Denmark Most Innovative Companies – 2024

Denmark’s innovation landscape is thriving, driven by significant investments in green technologies and healthcare advancements, now ranking 9th in the WIPO Global Innovation Index. (Source) This article presents two lists of the most innovative companies: one featuring companies based in Denmark, and another highlighting companies with their main headquarters outside Denmark but ranked by their patent count. These comprehensive rankings provide valuable insights into the innovation landscape in Denmark, highlighting the country’s strengths and areas of focus.  

Top Innovative Companies in Denmark

RankCompanyPatent CountHQ CountrySector
1VKR Holding33DenmarkBuilding Materials Company
2GN Hearing28DenmarkHearing Aid Manufacturer
3LM Wind Power21DenmarkTurbine Blade Manufacturing
4Vestas16DenmarkWind Turbine Company
5Oticon16DenmarkHearing Aid Manufacturer
6Topsoe16DenmarkGas Company
7Lego15DenmarkToy company
8Stiesdal15DenmarkClimate Technology
9Maersk Container Industry12DenmarkIndustrial Machinery
10Ecco10DenmarkShoe & Leather Accessories
11Rockwool9DenmarkWool Manufacturer
13Bros Holdings8DenmarkManagement Consulting
15Copenhagen Atomics8DenmarkMolten Salt Technology
17Maersk7DenmarkShipping Company
18Dansk Gummi Industri7DenmarkIndustrial Machinery
19KK Wind Solutions7DenmarkGreeentech Company
20FlowCon International6DenmarkIndustrial Machinery
22Blue World Technologies5DenmarkFuel Cell Company
23Danfoss5DenmarkIndustrial Machinery

Key Findings:

This data reveals a broad range of technological domains indicating the diverse innovation activities across Denmark:

  • Renewable Energy and Green Technologies: LM Wind Power (ranked 3rd), Vestas (ranked 4th), Stiesdal (ranked 8th), KK Wind Solutions (ranked 19th) and Blue World Technologies (Ranked 22nd).
  • Healthcare and Medical Devices: GN Hearing (ranked 2nd), Oticon (ranked 5th), Biograil (ranked 12th) and Coloplast (ranked 14th).
  • Industrial Manufacturing: Topsoe (ranked 6th), Maersk Container Industry (ranked 9th), Rockwool (ranked 11th) and Danfoss (ranked 23rd).
  • Consumer Goods: Lego (ranked 7th) and Ecco (ranked 10th).

