US Patent Litigation Trends – Venues that Received Most Patent Litigation in 2020

With two newly designated decisions (decision-1, decision 2), it can be established that PTAB judges can deny the institution of a petition based on a parallel proceeding in a district court which will finish first. We performed analysis on the US patent litigation data to find which forum received how many litigation cases in 2020. We have also shared the top patent litigation law firm of 2020 here: Most popular patent litigation Law Firms of 2020 in the US

Top venues in the USA that received the most patent litigation suits in 2020

VenueNumber of Cases Received
Western District of Texas856
District Delaware758
Eastern District Texas409
Central District of California309
Federal Circuit274
Northern District of California248
Northern District of Illinois192
District of New Jersey156
Southern District of New York111
Northern District of Texas88
Southern District of Texas74
Southern District of Florida69
Middle District of Florida56
Eastern District of Virginia51
Northern District of Ohio45

Western District of Texas is the new hot spot for NPE patent litigation suits. It highlights how big a factor aforementioned PTAB decisions played in 2020. Needless to say, the fast-paced courts like the District Court for the Western District of Texas (WDTX) suddenly became so popular for litigators working for technology companies and non-practicing entities (NPE).

We found that out of 856 total cases at Western District of Texas, 580 cases were filed after the May 13 decision. In fact, 70 cases amongst those 580 cases have already been terminated.

Western District of Texas is known for its speedy proceedings and is the top forum in terms of most cases concluded or terminated in 2020. This could be accessed based on the number of cases that got terminated in a year.

Top forums where most patent litigation got terminated in the US in 2020

VenueNumber of cases Closed/Terminated
Western District of Texas174
District Delaware136
Central District of California66
Eastern District Texas50
District of New Jersey38
Northern District of Illinois38
Northern District of California37
Eastern District of Virginia29
Northern District of Texas27
Southern District of Florida26
Federal Circuit22
Southern District of New York21
District of Colorado17
Southern District of Texas17
Middle District of Florida16

Who filed most number of patent litigation suits in US district courts? Let’s find out –

Top patent litigators – Entities that filed the most number of patent litigation in US in the year 2020

Top PlaintiffsCount of Suits
WSOU Investments + Brazos Licensing and Development182
Cedar Lane Technologies Inc.55
JUUL Labs, Inc.50
Symbology Innovations, LLC46
Castlemorton Wireless, LLC27
Rothschild Broadcast Distribution Systems, LLC25
Deckers Outdoor Corporation23
Altair Logix LLC20
Communication Interface Technologies, LLC20
Estech Systems, Inc.20

WSOU Investments LLC went all guns blazing in 2020. They filed the most number of litigation suits in 2020. Their preferred venues were the Western District of Texas, the District of Delaware, and the Eastern District of Virginia. 

Top NPEs with most vigorous litigation campaigns in US during 2020

Top NPEs of 2020
WSOU Investments LLC
Cedar Lane Technologies Inc.
Symbology Innovations, LLC
Castlemorton Wireless, LLC
Rothschild Broadcast Distribution Systems, LLC
Altair Logix LLC
Communication Interface Technologies, LLC
Guada Technologies LLC
Virtual Immersion Technologies LLC
Akoloutheo, LLC

Based on their preference of forums, Western District of Texas was the top choice and around 90% of litigations by top 2 NPEs i.e. WSOU and Cedar Lane Technologies were filed here. 

Top NPEs which preferred the Western District of Texas as their preferred Venue

Top NPEs at WDTXCount of Suits
WSOU Investments LLC + Brazos Licensing and Development162
Cedar Lane Technologies Inc.14
Milestone IP LLC13
GreatGigz Solutions, LLC12
Virtual Immersion Technologies LLC12

Top Defendants of Patent Litigation in the US during 2020

Following are the top patent defendants in 2020 – USA.

Top DefendantsCount of Suits
Samsung Electronics Co56
Google LLC54
Microsoft Corporation44
Dell Inc. 40
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.34
Apple Inc.33
ZTE Corporation 30
LG Electronics, Inc. 27, Inc.27
TP-Link Technology Co., Ltd.21
Cisco Systems, Inc.19
F5 Networks, Inc.18
Motorola Mobility LLC18
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Inc.15, Inc.14

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