Berkshire Hathaway Subsidiaries

21st Mortgage CorpUnited States
Acme Brick Dfw IncUnited States
Acme Brick Sales CoUnited States
Acme Brick Tile & Stone LlcUnited States
Acme Building Brands IncUnited States
Acme Management CoUnited States
Adalet IncUnited States
Albecca IncUnited States
All Bilt Uniform CorpUnited States
Altalink Holdings LpCanada
Al Tex Homes IncUnited States
Azguard Insurance CoUnited States
Ben Bridge CorpUnited States
Ben Bridge Jeweler IncUnited States
Benjamin Moore & CoUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway GroupCanada
Bh Columbia IncUnited States
Bh Credit LlcUnited States
Bh Finance LlcUnited States
Bh Media Group IncUnited States
Bh Shoe Holdings IncUnited States
Bh Imc Holdings BvNetherlands
Bhe Altalink LtdCanada
Bhe Canada LlcUnited States
Bhe Canada Rattlesnake LpCanada
Bhe Us Transmission LlcUnited States
Bhe Wind LlcUnited States
Bhsf IncUnited States
Blue Chip Stamps IncUnited States
Borsheim Jewelry Co IncUnited States
Brookwood Insurance CoUnited States
Business Wire IncUnited States
Business Wire Europe LtdGermany
Calenergy Resources LtdUnited Kingdom
Cannon Muskegon CorpUnited States
Charter Brokerage LlcUnited States
Chore Time EquipmentUnited States
Clayton Homes IncUnited States
Cmh Capital IncUnited States
Cmh Parks IncUnited States
Colson Medical LlcUnited States
Cornelius IncUnited States
Cort Furniture Rental CorpUnited States
Csi Life Insurance CoUnited States
Ctb International CorpUnited States
Cypress Insurance CoUnited States
Dairy Queen Corporate StoreUnited States
Dexter Shoe Co IncUnited States
Display Tech Europe LtdUnited Kingdom
Double H Boots CoUnited States
Duracell China LtdChina
Duracell Batteries BvbaBelgium
Duracell Manufacturing LlcUnited States
Duracell Singapore Pte LtdSingapore
Duracell Us Holding LlcUnited States
Duracell Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Electropages Media LtdUnited Kingdom
Exelon Filtration LlcUnited States
Exsif Worldwide IncUnited States
Fairfield Insurance CoUnited States
Fancom EurlFrance
The Fechheimer Bros CoUnited States
Flightsafety Defense CorpUnited States
Forest River IncUnited States
Freedom Warehouse CorpUnited States
Freo Group SaUnited Kingdom
Freo Group Pty LtdAustralia
Fruit Of The Loom IncUnited States
Garan IncUnited States
Garan Manufacturing CorpUnited States
Geico Insurance Agency LlcUnited States
Geiko KkJapan
Gen Re Intermediaries CorpUnited States
General Re CorpUnited States
Grd Holdings CorpUnited States
Hh Brown Shoe Co IncUnited States
Helzberg’S Diamond Shops LlcUnited States
Henley Holdings LlcUnited States
Homemakers Plaza IncUnited States
Huff Drees Realty IncUnited States
Idq Canada IncCanada
Imc Germany Holdings GmbhGermany
Ingersoll Werkzeuge GmbhGermany
Iowa Title CoUnited States
Janovic Plaza IncUnited States
Johns Manville IncUnited States
Johns Manville CorpUnited States
Johns Manville Europe GmbhGermany
Johns Manville Slovakia AsSlovakia
Jordan’S Furniture IncUnited States
Justin Boot CoUnited States
Justin Brands IncUnited States
Justin Industries IncUnited States
Karmelkorn Shoppes IncUnited States
Kr Holding LlcUnited States
Lubrizol Group LlpUnited Kingdom
Lubrizol Holdings France SasFrance
Macro Retailing LlcUnited States
Marlette Homes IncUnited States
Marmon Energy Services CoUnited States
Marmon Holdings IncUnited States
Marmon Wire & Cable IncUnited States
Mbm Food Services IncUnited States
Mclane Co IncUnited States
Medpro Group IncUnited States
Bhe America Transco LlcUnited States
Bhe Texas Transco LlcUnited States
Midwest Capital Group IncUnited States
Mitek Inc MoUnited States
Mitek Industries IncUnited States
National Indemnity CoUnited States
National Indemnity GroupUnited States
Netjets IncUnited States
Netjets Management LtdUnited Kingdom
Netjets Sales IncUnited States
Netjets Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Nfm Of Kansas IncUnited States
Nj Asia LtdChina
Northern States Agency IncUnited States
Oak River Insurance CoUnited States
Omaha World Herald CoUnited States
Orange Julius Canada LtdCanada
Oriental Trading Co LtdJapan
Oriental Trading Co IncUnited States
Otc Brands IncUnited States
Otc Direct IncUnited States
Otc Worldwide Holdings IncUnited States
Pacificorp Trans IncUnited States
The Pampered Chef LtdUnited States
Pennsylvania Insurance CoUnited States
Precision Castparts CorpUnited States
Procor LtdCanada
Procrane Holdings IncUnited States
Production Tool Supply CoUnited States
Railsplitter Holdings CorpUnited States
Resolute Management CorpUnited States
Resolute Reinsurance CoUnited States
