IBM vs Samsung- Who gets more patents granted by the USPTO?

Whereas both Samsung and IBM are neck and neck in terms of their patent filings, IBM is clearly leading when the grant rate is the factor. This is evident from the fact that Samsung has filed more applications in total but IBM has more granted patents in their kitty. 

Also, Samsung’s grant rate is less than the average grant index of GAUs (Art Units) where it files patents. IBM, on the other hand, has a higher grant rate than the average grant rate of the GAUs where it files patent applications.

CompaniesTotal ApplicationsGranted PatentsGrant RateAverage Grant rate of GAUs

The tables below share the allowance rate of the top art units where IBM and Samsung file patent applications. IBM and Samsung have only one common art unit, 2818, where IBM has a better grant rate.


Art Unit TechnologyAllowance Rate
2871Optics:Liquid Crystal Cells, Elements and systems79.09%
2629Computer Graphics Processing and Selective Visual display systems57.76%
2627Dynamic Magnetic Information Storage or Retrieval68.27%
2879Optics: Electric lamp and discharge devices77.17%
2617Telecommunications, Multiplex Communication57.59%
2852Printing/Measuring and Testing84.08%
2872Optical: Systems and elements 80.59%


Art Unit TechnologyAllowance Rate
2113Computer Error Control, Reliability, & Control Systems92.83%
2114Computer Error Control, Reliability, & Control Systems91.86%
2183Computer Architecture and I/O85.92%
2191Interprocess Communication and Software Development87.72%
2192Interprocess Communication and Software Development86.15%
2193Interprocess Communication and Software Development84.24%
2851Printing/Measuring and Testing95.32%
2122AI & Simulation/ Modeling90.43%

Updated on December 14, 2020

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