Top Innovative Companies with Main Headquarters Outside Denmark

RankCompanyPatent CountHQ CountrySector
1Siemens Gamesa114SpainRenewable Energy
2General Electric85United StatesConglomerate
4Halliburton Energy Services45United StatesOil & Gas
5Google36United StatesTechnology
6Regeneron Pharmaceuticals31United StatesBiotechnology
7Amazonen-Werke29GermanyAgricultural Machinery
8MAN Energy Solutions23GermanyIndustrial Machinery
9Hollister Incorporated23United StatesHealthcare
10Signify22NetherlandsLighting Company
11Docomo21JapanMobile Phone Operator
12Autostore Technology20NorwayWarehouse Automation
13Evonik Operations19GermanyChemicals Company
14Siemens Energy19GermanyEnergy Technology
17Pfizer18United StatesPharmaceuticals
18Alfa Laval17SwedenIndustrial Machinery
21Nordex15GermanyWind Turbine Company
22Yeti Coolers15United StatesIce Chest Manufacturer
23BASF14GermanyChemicals Company
24Edwards Lifesciences14United StatesHealthcare
25Amgen14United StatesBiotechnology
26Boehringer Ingelheim14GermanyHealthcare
27Merck13United StatesPharmaceuticals
28OVH13FranceCloud Computing Company
29General Electric Renewable Energy12United StatesRenewable Energy
30Illumina12United StatesBiotechnology
32Thyssenkrupp12GermanySteel Manufacturer
33Apple11United StatesTechnology
34Carrier Corporation11United StatesElectric Appliance
35SHL Medical10SwedenHealthcare
37IHI9JapanIndustrial Machinery
38Sonova9SwitzerlandHearing Aid Manufacturer
39Siemens Healthcare9GermanyHealthcare
40Altus Intervention8NorwayOil & Gas
42Bristol-Myers Squibb8United StatesPharmaceuticals
43GE Video Compression8United StatesMultimedia
44Geberit8SwitzerlandIndustrial Machinery
45Sivantos8SingaporeHearing Aid Manufacturer
46Herbert Kannegiesser7GermanyIndustrial Machinery
47Intervet7United StatesAnimal Health
48Air Liquide7FranceOil & Gas
49Mölnlycke7SwedenMedical Device Company
50ISOVER7GermanyInsulation Solutions
51Electric Wind Power Group7ChinaWind Turbine Company
52SICPA7SwitzerlandChemicals Company
53Siemens Mobility7GermanyRailway Company
54Telia Company7SwedenTelecommunications
55Weatherford7IrelandOil & Gas
56AGCO6United StatesAgricultural Machinery
57Aquanova6GermanyBathroom Accessories
58Eli Lilly6United StatesPharmaceuticals
59Heineken Supply Chain B.V6NetherlandsLogistics Company
60Nel Hydrogen A/6NorwayFuel Cell Company
62Ocado Innovation Limite6United KingdomRetail Company
63OilQuick Deutschland6GermanyIndustrial Machinery
64Sumitomo Electric Industries6JapanFiber Optic Cable Manufacturer
65TotalEnergies6FranceOil & Gas
66Abbott Diabetes Care5United StatesHealthcare
67Biogen MA5United StatesBiotechnology
68China Three Gorges Corporation5ChinaRenewable Energy
69Celgene5United StatesPharmaceuticals
71Deme Offshore5BelgiumOil & Gas
72Danisco US5United StatesBiotechnology
73Dewertokin Technology Group5ChinaElectronics
74E.ON SE5GermanyElectric Utility
75Fisher & Paykel Healthcare5United StatesMedical Device Company
76GEA Group5GermanyIndustrial Machinery
77GSK5United KingdomPharmaceuticals

Note: For some companies, especially those with multiple headquarters or operating in diverse sectors, we’ve provided the primary headquarters country and the primary sector they are associated with.

Key Findings:

The data set reveals the technological diversity in the innovation landscape:

  • Energy: Siemens Gamesa (ranked 1st), General Electric (ranked 2nd), Halliburton Energy Services (ranked 4th), MAN Energy Solutions (ranked 8th), Siemens Energy (ranked 14th), Electric Wind Power Group (ranked 51st) and TotalEnergies (ranked 65th).
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare: Sanofi (ranked 3rd), Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (ranked 6th), Roche (ranked 15th), Pfizer (ranked 17th), Amgen (ranked 25th) and Abbott Diabetes Care (ranked 66th).
  • Telecommunications: Docomo (ranked 11th), ZTE (ranked 36th) and Telia Company (ranked 54th).
  • Industrial Machinery: Amazonen-Werke (ranked 7th), MAN Energy Solutions (ranked 8th), Alfa Laval (ranked 18th), Herbert Kannegiesser (ranked 46th) and GEA Group (ranked 76th).
  • Consumer Goods: Yeti Coolers (ranked 22nd) and Heineken Supply Chain B.V. (ranked 59th).

Insights and Takeaways:

  • The healthcare and pharmaceutical sector is highly represented, highlighting the industry’s focus on innovation and development of new treatments and technologies.

These rankings showcases Denmark’s extensive innovation landscape, characterized by technological diversity and strong patent activities across various sectors. This diversity not only drives the country’s economic growth but also positions Denmark as a global leader in technological advancements and industrial innovation.

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