Richline Group IncUnited States
Rubina Real Estate GmbhGermany
Schuller GmbhGermany
Schulz Holding Gmbh & Co KgGermany
Scot LaboratoriesUnited States
The Scott Fetzer CoUnited States
See’S Candies IncUnited States
See’S Candy Shops IncUnited States
Sofft Shoe Co LlcUnited States
Shaw Industries Group IncUnited States
Spalding CoJapan
Star Furniture CoUnited States
Sterling Crane LlcUnited States
Strick Lease IncUnited States
Taegutec LtdSouth Korea
The Buffalo News IncUnited States
The Duracell CoUnited States
The Kirby CoUnited States
The Lubrizol CorpUnited States
The Top Five Club IncUnited States
Tonicstar LtdUnited Kingdom
Tti IncUnited States
Union Underwear Co IncUnited States
Old United Casualty CoUnited States
Us Investment CorpUnited States
Vfi De Honduras SaHonduras
Webb Wheel Products IncUnited States
Winfield Cotton Mill IncUnited States
Worldwide Containers IncUnited States
Xtra LlcUnited States
Xtra Cos IncUnited States
Xtra Finance CorpUnited States
Xtra CorpUnited States
Yorkshire Holdings PlcUnited Kingdom
Acme Brick CoUnited States
Art West IncUnited States
Eastern Mouldings IncUnited States
Glass Corp Of America IncUnited States
Larson Juhl Australia LlcUnited States
Larson Juhl Korea LlcUnited States
Larson Seoul LlcUnited States
Larson Juhl Netherlands LlcUnited States
Larson Juhl South Africa LlcUnited States
Larson Juhl Us LlcUnited States
Northampton Acquisition LtdUnited Kingdom
Benjamin Moore & Co LtdCanada
Complementary Coatings CorpUnited States
Insl X Products CorpUnited States
Shaw Paints LtdUnited Kingdom
The Indecor Group IncUnited States
Insure America LlcUnited States
Myassist IncUnited States
Altalink Investments LpCanada
Bhe Gt&S LlcUnited States
Bhe Renewables LlcUnited States
Bher Power Resources IncUnited States
Cove Point Lng LpUnited States
Kr Holdings CorpSouth Korea
Marshall Wind Energy LlcUnited States
Mhc IncUnited States
Midamerican Energy CoUnited States
Midamerican Funding LlcUnited States
Midamerican Geothermal LlcUnited States
Midamerican Renewables LlcUnited States
Midamerican Transmission LlcUnited States
Montana Alberta Tie LtdCanada
Newgen Drilling Pty LtdAustralia
Nngc Acquisition LlcUnited States
Northern Natural Gas CoUnited States
Nv Energy IncUnited States
Nve Holdings LlcUnited States
Pacific Through CorpBritish Virgin Islands
PacificorpUnited States
Pinyon Pines Wind I LlcUnited States
Pinyon Pines Wind Ii LlcUnited States
Ppw Holdings LlcUnited States
Tx Jumbo Road Wind LlcUnited States
Yorkshire Power Group LtdUnited Kingdom
General Reinsurance AgGermany
Wesco Financial CorpUnited States
Gwinnett Mall Ford IncUnited States
Van Tuyl Group IncUnited States
Vt Motors IncUnited States
Wplg IncUnited States
Calenergy Gas LtdUnited Kingdom
Martinsville Bulletin IncUnited States
The Franklin News PostUnited States
Va Newspaper Debtor CoUnited States
Winston Salem JournalUnited States
World Publishing CoUnited States
Bnsf Railway CoUnited States
Bny Capital Funding LlcUnited States
21St Century MortgageUnited States
Br1 IncUnited States
Chafin Communities LlcUnited States
Cmh Homes IncUnited States
Cmh Manufacturing IncUnited States
Cmh Of Ky IncUnited States
Doyle Mobile Homes IncUnited States
Fleetwood Retail CorpUnited States
G&I Homes IncUnited States
Goodall HomesUnited States
Reorganized Sale Okwd IncUnited States
River Birch Homes IncUnited States
Southern Energy Homes IncUnited States
Highland HomesUnited States
Evans RentsUnited States
Beard Industries IncUnited States
Ctb IncUnited States
Ctb Credit CorpUnited States
Jay Dee Industries IncUnited States
Meyn Beheer BvNetherlands
Roxell NvBelgium
Sibley R Industries IncUnited States
Staco IncUnited States
Volito BvNetherlands
Duracell IncUnited States
Duracell Distributing IncUnited States
Dominion Iroquois IncUnited States
The Rolling Rogues LtdUnited Kingdom
Frasca International IncUnited States
Lakeland Flight AcademyUnited States
Visual Simulation SystemsUnited States
Forest River Bus LlcUnited States
Freo Nominees Pty LtdAustralia
Marmon Crane Services IncUnited States
Fol International GmbhGermany
Jerzees Choloma SaHonduras
Lempa Services Ltda De CvEl Salvador
Russell AthleticUnited States
Russell Brands LlcUnited States
Salem Sportswear IncUnited States
The Bvd Licensing CorpUnited States
Union Yarn Mills IncUnited States
Vanity Fair Brands LpUnited States
Garan San Jose Sa De CvHonduras
Faraday Holdings LtdUnited Kingdom
Faraday Underwriting LtdUnited Kingdom
General Re Australia LtdAustralia
General Reinsurance CorpUnited States
General Reinsurance GroupUnited States
