncUnited States
Wilkerson GroupUnited States
Wilshire Credit CorpUnited States
Wirespeed Communications CorpUnited States
Wolverine Healthcare Analytics IncUnited States
Worklight IncUnited States
Worklight LtdUnited States
Wtc Insurance Corp LtdBermuda
WTCD Insurance Corp DacIreland
Xcitec GmbhGermany
Xiv LtdIsrael
Xtify IncUnited States
Yaletown Technology Group IncCanada
Yantra CorpUnited States
Yg Noobaa LtdIsrael
Yourdon IncUnited States
Zeborg IncUnited States
Updated on January 27, 2023

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