Walmart Subsidiaries

Art.Com IncUnited States
Aspectiva LtdIsrael
Bharti Walmart Pvt LtdIndia
Bonobos IncUnited States
Broadstreet Mexico SarlLuxembourg
Claim Management IncUnited States
Cross Border Trade LlcUnited States
Eloquii Design IncUnited States
Flipkart Pte LtdSingapore
Flipkart Internet Pvt LtdIndia
Gec 1 Pte LtdSingapore
Grupo Wal Mart SarlLuxembourg
Hazel By WalmartUnited States
In Power No1 LtdChina
International Produce LtdUnited Kingdom
Intersalt S De Rl De CvMexico
Jetcom IncUnited States
Joyrun IncUnited States
Main Street 830 Pty LtdSouth Africa
Mc Health Mso LlcUnited States
Más ClubUnited States
New Moosejaw LlcUnited States
Operadora Del Sur Sa De CvEl Salvador
Parcel IncUnited States
Polymorph Labs IncUnited States
Qomolangma Holdings LtdCayman Islands
Sam’S East IncUnited States
Sam’S InternationalUnited States
Sam’S Property CoUnited States
Sam’S West IncUnited States
Sonae Distribuição Brasil SaBrazil
Spatialand IncUnited States
Texas Retail Energy LlcUnited States
Tfb Corp NvNetherlands
Tfb Corp Ii NvNetherlands
The Seiyu Corp Co LtdJapan
Wal Mart Mitte Gmbh & CokgGermany
Wal Mart Puerto RicoPuerto Rico
Wal Mart Sa PanamaPanama
Wal Mart Brazil SaBrazil
Wal Mart Canada CorpCanada
Wal Martcom Usa LlcUnited States
Wal Mart De México Sab De CvMexico
Wal Mart Distribution CenterUnited States
Wal Mart Fsc IncBarbados
Wal Mart InternationalUnited States
Wal Mart Japan Holdings KkJapan
Wal Mart Property CoUnited States
Wal Mart Specialty PharmacyUnited States
Wal Mart Stores East IncUnited States
Wal Mart Stores East LpUnited States
Wal Mart Stores Texas LlcUnited States
Wal Mart Transportation LlcUnited States
Walmart LtdCyprus
Walmart Apollo LlcUnited States
Walmart Asia Realty Co LtdChina
Walmart Bc Holding 2 UlcCanada
Walmart Chile SaChile
Walmart ConnectUnited States
Walmart Emea LtdUnited Kingdom
Walmart Global CorpBritish Virgin Islands
Walmart International SaPanama
Walmart LabsUnited States
Walmart Products Co LtdChina
Walmart Realty CoUnited States
Wertkauf HypermarketsGermany
Wim Yogurt IncUnited States
Wm Sa Investments LtdUnited Kingdom
Wmgs Co LtdChina
Wmgs Hong Kong LtdChina
Wmgs Management LtdChina
Wmgs Services LtdChina
Wmgs Singapore Pte LtdSingapore
Wmgs Training Hk Co LtdChina
Wmla Holdings Bvi IvBritish Virgin Islands
Wmt Apex SarlLuxembourg
Wmt Azul Partners LpBritish Virgin Islands
Wmt Brasilia SarlLuxembourg
Wmt Gec Holdings SarlLuxembourg
Wmt Gobv I CorpBritish Virgin Islands
Wmt Gobv Ii CorpBritish Virgin Islands
Wmt Kirchberg SarlLuxembourg
Wmt Pinnacle Holdings SarlLuxembourg
Wmt Red Lands SarlLuxembourg
Wmt Tc SarlLuxembourg
Wmt Viva SarlLuxembourg
Wmt Yellowstone SarlLuxembourg
Artselect IncUnited States
Wyoming Holding GmbhSwitzerland
Dsyn Technologies Pvt LtdUnited States
Ebay India Pvt LtdIndia
Etree Marketing Pvt LtdIndia
Flipkart India Pvt LtdIndia
Flipkart VenturesIndia
Fx Mart Pvt LtdIndia
Livai Pvt LtdIndia
Mallers IncIndia
Mech Mocha Internet Pvt LtdIndia
Myntra Designs Pvt LtdIndia
Phonepe Internet Pvt LtdIndia
Phonepe Pte LtdSingapore
Scapic Innovations Pvt LtdIndia
Wal Mart India Pvt LtdIndia
WereadcomUnited States
Operadora Vips S De Rl De CvMexico
Wmgs México S De Rl De CvMexico
Hayneedle IncUnited States
Brett Four Pty LtdSouth Africa
Cambridge Food Pty LtdSouth Africa
Fresh Food Direct Pty LtdSouth Africa
Massar International LtdUnited Arab Emirates
Massbuild Pty LtdSouth Africa
Masscash Holdings Pty LtdSouth Africa
Massdiscounters Pty LtdSouth Africa
Massmar Services Pty LtdSouth Africa