General Reinsurance Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Grf Services LtdUnited Kingdom
National Re CorpUnited States
North Star Syndicate LtdUnited States
Geico Casualty CoUnited States
Geico Choice Insurance CoUnited States
Geico General Insurance CoUnited States
Geico Indemnity CoUnited States
Geico PensionUnited States
Geico Secure Insurance CoUnited States
Korkeasecom IncUnited States
Vision Retailing IncUnited States
Hhc Ts Reit LlcUnited States
Ingersoll Cutting Tool CoUnited States
Iscar LtdUnited States
Iscar India LtdIndia
Iscar Tools LtdUnited Kingdom
Sts SrlItaly
Taegutec Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Tungaloy CorpJapan
American Dairy Queen CorpUnited States
Dairy Queen CanadaCanada
Orange Julius Of AmericaUnited States
Exeltherm IncCanada
Itw Insulation SystemsUnited States
Johns Manville LtdUnited Kingdom
Johns Manville China LtdChina
Johns Manville PensionUnited States
Mitex LtdUnited Kingdom
Mitex Group Of CosUnited Kingdom
Seal Dry Usa IncUnited States
Skandinaviska JuteSweden
Skloplast AsSweden
Johns Manville GmbhGermany
Highland Shoe Co LlcUnited States
Tony Lama Co IncUnited States
Liquidpower Canada UlcCanada
Noveon Holdings France SasFrance
Prism Plastics IncUnited States
Acumed LlcUnited States
Atlas Bolt & Screw Co LlcUnited States
Bailey PeerlessUnited Kingdom
Big Red Rooster Flow LlcUnited States
Cerro Flow Products LlcUnited States
Cerro Manganese Bronze LtdUnited Kingdom
Cerro Wire LlcUnited States
Colson Associates IncUnited States
Comtran Cable LlcUnited States
Crittall Holdings LtdUnited Kingdom
Ecodyne Mrm IncUnited States
Ecowater Systems LlcUnited States
Eden Europe SroCzechia
Epuro EcowaterFrance
Fontaine Trailer Co IncUnited States
Getty Connections LtdUnited Kingdom
Getz Bro’S & Co IncUnited States
Graver Technologies LlcUnited States
Hendrix Wire & CableUnited States
La Darling Co LlcUnited States
Leader Metal Industry Co LtdChina
Marmon Highway TechnologiesUnited States
Marmon Italia SrlItaly
Marmon Medical Companies LlcUnited States
Marmon Retail Services LlcUnited States
Marmon Water IncUnited States
Marmon Keystone LlcUnited States
Mining Machinery LtdUnited Kingdom
Neurosoft IncUnited States
Osteomed CorpUnited States
Procrane IncCanada
Project Csi LlcUnited States
Rockbestos CoUnited States
Rscc Wire & Cable LlcUnited States
Shepherd Products LtdCanada
Sisu Akselit OyFinland
Sloane Poland Sp ZooPoland
Store Opening Solutions LlcUnited States
The Kerite CoUnited States
The Marmon Group LtdUnited Kingdom
Thorco Industries IncUnited States
Utlx CoUnited States
Wells Lamont LlcUnited States
West Washington Street PlcUnited Kingdom
Zephir SpaItaly
Empire Distributors IncUnited States
Homewarehousecom IncUnited States
Kahn Ventures IncUnited States
Mccarty Hull IncUnited States
Mclane Foodservice IncUnited States
Mclane Midwest IncUnited States
Mclane Minnesota IncUnited States
Mclane New Jersey IncUnited States
Mclane Ocala LlcUnited States
Mclane Ohio IncUnited States
Mclane Southern IncUnited States
Mclane Suneast IncUnited States
Mclane Western IncUnited States
Mclane America IncUnited States
Mclane Eastern IncUnited States
Mclane Mid Atlantic IncUnited States
Mclane Pacific IncUnited States
Nebco Evans Holding CoUnited States
Ocala Fl Distribution CenterUnited States
The Cd Hartnett CoUnited States
Us Distribution BusinessUnited States
Buildermt IncUnited States
Cubic Designs IncUnited States
In4 Solutions IncUnited States
Kova Solutions LlcUnited States
M&M Manufacturing LlcUnited States
Mitek Industries LtdUnited Kingdom
Robbins Engineering IncUnited States
Tmi Custom Air SystemsUnited States
Wrightsoft CorpUnited States
Battery Technology GroupCanada
Hardy Frames IncUnited States
Heat Pipe Technology IncUnited States
Hohmann & Barnard IncUnited States
Mitek Australia LtdAustralia
Pacific Automation LtdCanada
Sideplate Systems IncUnited States
Tbs Engineering LtdUnited Kingdom
Tmi Climate Solutions IncUnited States
M&M Manufacturing CoUnited States
Boat America CorpUnited States
Clal Us Holdings IncUnited States
Columbia Insurance CoUnited States
Finial Reinsurance CoUnited States
Tenecom LtdUnited Kingdom
Bhg Life Insurance CoUnited States
Netjets Aviation IncUnited States
Netjets Europe LtdSwitzerland
Netjets Transportes AéreossaPortugal
Wastefuel Global LlcUnited States
Nrg Victory Reinsurance LtdUnited Kingdom
Bcs Holdings LlcUnited States
Old United Reinsurance CoUnited States
Air PulseUnited States
Bellevue LeaderUnited States
Business JournalUnited States
Daily NonpareilUnited States
Leader ShopperUnited States
