Vishnu T Marla Patents – Key Insights and Stats

Dr. Vishnu T Marla is an alumnus of the School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Oklahoma and works for WL Gore and Associates – a material science company specializing in the manufacturing of fluoropolymer products for the electronics and medical devices industries.

Fluoropolymers AKA Teflon has unique properties – biocompatibility, lubricity, chemical inertness, a wide temperature use range, etc – that make them suitable for next-gen medical devices. Also, it is considered a replacement for plastic in medical devices.

Dr. Vishnu’s inventions are focused on the use of fluoropolymers in medical devices adapted to carry or contact blood – permanently implanted devices such as vascular grafts, stent-grafts, and devices like catheters, blood filters that are temporarily introduced in a body, for example. 

Vishnu T Marla is the inventor of 17 patents globally that belong to 2 patent families.  All inventions of Vishnu T Marla are assigned to WL Gore and Associates Inc. The exhibit below represents the geographical distribution of Dr. Marla’s patents and their legal status.

Vishnu T Marla Patents
Updated on April 5, 2022

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