Masstores LtdSouth Africa
Masstores Pty LtdSouth Africa
Naivas Supermarkets LtdKenya
Rhino Cash & Carry GroupSouth Africa
Wild Developments Pty LtdSouth Africa
Walmart Health Virtual CareUnited States
Bounteous Holding Co LtdChina
Adacus LlcUnited States
Kmart CorpUnited States
Exxtra EconomicoBrazil
Supermercados AmigoPuerto Rico
Foodmaestro LtdUnited Kingdom
Bodega Aurrera Sa De CvMexico
Cifra Sa De CvMexico
Grupo Cifra Walmart Sa De CvMexico
Mi Bodega Express CaVenezuela
Wal Mart Centroamérica SaCosta Rica
Retail Finance GbrGermany
Global George LtdUnited Kingdom
Wmt Global Management SarlLuxembourg
Wmt Global Holdings LlpUnited Kingdom
Care Zone IncUnited States
Carrefour Chile SaChile
Presto SaChile
Productos Babytuto SpaChile
Walmart Chile Comercial SaChile
CruxluxUnited States
Dhurya Technologies Pvt LtdIndia
GrabbleUnited States
Inkiru IncUnited States
Int Data Labs IncUnited States
OneopsUnited States
Punchtab IncUnited States
Reclip ItUnited States
Small Society LlcUnited States
Stylr IncUnited States
Torbit IncUnited States
YumprintUnited States
Wmgs Europe LtdUnited Kingdom
Baazeecom IncUnited States
Flipkart Israel LtdUnited States
Flipkart Ventures FundIndia
FitiquetteUnited States
Inlogg Internet Pvt LtdIndia
Vector E Commerce Pvt LtdIndia
Xerion Retail Pvt LtdIndia
Finro Enterprises Pty LtdSouth Africa
Masscash Pty LtdSouth Africa
Furnex Stores Pty LtdSouth Africa
Bounteous Co LtdChina
Broadstreet Of Münsbach SarlLuxembourg
Thralow IncUnited States
Trust Mart Co LtdChina
Walmart IncUnited States
Beijing Wal Mart Stores Co LtdChina
Broadleaf Investments IncUnited States
Broadstreet Continental Holdings LlcUnited States
Broadstreet International Partners SarlLuxembourg
Fixed Income Trust For Wal Mart Notes Series 2013 CUnited States
Custom Repackage Asset Vehicle TrustUnited States
Inversiones Australes Tres LtdaChile
Inversiones Australes Cuatro LtdaChile
Inversiones Australes Uno LtdaChile
Kuhn’S Big K Stores CorpUnited States
Massmart Holdings LtdSouth Africa
Main Street 1021 Pty Ltd SarlLuxembourg
Main Street 823 Pty Ltd SarlLuxembourg
Phonepe Wealth Services Pvt LtdIndia
Mmvi China Investment Co LtdBritish Virgin Islands
Sam’S Real Estate Business TrustUnited States
Sam’S Club IncUnited States
Paperg IncUnited States
Wal Mart China Investment Co LtdChina
The Wal Mart Stores IncUnited States
Wal Mart Lease Backed Commerical Mtg Pass ThruUnited States
Wal Mart Cayman Canadian Finance CoCayman Islands
Wal Mart Cayman Sterling Finance CoCayman Islands
Wal Mart Jiangxi Department Stores Co LtdChina
Wal Mart Euro Finance Co SarlLuxembourg
Wal Mart FoundationUnited States
Wal Mart Germany Gmbh & Co KgGermany
Wal Mart East China Stores Co LtdChina
Wal Mart Holdings International GmbhSwitzerland
Wal Mart Jiangxi Commercial Retail Co LtdChina
Wal Mart Mauritius 1 Holdings Co LtdMauritius
Wal Mart Mauritius Holdings 3 Co LtdMauritius
Wal Mart Mauritius 2 Holdings Co LtdMauritius
Wal Mart Stores Inc Series 1994 A1 & A2United States
Wal Mart Stores Inc Series 1994 B1 & B2 & B3United States
Wal Martrealtycom IncUnited States
Walmart 401K PlanUnited States
Walmart Asia Realty Property Consulting Shenzhen Co LtdChina
Walmart Asia Realty Southern China No 3 Co LtdChina
Walmart Asia Realty Southern China No 2 Co LtdChina
Wholesale Club IncUnited States
Windmill American Holdings BvNetherlands
Wm Eastern Europe Holdings LlcRussia
Wm Global Sourcing India Pvt LtdIndia
Wm India Technical & Consulting Services Pvt LtdIndia
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