Midlands Newspapers IncUnited States
Partnership Press IncUnited States
Senior LifestylesUnited States
Western Publishing CoUnited States
World Investments IncUnited States
Fun Express IncUnited States
Otc Europe LlpUnited Kingdom
Otc Holdings LlcUnited States
Smilemakers IncCanada
Ae Turbine Components LtdUnited Kingdom
Aetc LtdUnited Kingdom
Aipcf V Aiv A LpUnited States
Air Tuf Products IncUnited States
Airdrome Holdings LlcUnited States
American Hand Forge IncUnited States
Andrews Laser Works CorpUnited States
Arcturus Manufacturing CorpUnited States
Astro Punch CorpUnited States
Atlantic Precision IncUnited States
Caledonian Alloys LtdUnited Kingdom
Caledonian Alloys Group LtdUnited Kingdom
Carlton Forge Works IncUnited States
Carmet CoUnited States
Carmet Investors IncUnited States
Cherry Aerospace LlcUnited States
Composites Horizons LlcUnited States
Cwbs Misa IncUnited States
Dickson Testing Co IncUnited States
Drop Dies & Forgings CoUnited States
Environment One CorpUnited States
Exacta Aerospace IncUnited States
Fatigue Technology IncUnited States
Greenville Metals IncUnited States
Gsc Foundries IncUnited States
Hackney Ladish Holding CorpUnited States
Hamilton Aviation IncUnited States
Howell Penncraft IncUnited States
Huntington Alloys CorpUnited States
Kalistrut Aerospace SasFrance
Ken’S Spray Equipment IncUnited States
Klune Industries IncUnited States
Lake Erie Design Co IncUnited States
Lj Synch Holdings IncUnited States
Mcwilliams Forge Co IncUnited States
Metalac Fasteners IncUnited States
Noranco IncCanada
Nss Technologies IncUnited States
Paul R Briles IncUnited States
Pcc Airfoils LlcUnited States
Pcc Airfoils Sa De CvMexico
Pcc Finance Luxembourg SarlLuxembourg
Pcc Flow Technologies IncUnited States
Pcc Flow Technologies LtdUnited Kingdom
Pcc Luxembourg Holdings ScsLuxembourg
Pcc Specialty Products IncUnited States
Pcc Structurals IncUnited States
Permaswage SaFrance
Precision Castparts Cz SroCzechia
Precision Founders IncUnited States
Precision Receivables CorpUnited States
Primus International IncUnited States
Quamco IncUnited States
Rathgibson Holding Co LlcUnited States
Reiss ValvesUnited Kingdom
Rockwell Collins Rollmet CoUnited States
Shur Lok InternationalBelgium
Shur Lok GroupUnited States
Shur Lok International SaBelgium
Smt LtdUkraine
Smw Holdings LtdUnited Kingdom
Sos Metals Uk LtdUnited States
Special Metals CorpUnited States
Special Metals Wiggin LtdUnited Kingdom
Sps Aerostructures LtdUnited Kingdom
Sps Chevron LtdUnited Kingdom
Sps Technologies LlcUnited States
Sps Unbrako KkJapan
Star Acquisition LlcUnited States
Summit Machine LlcUnited States
Synchronous Aerospace GroupUnited States
TbvUnited States
Technova AgSwitzerland
Texas Honing IncUnited States
Timet Germany GmbhGermany
Timet Savoie SaFrance
Timet Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Titanium Metals CorpUnited States
Unbrako LlcUnited States
Unbrako Mexicana Sa De CvMexico
Wg Forgings 2 LlcUnited States
Wg Forgings 3 LlcUnited States
Wg Washington Street LlcUnited States
Wgc Acquisition CorpUnited States
Wgf I LlcUnited States
Wgf Ii LlcUnited States
Wilhelm Schulz GmbhGermany
Wyman Gordon LtdUnited Kingdom
Nnt CorpUnited States
7Ar SrlItaly
Brannkey IncUnited States
Carniani SrlItaly
Chrysalis United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Erz SrlItaly
Farin Ex SpaItaly
Gemvara IncUnited States
Inverness CorpUnited States
John C Nordt Co IncUnited States
Leach & Garner CoUnited States
Richline Italy SrlItaly
Richline Sa LtdSouth Africa
Rio Grande Jewelers’ SupplyUnited States
A&C International IncUnited States
Brooks Sports IncUnited States
Cross Creek Apparel LlcUnited States
Cross Creek Holdings IncUnited States
Desoto Mills IncUnited States
Game IncUnited States
Huffy Sports CoUnited States
Jerzees Apparel LlcUnited States
Mossy Oak Apparel CoUnited States
Moving ComfortUnited States
Quality Mills IncUnited States
Rintel Properties IncUnited States
Russell Apparel LlcUnited States
Russell Co Op LlcUnited States
Russell Yarn LlcUnited States
Campbell Hausfeld LlcUnited States
Carefree Of ColoradoUnited States
Western Enterprises IncUnited States
World Book IncUnited States
Abingdon Carpets PlcUnited Kingdom
Bell Mann IncUnited States
Bode Flooring CorpUnited States
Brockport Carpet CenterUnited States
Carpet Group IncUnited States
Carpet UnitUnited Kingdom
Carpetland Usa IncUnited States
Doster Floor CoveringUnited States
G&S Investments IncUnited States
Kosset Carpets LtdUnited Kingdom
New York Carpet World IncUnited States
Queen Carpet CorpUnited States
Salem Carpet Mills IncUnited States
