Netherlands Most Innovative Companies – 2023

The Netherlands isn’t just holding its own on the global innovation stage—it’s rocking it! In the 2023 Global Innovation Index, it proudly snagged the seventh spot. And guess what? The Netherlands’ innovative spirit shines through in the heaps of patents being filed by its very own resident companies. It’s not just one industry either; we’re talking about a diverse range of sectors! Dutch companies are heavily focusing on semiconductors, machinery, and automotive technology, driving significant advancements in these fields. Meanwhile, foreign companies are also showing strong interest, particularly in semiconductor technology, renewable energy, and biotechnology. From cutting-edge semiconductor tech to game-changing renewable energy solutions, both local and international players are leading the charge, shaping the future as we speak.

Let’s delve deeper into this innovative landscape by exploring which companies were the most active patent filers in the Netherlands for the year 2023.

Companies who have filed most patents in Netherlands in 2023

Dutch Companies

VMI Holland BV is the top patent filer in the Netherlands for 2023, focusing on machinery and industrial equipment with 35 patents.

DAF Trucks NV follows closely, concentrating on automotive and commercial vehicles with 23 patents, leading advancements in the automotive industry.

Lely Patent is another significant contributor, specializing in agricultural machinery and robotics with 20 patents, enhancing efficiency and automation in agriculture.

RankCompanyPatent CountHQ CountrySector
1Vmi Holland Bv35NetherlandsMachinery & Industrial Equipment
2Daf Trucks Nv23NetherlandsAutomotive & Commercial Vehicles
3Lely Patent20NetherlandsAgricultural Machinery & Robotics
4Itrec Bv18NetherlandsTechnology & IT Services
5Lightyear Ipco Bv14NetherlandsAutomotive & Electric Vehicles
6Navinfo Euro Bv11NetherlandsNavigation & Geospatial Services
7Prodrive Technologies10NetherlandsElectronics & Technology Solutions
8Lumicks Ca Holding Bv9NetherlandsScientific Instruments & Biotechnology
9Meyn Food Processing Technology7NetherlandsFood Processing Equipment & Poultry
10Ihc Holland Nv7NetherlandsMaritime & Dredging Equipment
11Ultimaker Bv7Netherlands3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing
12Lionvolt Bv6NetherlandsBattery Technology & Energy Storage
13Agxeed Holding Bv6NetherlandsAgricultural Technology & Robotics
14Lightyear Layer Ipco Bv6NetherlandsAutomotive & Electric Vehicles
15Ampleon Netherlands Bv6NetherlandsRF Power & Semiconductors
16Royalty Bugaboo Gmbh5NetherlandsStrollers & Baby Products
17Nearfield Instruments Bv5NetherlandsMetrology & Semiconductor Equipment
18Fortimedix Assets Ii Bv5NetherlandsMedical Devices & Surgical Instruments
19Simeco Holland Bv5NetherlandsEngineering Services & Industrial Solutions
20Vanderlande Ind5NetherlandsMaterial Handling & Logistics Automation
21Haskoning Dhv Nederland Bv5NetherlandsEngineering & Consulting Services
22Marel Further Processing Bv5NetherlandsFood Processing & Equipment Manufacturing
23Asml Netherlands Bv5NetherlandsSemiconductor Equipment & Technology
24Anderling Bv5NetherlandsInvestment
25Leydenjar Technology Bv5NetherlandsBattery Technology & Energy Storage
26Nedap5NetherlandsTechnology & RFID Solutions
27Cobra Beheer Nv4NetherlandsInvestment
28Van Der Hoeven Horticultural Projects Bv4NetherlandsHorticultural Engineering & Greenhouse Solutions
29Van Der Valk System4NetherlandsSolar Mounting Systems & Renewable Energy
30Belua Beheer Bv4NetherlandsInvestment & Holding Company
31Total Safety Solutions Bv4NetherlandsSafety Solutions & Consulting
32Renewable Iron Fuel Technology Bv4NetherlandsRenewable Energy & Clean Technology
33Mosa Meat Bv4NetherlandsFood Technology & Cultured Meat
34Volkerwessels Intellectuele Eigendom Bv4NetherlandsConstruction & Real Estate
35Heerema Marine Contractors Nederland Se4NetherlandsOffshore Construction & Marine Engineering
36Sunshower Ip Bv4NetherlandsHealth Technology & Wellness
37Canon Prodn Printing Holding Bv4NetherlandsPrinting Technology & Manufacturing
38Recreational Systems International Bv4NetherlandsSports Facilities & Infrastructure
39Dero Beheer Bv4NetherlandsInvestment
40Mci (Mirror Controls International)4NetherlandsAutomotive Technology & Mirror Systems

Foreign companies

Intel Corp is the top foreign patent filer in the Netherlands for 2023, leading the semiconductor and technology sector with 103 patents.

