Lifecycle of a Cannabis Plant: Patent Filing Trends (Jan 2009 – Jun 2019)

Life Cycle of the cannabis plant goes under various growth stages in between germination to harvesting. To understand the technological development, we divided the sub-tech area into the following three-part:

  • Cannabis Farming
  • Cannabis Characterisation
  • Cannabis Plant

Cannabis plant

Deregulation of cannabis brought new opportunities to the Agribusiness of the USA and other geographies. The pot growers now are protecting their expertise which they kept clandestine for years.

Another factor that is pushing the industry ever upwards is a surge in the use of technologies like genetic testing, crop data analysis, and even yeast-based manufacturing in cultivation.

Common plants like Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis are turned to hybrid plants by Industrialists as per their requirement. And now there are more than a hundred hybrid forms of the cannabis plant in the market. 31 patent families exist for cannabis plants globally.

Cannabis Farming

Cultivators are utilizing different types of technologies to get high yield crops while preserving the consistency and quality of the product. Cultivators in Palm Beach of South Florida, for example, are using IoT. Hydroponic sensors, agricultural sensors, and connected farming systems are used to manipulate environments specifically for cannabis to bring new efficiencies to their cultivation operations. They have given a new term to this impact “seismic”.

California based Supplier “Sugar made” announced a new corporate initiative to develop cultivation monitoring systems for hemp and other agricultural commodities. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven devices will be placed at various locations within hemp fields to gather vital information about soil moisture, temperature, humidity, etc. The collected data will be sent to central control systems. This will allow monitoring the condition of crops in the real-time

By June 2019, 90 unique patent families on cannabis farming were protected globally. A patent family has a single invention protected in multiple countries. Also, a rising trend in research can be seen from the patent filing timeline below.

Cannabis Characterization

Earlier Cannabis plants were known primarily for THC which is a psychoactive substance. Later on, researchers found that the plant also contains cannabidiol (CBD) which has medical applications and terpenes. Efforts are being made to create separate profiles for different cannabis strains.

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Updated on August 2, 2020

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