Shaw RugsUnited States
Tricycle IncUnited States
Prospectra Contract FlooringUnited States
Sanquhar Tile Services LtdUnited Kingdom
Shaw Europe LtdUnited Kingdom
Shaw Sports Turf IncUnited States
Watershed Geosynthetics LlcUnited States
1500 West Elizabeth CorpUnited States
Active Organics IncUnited States
AdibisUnited Kingdom
Adibis UnitAustralia
Alox CorpUnited States
Anedco IncUnited States
Avid Product Development LlcUnited States
Ca Lubricantes Quimicos LqVenezuela
Carl Becker ChemieGermany
Carroll Scientific IncUnited States
Chemron CorpUnited States
Chemtool IncUnited States
Diamond Dispersions LtdUnited Kingdom
Dock Resins CorpUnited States
Gateway Additive CoUnited States
Hyrolec Management LtdUnited Kingdom
Industrias Lubrizol SaMexico
Integrity Industries IncUnited States
Kabo Unlimited IncUnited States
Laboratoire Phenobio SasFrance
Langer & Co GmbhGermany
Lipotec SaSpain
Lubrizol Gibraltar LtdGibraltar
Lubrizol Canada LtdCanada
Lubrizol De Chile LtdaChile
Lubrizol De Mexico Sa De CvMexico
Lubrizol France SasFrance
Lubrizol International IncAustralia
Lubrizol Italiana SpaItaly
Lubrizol Japan LtdJapan
Lubrizol Life Science HealthUnited States
Lubrizol Luxembourg SarlLuxembourg
Lz Holding CorpUnited States
Mpp Pipeline CorpUnited States
Noveon China IncUnited States
Noveon Diamalt IncUnited States
Noveon Fcc IncUnited States
Noveon Hilton Davis IncUnited States
Noveon Investments LlcUnited States
Noveon Ip Holdings CorpUnited States
Noveon Kalama IncUnited States
Performance Materials Ii LlcUnited States
Ross Chem IncUnited States
Svo Enterprises CorpUnited States
Vesta IncUnited States
Astrex Electronics IncUnited States
Changnam Int LtdSouth Korea
Compona AgSwitzerland
Mouser Electronics IncUnited States
Net Aye Technologies LtdIsrael
Ray Q LtdIsrael
Rfmw LtdUnited States
Smd IncUnited States
Symmetry Electronics CorpUnited States
Tti Electronic Nordic AbSweden
Tti Electronics Europe GmbhGermany
Tti FranceFrance
Tti Hong Kong LtdChina
Tti Italy SrlItaly
Fayette Cotton Mill IncUnited States
Ftl Sales Co IncUnited States
Russell Hosiery Mills IncUnited States
Container Transport UnitUnited States
Xtra IncUnited States
Xtra Lease LlcUnited States
Xtra Missouri IncUnited States
Snipe Retail ParkUnited Kingdom
Acme Ochs Brick & Stone IncUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance GroupUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Energy CoUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance CoUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Keys Real EstateUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Assurance CorpUnited States
Attpro Rrg Reciprocal Risk Retention GroupUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway International Insurance LtdGermany
Berkshire Hathaway Inc DsgUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Credit CorpUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Premier PropertiesUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway IncUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway European Insurance DacIreland
Berkshire Hathaway Insurance GroupUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Investment ManagementUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Automotive IncUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Guard Insurance CosUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Group Life Annuity & AccidentUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Homestate CosUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Hs CommercialUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Finance CorpUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Life GroupUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Insurance GroupUnited States
Burlington Industries LtdSouth Africa
Central States Indemnity CoUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance Ireland DacIreland
Charter Brokerage Holdings CorpUnited States
Berkshire Production Supply LlcUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway International Insurance LtdUnited Kingdom
Burlington Northern Santa Fe LlcUnited States
Clayton Properties Group Ii IncUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Insurance CoUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance CoChina
Calenergy Resources Poland Sp ZooPoland
Central States Of Omaha Cos IncUnited States
Delta Wholesale Liquors IncUnited States
Continental Divide Insurance CoUnited States
Commonwealth Realty Group LlcUnited States
Marmon Beverage Technologies IncUnited States
Cypress Insurance CoUnited States