Halliburton Energy Services Inc follows, focusing on oilfield services and energy with 26 patents, driving innovations in the energy sector.

Gigaphoton also stands out with 24 patents in photolithography and semiconductor equipment, showcasing strong interest and advancements in semiconductor technology.

RankCompanyPatent CountHQ CountrySector
1Intel103United StatesSemiconductors & Technology
2Halliburton Energy Services Inc26United StatesOilfield Services & Energy
3Gigaphoton24JapanPhotolithography & Semiconductor Equipment
4Microsoft23United StatesSoftware & Technology
5Huaneng Renewables Corp Ltd14ChinaRenewable Energy & Power Generation
6Ma Micro Ltd14ChinaBiotechnology & Medical Equipment
7Chongqing Tianyou Dairy Co Ltd10ChinaDairy Products & Food Industry
8Champion Link International Corp9ChinaInvestment & Financial Services
9Zhejiang Jinko Solar Co Ltd9ChinaSolar Energy & Renewable Energy
10I4F Licensing Nv8CuraçaoFlooring Technology & Licensing
11Jinko Solar Co Ltd8ChinaSolar Energy & Renewable Energy
12Carl Zeiss Multisem Gmbh8GermanyOptics & Scientific Instruments
13Sollum Technologies8CanadaSmart Lighting & Agriculture Technology
14Ab Skf8SwedenBearings & Mechanical Engineering
15Robert Bosch Gmbh7GermanyEngineering & Electronics & Automotive
16Uniquify7United StatesSemiconductor & Technology Services
17Pipelife7AustriaPlastic Piping Systems & Building Materials
18Nanhu Lab7ChinaBiotechnology & Research
19Schreder Sa7BelgiumLighting Solutions & Urban Lighting
20Hamamatsu Photonics Kk7JapanPhotonics & Scientific Instruments
21Zheda Dixun Bio Gene Engineering7ChinaBiotechnology & Gene Engineering
22Classified Cycling Bv6BelgiumBicycle Technology & Cycling Innovations
23Cabot Corp6United StatesSpecialty Chemicals & Materials
24The Boeing Co6United StatesAerospace & Defense
25Corning Inc6United StatesGlass & Materials Science
26Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh6GermanyOptics & Semiconductor Equipment
27Xsys Prepress Nv6GermanyPrinting Technology & Prepress Solutions
28Apple5United StatesConsumer Electronics & Technology
29Zebra Tech Corp5United StatesEnterprise Technology & Data Capture
30Xinjiang Irtysh Investment & Dev Co Ltd5ChinaInvestment

Insights and Analysis

By examining the data on patent filings, we can gain valuable insights into the areas of focus for innovation in the Netherlands. The leading sectors with the highest patent counts are:

Semiconductors & Technology:

Intel Corp leads with 103 patents, highlighting the sector’s dominance and importance.

Companies like Gigaphoton and Carl Zeiss Multisem Gmbh also contribute significantly with 24 and 8 patents respectively.

Machinery & Industrial Equipment:

Vmi Holland Bv with 35 patents demonstrates strong innovation in industrial machinery.

Robert Bosch Gmbh contributes with 7 patents in engineering and electronics.

Automotive & Electric Vehicles:

Daf Trucks Nv and Lightyear Ipco Bv are key players, each with 23 and 14 patents respectively.

Innovations in electric vehicles are also notable with companies like Lightyear Layer Ipco Bv filing 6 patents.

Biotechnology & Medical Equipment:

Ma Micro Ltd leads this sector with 14 patents.

Other contributors include Lumicks Ca Holding Bv and Nanhu Lab with 9 and 7 patents respectively.

Renewable Energy:

Huaneng Renewables Corp Ltd and Zhejiang Jinko Solar Co Ltd are prominent with 14 and 9 patents respectively.

Jinko Solar Co Ltd also contributes with 8 patents, emphasizing the sector’s growth.

Software & Technology:

Microsoft stands out with 23 patents, showcasing ongoing advancements in technology services.

Agricultural Technology & Robotics:

Lely Patent and Agxeed Holding Bv are key innovators with 20 and 6 patents respectively.

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