Law firms that prosecuted most patents for Samsung at the USPTO

Samsung works with many law firms across the USA. In order to understand which law firms prosecute the most number of patent applications for Samsung we downloaded the USPTO data and took the help of our proprietary tool EA to make sense out of it. 

We compiled a list of top 15 law firms Samsung worked with and based on some calculations computed their success statistics.

Following is the list of top 15 law firms that prosecuted the most number of patents for Samsung –

Law FirmTotal AppsSuccess Rate
Sughrue Mion Pllc1422766.33%
Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie Llp923280.35%
Staas & Halsey Llp891663.47%
The Farrell Law Firm P C872869.09%
Jefferson Ip Law Llp777274.76%
Harness Dickey & Pierce PLC736277.54%
F Chau & Associates Llc694480.96%
Lee Ip Law PC646476.78%
Cantor Colburn Llp625574.97%
Nsip Law544770.17%
H C Park & Associates Plc408178.18%
Myers Bigel PA407080.61%
Innovation Counsel Llp402478.01%
Cha & Reiter Llc366765.74%
Volentine Whitt & Francos Pllc352180.59%

Following are some interesting highlights –

  • Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie Llp has a minimum average number of office actions – 2.06.
  • Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie Llp has average minimum time for issuance – 3.11 Years.
  • Jefferson Ip Law Llp has a maximum average number of office actions – 2.58.
  • The Farrell Law Firm P C has average maximum time for issuance – 3.75 Years.

The data for above analysis was sourced from USPTO and processed using GreyB’s proprietary software for prosecution related insights, Examiner Analysis (EA).

Updated on January 26, 2021

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