Diversified Retailing Co IncUnited States
Detlev Louis Motorrad Vertriebsgesellschaft GmbhGermany
Marmon Engineered Components CoUnited States
Marmon Food & Beverage Technologies LlcUnited States
Duracell International IncUnited States
Duracell International Operations SarlSwitzerland
Ecowater Systems Germany GmbhGermany
Marmon Foodservice Technologies IncUnited States
Duracell Us Operations IncUnited States
Detlev Louis Motorrad Vertriebs GmbhGermany
Marmon Retail Science LtdUnited Kingdom
Marmon Retail Technologies CoUnited States
Featherlite Building Products CorpUnited States
Empire Distributors Of Tennessee IncUnited States
Eastern Energy Gas Holdings LlcUnited States
Flightsafety International SarlFrance
Medpro GroupUnited States
Marmon Retail & Highway Technologies Co LlcUnited States
Marmon Transportation Services LlcUnited States
General Re Life Group Life Annuity & AccidentUnited States
Montana Acquisitions LlcUnited States
Filtrex Technologies Pvt LtdIndia
Marmon Tubing Fittings & Wire Products IncUnited States
Fruit Of The Loom LtdCayman Islands
Highland Affordable Housing Partners LlcUnited States
National Liability & Fire Insurance CoUnited States
Gen Re Securities Holdings LtdBermuda
Fruit Of The Loom Custodial TrustUnited States
Gen Re GroupUnited States
Ingersoll Taegutec Italia SrlItaly
National Fire & Marine Insurance CoUnited States
Nebraska Furniture Mart IncUnited States
Horizon Wine & Spirits Chattanooga IncUnited States
Justin Brands International LlcUnited States
Forest River Manufacturing LlcUnited States
Flightsafety International IncUnited States
National Indemnity GroupUnited States
National Indemnity Company Of The SouthUnited States
Genesis Underwriting Management CoUnited States
Radnor Specialty Insurance CoUnited States
Lubrizol Gibraltar Minority LtdGibraltar
Lubrizol Holdings Netherlands BvNetherlands
R Acquisition Co LlcUnited States
Nederlandse Reassurantie Groep NvNetherlands
Imc International Metalworking Cos BvNetherlands
Liquidpower Specialty Products IncUnited States
International Dairy Queen IncCanada
Radiant Rscc Specialty Cable Pvt LtdIndia
Government Employees Insurance CoUnited States
Old United Life Insurance CoUnited States
Lubrizol Gibraltar LtdLuxembourg
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Gibraltar IncUnited States
Government Employees GroupUnited States
Lubrizol Overseas Trading CorpUnited States
Lubrizol Additive Zhuhai Co LtdChina
Obh LlcUnited States
Marmon Food & Beverage Technologies India Pvt LtdIndia
United States Liability Insurance GroupUnited States
Rident Holding CoUnited States
National Indemnity Company Of Mid AmericaUnited States
Shaw Industries IncUnited States
Shaw Industries Asia Pte LtdSingapore
Lubrizol International IncUnited States
Marmon Distribution Services IncUnited States
Oak River Insurance CoUnited States
Scott Fetzer Financial Group IncUnited States
Itti Group Usa Holdings IncUnited States
Homeservices Of America IncUnited States
Eastern Mlp Holding Company Ii LlcUnited States
Midamerican Energy Services LlcUnited States
Lubrizol Oilfield Solutions IncUnited States
Phillips Specialty Products IncUnited States
Rc Willey Home Furnishings IncUnited States
Sun Life Reinsurance Ireland LtdIreland
Western Publishing IncUnited States
Russell CorpUnited States
Tti Electronics Asia Pte LtdSingapore
Lubrizol Advanced Materials International LlcUnited States
Saybrook Point Cbo LtdCayman Islands
Berkshire Hathaway Uk Group DsgUnited Kingdom
Affordable Housing Partners IncUnited States
Mitek IncUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Concierge LlcUnited States
Iowa Title Linn County Ii LlcUnited States
United States Aviation Insurance GroupUnited States
Marmon Highway Technologies LlcUnited States
Art Materials Frames & Moulding Co IncUnited States
Kern River Gas Transmission CoUnited States
The Marmon Group Of Canada LtdCanada
Bhe Master Retirement TrustUnited States
American Caribbean Real Estate IncUnited States
Vesta Intermediate Funding IncUnited States
Charter Brokerage Holdings LlcUnited States
Flightsafety International Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Berkshire Hathaway International Insurance LtdUnited Kingdom
The Insurance Company Of IowaUnited States
Greensboro News & Record LlcUnited States
Calenergy Resources Australia LtdAustralia
Northern Powergrid Yorkshire PlcUnited Kingdom
Mount Vernon Specialty Insurance CoUnited States
Larson Juhl International LlcUnited States
Central States Indemnity CoUnited States
Premium Medical Protection LtdUnited Kingdom
Northern Powergrid Holdings CoUnited Kingdom
