Berkshire Hathaway Subsidiaries

List of Berkshire Hathaway Subsidiaries

Berkshire Hathaway has more than 800 subsidiaries worldwide. Here’s the list of Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries.

Sr NoSubsidiaryCountry
11500 West Elizabeth CorpUnited States
221St Century MortgageUnited States
321St Mortgage CorpUnited States
42Acme Ochs Brick & Stone IncUnited States
57Ar SrlItaly
6A&C International IncUnited States
7Abingdon Carpets PlcUnited Kingdom
8Acme Brick CoUnited States
9Acme Brick Dfw IncUnited States
10Acme Brick Sales CoUnited States
11Acme Brick Tile & Stone LlcUnited States
12Acme Building Brands IncUnited States
13Active Organics IncUnited States
14Acumed LlcUnited States
15AdaletUnited States
16AdibisUnited Kingdom
17Adibis UnitAustralia
18Ae Turbine Components LtdUnited Kingdom
19Aegis Metal Framing LlcUnited States
20Aerocraft Heat Treating Co IncUnited States
21Aerospace Dynamics International IncUnited States
22Aetc LtdUnited Kingdom
23Aetna Insulated Wire CoUnited States
24Affordable Housing Partners IncUnited States
25Agefa Werkzeug Und Maschinen Handelsgesellschaft MbhGermany
26Aihl Investment Group LtdBritish Virgin Islands
27Aihl Investment Holdings LtdBritish Virgin Islands
28Aipcf V Aiv A LpUnited States
29Air Industries CorpUnited States
30Air PulseUnited States
31Air Tuf Products IncUnited States
32Airdrome Holdings LlcUnited States
33Al/Tex Homes IncUnited States
34Alan Mair Manufacturing Jewellers (Pty) LtdSouth Africa
35Albecca IncUnited States
36All Bilt Uniform CorpUnited States
37Alleghany Capital CorpUnited States
38Alleghany CorpUnited States
39Alleghany Corp (Dsg)United States
40Alleghany Corp Group (P&C)United States
41Alleghany Insurance Holdings LlcUnited States
42Alleghany Properties LlcUnited States
43Alox CorpUnited States
44Altalink Holdings LpCanada
45Altalink Investments LpCanada
46Altamil CorpUnited States
47American Caribbean Real Estate IncUnited States
48American Dairy Queen CorpUnited States
49American HandforgeUnited States
50American Sports International LtdUnited States
51Anderson Hardwood FloorsUnited States
52Anderson PropertiesUnited States
53Andrews Laser Works CorpUnited States
54Anedco IncUnited States
55Ap Emissions Technologies LlcUnited States
56Arcturus Manufacturing CorpUnited States
57Ares Operating Group LtdUnited States
58Art Materials Frames & Moulding Co IncUnited States
59Art West IncUnited States
60Artex Manufacturing Co IncUnited States
61Astrex Electronics IncUnited States
62Astro Punch CorpUnited States
63Atlantic Precision IncUnited States
64Atlas Bolt & Screw Co LlcUnited States
65Attpro Rrg Reciprocal Risk Retention GroupUnited States
66Aurafin LlcUnited States
67Avid Product Development LlcUnited States
68Azguard Insurance CoUnited States
69Bailey PeerlessUnited Kingdom
70Batterson Park Cbo I LtdCayman Islands
71Battery Technology GroupCanada
72Bavaria Medizin Technologie GmbhGermany
73Bcs Holdings LlcUnited States
74Beard Industries IncUnited States
75Bel Oro International IncUnited States
76Bell Mann IncUnited States
77Bellevue LeaderUnited States
78Ben Bridge CorpUnited States
79Ben Bridge Jeweler IncUnited States
80Benjamin Moore & CoUnited States
81Benson Industries Inc (Oregon)United States
82Berkshire Hathaway Assurance CorpUnited States
83Berkshire Hathaway Automotive IncUnited States
84Berkshire Hathaway Credit CorpUnited States
85Berkshire Hathaway Direct Insurance CoUnited States
86Berkshire Hathaway Energy CoUnited States
87Berkshire Hathaway European Insurance DacIreland
88Berkshire Hathaway European Insurance Dac /Fr/France
89Berkshire Hathaway Finance CorpUnited States
90Berkshire Hathaway GroupCanada
91Berkshire Hathaway Group (Life Annuity & Accident)United States
92Berkshire Hathaway Guard Insurance CoUnited States
93Berkshire Hathaway Guard Insurance Cos (P&C)United States
94Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Keys Real EstateUnited States
95Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Premier PropertiesUnited States
96Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Cos (P&C)United States
97Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Insurance CoUnited States
98Berkshire Hathaway Hs CommercialUnited States
99Berkshire Hathaway IncUnited States
100Berkshire Hathaway Inc (Dsg)United States
