Netflix Patent Portfolio: Image Data Processing Patents

A total of 54 patent families of Netflix are categorized under Image Data Processing technologies with 50% of the patent families falling into image enhancement related techniques. We have provided further details into these two sub-categories in the exhibits below.

In order to understand the technical features of the Netflix patent portfolio, we categorized Netflix patents based on CPC analysis. It represents the number of patent families classified in a CPC. A patent family is a group of patent documents – globally or in a jurisdiction – that covers the same (or similar) information.

In the patent portfolio of Netflix, there were 962 patent documents that belong to 254 patent families. These 254 patent families were classified into 1634 CPCs. We analyzed these CPCs to understand the technological profile of Netflix’s patent portfolio. To let you know, more often a single patent gets classified into more than 10 CPCs.

Updated on October 3, 2020

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