General Re Financial Products CorpUnited States
General Star International Indemnity LtdUnited Kingdom
Press Of Atlantic City Media GroupUnited States
New England Asset Management IncUnited States
Approved Financial Corp FloridaUnited States
Artex Manufacturing Co IncUnited States
Geico County Mutual Insurance CoUnited States
Burlington Northern Santa Fe CorpUnited States
Imc International Metalworking Engineering & ProductionChina
Agefa Werkzeug Und Maschinen Handelsgesellschaft MbhGermany
Daniel Young International CorpUnited States
Dl Trading Ltd United StatesUnited States
Geico Advantage Insurance CoUnited States
Johns Manville International Group IncUnited States
Schuller CorpUnited States
Perlite Insulation Manufacturing AssetsUnited States
Media General IncUnited States
Fruit Of The Loom International LtdIreland
Fruit Of The Loom Canada IncCanada
Fruit Of The Loom Texas IncUnited States
Fruit Of The Loom France SarlFrance
Fruit Of The Loom Caribbean IncUnited States
Cornelius Retail Dispense Finance LtdUnited Kingdom
General Reinsurance Life Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Priority One Financial Services IncUnited States
G Survivor CorpUnited States
Batterson Park Cbo I LtdCayman Islands
Gen Re Securities LtdUnited Kingdom
Sherman Warehouse CorpUnited States
Millcross High Yield Fund LpUnited States
Gen Re Investments Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Plaza Investment Managers IncUnited States
General Reinsurance CorpCanada
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Holland BvNetherlands
Prince Castle Trading Shanghai Co LtdChina
Rockbestos Suprenant Cable CorpUnited States
Eden Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Mclane Foodservice Distribution IncUnited States
Usp Structural Connectors IncUnited States
Aetna Insulated Wire CoUnited States
Corbond CorpUnited States
Sales Simplicity Software IncUnited States
Benson Industries IncUnited States
Redwood Fire & Casualty Insurance CoUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Life Insurance CompanyUnited States
Future Metals IncUnited States
First Berkshire Hathaway Life Insurance CoUnited States
The Scottish Lion Insurance Co LtdUnited Kingdom
Mlmic Insurance CoUnited States
Unione Italiana Reinsurance Co Of America IncUnited States
National Liability & Fire Insurance Co CanadaCanada
Altamil CorpUnited States
Nylok CorpUnited States
Industrial Insulation Group LlcUnited States
Cable Usa Inc NebraskaUnited States
Mclane Sunwest IncUnited States
Nederlandse Reassurantie Groep NvCanada
Transco Railway Products IncUnited States
Cable Usa IncUnited States
Bryan College Station Communications IncUnited States
Mindware Holdings IncUnited States
Otc Investors CorpUnited States
Fontaine Spray Suppression CoUnited States
Cannon Equipment LlcUnited States
Marmon Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Aerocraft Heat Treating Co IncUnited States
Convenience Store Distributing CoUnited States
Marmon Retail Services Asia LtdChina
Marmon Water Singapore Pte LtdSingapore
Cerro Marmon CorpUnited States
Ellis & Watts Global Industries LlcUnited States
The Pampered Chef Canada LtdCanada
Metalac Sps Indústria E Comércio LtdaBrazil
Mclane Carolina IncUnited States
International Extruded Products LlcUnited States
Mold Masters International IncUnited States
Pcc Beheer BvNetherlands
Pcc Aérostructures Dorval IncCanada
United Steel Products Co IncUnited States
Production Conveyer Systems LlcUnited States
Sps Aerospace Fasteners GroupUnited States
Centra Industries Inc CanadaCanada
Mclane Southern California IncUnited States
Wyman Gordon CoUnited States
Converium Reinsurance North America IncUnited States
National Indemnity Co Investment PortfolioUnited States
Executive Jet Management Europe LtdUnited Kingdom
Sps International Investment CoUnited States
Commercial Casualty Insurance CoUnited States
Specialty Tool IncUnited States
Anderson Hardwood FloorsUnited States
International American Group IncUnited States
World Marketing IncUnited States
Viawear IncUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Direct Insurance CoUnited States
Precision Castparts Corporation Master TrustUnited States
Aerospace Dynamics International IncUnited States
American Sports International LtdUnited States
Wyman Gordon Forgings Cleveland IncUnited States
Primus International Cayman CoCayman Islands
Southwest Iowa Newspaper GroupUnited States
Precision Castparts Corpofrance SarlFrance
Sps Technologies Waterford CoUnited States
Russell Asset Management IncUnited States
Bike Athletic CoUnited States