101Berkshire Hathaway Inc (Investment Management)United States
102Berkshire Hathaway Inc LtdUnited Kingdom
103Berkshire Hathaway Insurance GroupUnited States
104Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group (P&C)United States
105Berkshire Hathaway International Insurance LtdUnited Kingdom
106Berkshire Hathaway International Insurance Ltd (Ch)Switzerland
107Berkshire Hathaway International Insurance Ltd (Dsg)United Kingdom
108Berkshire Hathaway International Insurance Ltd (Germany)Germany
109Berkshire Hathaway Life Group (Life Annuity & Accident)United States
110Berkshire Hathaway Life Insurance Company Of NebraskaUnited States
111Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance (Ireland) DacIreland
112Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance GroupUnited States
113Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Concierge LlcUnited States
114Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance CoUnited States
115Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Co (Macau Branch)China
116Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Co /Nz/New Zealand
117Berkshire Hathaway Uk Group (Dsg)United Kingdom
118Berkshire Production Supply LlcUnited States
119BerxiUnited States
120Bh Columbia IncUnited States
121Bh Credit LlcUnited States
122Bh Credit Management LlcUnited States
123Bh Finance LlcUnited States
124Bh Holding LlcUnited States
125Bh Imc Holdings BvNetherlands
126Bh International HoldingsCayman Islands
127Bh Media Group IncUnited States
128Bh Shoe Holdings IncUnited States
129Bha Real Estate Holdings LlcUnited States
130Bhe Altalink LtdCanada
131Bhe America Transco LlcUnited States
132Bhe Canada Holdings CorpCanada
133Bhe Canada LlcUnited States
134Bhe Canada Rattlesnake LpCanada
135Bhe Gt&S LlcUnited States
136Bhe Master Retirement TrustUnited States
137Bhe Pipeline Group LlcUnited States
138Bhe Renewables LlcUnited States
139Bhe Texas Transco LlcUnited States
140Bhe Us Transmission LlcUnited States
141Bhe Wind LlcUnited States
142Bher Power Resources IncUnited States
143Bhg Life Insurance CoUnited States
144Bhsf IncUnited States
145Big Balloon Pty LtdAustralia
146Big Red Rooster Flow LlcUnited States
147Bike Athletic CoUnited States
148Blue Chip Stamps IncUnited States
149Bnsf Railway CoUnited States
150Bny Capital Funding LlcUnited States
151Boat America CorpUnited States
152Bode Flooring CorpUnited States
153Borsheim Jewelry Co IncUnited States
154Bosselman Travel Centers Inc /7 Travel Centers/United States
155Br1 IncUnited States
156Brannkey IncUnited States
157Bridger Environmental LlcUnited States
158Brockport Carpet CenterUnited States
159Brooks Sports IncUnited States
160Brookwood Insurance CoUnited States
161Bryan College Station Communications IncUnited States
162Buildermt IncUnited States
163Burlington Industries LtdSouth Africa
164Burlington Northern Santa Fe CorpUnited States
165Burlington Northern Santa Fe LlcUnited States
166Business JournalUnited States
167Business Wire Europe LtdGermany
168Business Wire IncUnited States
169C Acquisition CorpUnited States
170Ca Lubricantes Quimicos LqVenezuela
171Cable Usa IncUnited States
172Cable Usa Inc (Nebraska)United States
173Caledonian Alloys Group LtdUnited Kingdom
174Caledonian Alloys LtdUnited Kingdom
175Calenergy Gas LtdUnited Kingdom
176Calenergy Resources (Australia) LtdAustralia
177Calenergy Resources (Poland) Sp ZooPoland
178Calenergy Resources (Uk) LtdUnited Kingdom
179Calenergy Resources LtdUnited Kingdom
180Campbell Collins LtdUnited Kingdom
181Campbell Hausfeld LlcUnited States
182Cannon Equipment Llc (Minnesota)United States
183Cannon Muskegon CorpUnited States
184Capspecialty Insurance Group (P&C)United States
185Caravan Trailer Rental Co LtdCanada
186Carefree Of ColoradoUnited States
187Carl Becker ChemieGermany
188Carlton Forge Works IncUnited States
189Carmet CoUnited States
190Carmet Investors IncUnited States
191Carniani SrlItaly
192Carolina Gas Transmission LlcUnited States
193Carpet Group IncUnited States
194Carpet UnitUnited Kingdom
195Carpetland (Usa) IncUnited States
196Carroll Scientific IncUnited States
197Centra Industries Inc (Canada)Canada
198Central States Indemnity Co Of OmahaUnited States
199Central States Indemnity Co Of Omaha (Invt Port)United States
200Central States Of Omaha Cos IncUnited States

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