Crb Commercial Floorcovering IncUnited States
Scott Fetzer Electrical GroupUnited States
Designed Metal Connections IncUnited States
The Fastener Engineers Group IncUnited States
United Consumer Financial Services CoUnited States
Sportexe Construction Services IncUnited States
Stuart Flooring CorpUnited States
Nylon Polymer Co LlcUnited States
Spalding Sports Worldwide IncUnited States
Great Lakes Chemical Corp FranceFrance
Lubrizol AgSwitzerland
Aurafin LlcUnited States
Intermountain Specialties IncUnited States
Saybrook Point Cbo Ltd Series 2001 1ACayman Islands
Tiers Russell Corp 2004 1United States
Zickgraf Hardwood Flooring CoUnited States
Pacific International Contract IncUnited States
Alan Mair Manufacturing Jewellers Pty LtdSouth Africa
Youghal Carpets Holdings PlcUnited Kingdom
Brazilian Coating Additives Business UnitBrazil
Cpi Engineering Services IncUnited States
Ecoquímica Indústria E Comércio De Produtos Química LtdaBrazil
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Manufacturing Spain SlSpain
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Asia Pacific LtdChina
Tti Electronics Malaysia Sdn BhdMalaysia
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Malaysia Sdn BhdMalaysia
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Sales Spain SlSpain
Lubrizol Southeast Asia Pte LtdSingapore
New England Prime Properties IncUnited States
Lubrizol Advanced Materials IncUnited States
Lubrizol Foam Control Additives IncUnited States
Tti Electronics Asia Pte LtdChina
Western Australia Specialty Alloys Pty LtdAustralia
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Holdings Spain SlSpain
Dongguan Shilong Huatong Electronic Co LtdChina
Lubrizol International Luxembourg SarlLuxembourg
Century 21 Adams Abigail Agency IncUnited States
Noveon International IncUnited States
Tti Electronics Asia India Pvt LtdIndia
Whitmire Manufacturing IncUnited States
Duracell Worldwide Technology CenterUnited States
Lubrizol Do Brasil Aditivos LtdaBrazil
Eastern States Life Insurance CoUnited States
Tti Electronics Asia Pte Ltd South KoreaSouth Korea
Shanghai Lubrizol International Trading Co LtdChina
Campbell Collins LtdUnited Kingdom
Meyn Food Equipment Iberica SaSpain
Tti Electronics Vietnam Co LtdVietnam
Leesburg Yarn Mills IncUnited States
Wheels Mergerco LlcUnited States
Tti Electronics Thailand LtdThailand
Leasing Usa IncUnited States
C Acquisition CorpUnited States
Noveon Textile Chemicals IncUnited States
Pcc Holding BvNetherlands
Eastern Gas Transmission & Storage IncUnited States
Tti Electronics Asia Pte Ltd PhilippinesPhilippines
Sager Electrical Supply Co IncUnited States
Duracell Enterprise Development Shanghai Co LtdChina
Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance IncUnited States
United States Liability Insurance CoUnited States
Clayton Homes Inc Sen Sub Pass Thr Cer Ser 2000 DUnited States
General Re Funding CorpUnited States
General Re Financial Products Canada LtdCanada
Dooley & Mason Realty Group LlcUnited States
Intelligent Energy Solutions LlcUnited States
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Sales Holland BvNetherlands
Dominion Gathering & Processing IncUnited States
Truss Industry Production Systems IncUnited States
Intercoast Capital CoUnited States
Performance Materials I IncUnited States
General Reinsurance Australia LtdAustralia
Diyonlinecom IncUnited States
Aegis Metal Framing LlcUnited States
Exsif Worldwide Inc ChinaChina
Flightsafety International Hong Kong LtdChina
Mouser Electronics Taiwan Co LtdChina
Merquinsa Mercados Quimicos SlSpain
Protective Coatings Inc WashingtonUnited States
Bavaria Medizin Technologie GmbhGermany
Duracell Industrial Operations IncUnited States
Garrity Industries IncUnited States
Clayton Properties Group IncUnited States
Marmon Food Beverage & Water Technologies CoUnited States
Exponential Technology Group IncUnited States
Berkshire Hathaway Guard Insurance CoUnited States
Schuller International Group IncUnited States
Meyn Food Processing Technology BvNetherlands
Lubrizol Specialty Chemicals Shanghai Co LtdChina
Caravan Trailer Rental Co LtdCanada
Cypress Insurance Co Investment PortfolioUnited States
Old United Casualty Co Investment PortfolioUnited States
Shanghai Tti Electronics Co LtdChina
Pmd Group Holdings IncUnited States
Sps Technologies Overseas Holding BvNetherlands
Perfection Auto Part Shanghai Co LtdChina
Flightspares Electronics LtdUnited Kingdom
biBERK Business InsuranceUnited States
HeinzUnited States
Updated on January 25, 2023

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