China Most Innovative Companies – 2023

China has rapidly emerged as a global innovation leader, now ranking 12th in the WIPO Global Innovation Index (GII) 2023. (Source) This article presents two lists of the most innovative companies: one featuring those based in China and another with companies headquartered outside of China, ranked by patent counts. Recent government initiatives in AI, renewable energy, and biotechnology highlight China’s commitment to advancing technology. The lists provide a comprehensive overview of the innovation landscape in China and globally, highlighting the key players and their contributions to the advancement of emerging technologies.

Top Innovative Companies in China

RankCompanyPatent CountHQ CountrySector
1Haier29203ChinaElectric Appliance
2State Grid Corporation Of China16470ChinaElectric Utility
3Huawei15618ChinaInformation & Communications Technology (ICT)
4Gree Electric13014ChinaElectric Appliance
5Sinopec12045ChinaPetroleum Refinery
6Tencent12032ChinaTechnology Conglomerate
7China Mobile9446ChinaMobile Telecommunication
8Midea Group8517ChinaElectric Appliance
9Xiaomi6870ChinaConsumer Electronics
10Inspur6797ChinaTechnology Conglomerate
11Oppo6619ChinaConsumer Electronics
12Beijing Baidu Netcom Science & Technology6345ChinaInternet Services
13Honor6098ChinaConsumer Electronics
14Vivo5686ChinaConsumer Electronics
15Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China5642ChinaBanking Company
16China Unicom5488ChinaTelecommunications
17Changan Automobile5268ChinaAutomotive
18China FAW Group5157ChinaAutomotive
20Contemporary Amperex4814ChinaBattery Manufacturer
21Guangdong Power Grid Co Ltd4686ChinaElectric Utility
22China Telecom4611ChinaTelecommunications
23Bank Of China4603ChinaBanking Company
24PetroChina4469ChinaOil & Gas
25Great Wall Motor4267ChinaAutomotive
26Ping An Tech (Shenzhen) Co Ltd4102ChinaFinancial Services
30Fotile3478ChinaKitchen Appliances
31CCB Fintech3356ChinaFinancial Technology
32China National Petroleum3258ChinaOil & Gas
33Netease (Hangzhou) Network3237ChinaInternet Services
34China Construction Bank3214ChinaBanking Company
35Weichai Power2700ChinaEngine Equipment Manufacturer
36Beijing Zitiao Network Tech Co Ltd2601ChinaTelecommunications
37State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power2587ChinaElectric Utility
38Alipay2570ChinaPayment Services
39Changxin Memory Technologies2538ChinaSemiconductor
40Guizhou Power Grid2520ChinaElectric Utility
41Dongfeng Motor2225ChinaAutomotive
42Beijing Dajia Internet Information Technology2154ChinaInternet Services
43Ping An Bank2137ChinaBanking Company
44Chengdu Boe Optoelectronics Technology2100ChinaDisplay Devices
45Dahua Technology2096ChinaSecurity & Surveillance Equipments
46China Construction Eighth Engineering Division2038ChinaConstruction
47Lenovo2035ChinaConsumer Electronics
48HKC2019ChinaConsumer Electronics
49Douyin1948ChinaSocial Media Application
50Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology1945ChinaSecurity & Surveillance Equipments
51Ningbo Aux Electric1903ChinaElectric Appliance
52FAW Jiefang1867ChinaAutomotive
53China Construction Second Engineering Bureau1846ChinaConstruction
55Wanhua Chemical1731ChinaChemicals Company
56POWERCHINA Huadong Engineering1700ChinaHydropower & Renewable Energy
57Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau1686ChinaElectric Utility
58State Grid Fujian Electric Power1674ChinaElectric Utility
59EVE Power1654ChinaBattery Manufacturer
60Svolt Energy Technology1592ChinaBattery Manufacturer
61China Mcc17 Group1591ChinaConstruction
62China Yangtze Power1574ChinaHydropower & Renewable Energy
63GAC Group1557ChinaAutomotive
64Zhejiang Electric Power1544ChinaElectric Utility
65Hangzhou Robam Appliances1529ChinaElectric Appliance
66Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronics1525ChinaElectronics
67CALB1510ChinaBattery Manufacturer

Key Findings:

This data reveals a broad range of technological domains indicating the diverse innovation activities across China:

  • Telecommunications & Consumer Electronics: Huawei (ranked 3rd), Xiaomi (ranked 9th), Oppo (ranked 11th), Honor (ranked 13th), Vivo (ranked 14th) and ZTE (ranked 29th)
  • Renewable Energy: POWERCHINA Huadong Engineering (ranked 56th) and China Yangtze Power (ranked 62nd)
  • Electric Appliances: Haier (ranked 1st), Gree Electric (ranked 4th), Midea Group (ranked 8th) and Hangzhou Robam Appliances (ranked 65th)
  • Automotive: Changan Automobile (ranked 17th), China FAW Group (ranked 18th), Geely (ranked 19th), Great Wall Motor (ranked 25th) and Chery (Ranked 54th)
  • Battery Manufacturer: Contemporary Amperex (ranked 20th), EVE Power (ranked 59th), and Svolt Energy Technology (ranked 60th)

Top Innovative Companies with Main Headquarters Outside China

RankCompanyPatent CountHQ CountrySector
1Bio Tech Group Co Ltd8785United KingdomBiotechnology
2Samsung Electronics6613South KoreaConsumer Electronics
3Qualcomm4729United StatesSemiconductor
4Samsung Display3875South KoreaElectronics
6Robert Bosch2978GermanyEngineering & Technology
7Honda Motor2737JapanAutomotive
8Apple2505United StatesTechnology
9Mitsubishi Electric2455JapanElectronics
10Hyundai Motor2246South KoreaAutomotive
12LG Electronics2116South KoreaConsumer Electronics
14LG Energy Solution1959South KoreaBattery Manufacturer
15Canon1813JapanPhotograph Company
16Ford1697United StatesManufacturing
17Murata Manufacturing1677JapanElectronics
18LG Display1592South KoreaElectronics
19Kia1589United StatesAutomotive
20Micron Technology1549United StatesSemiconductor
21SK Hynix1545South KoreaSemiconductor
22Gm Global Tech Operations Llc1524United StatesAutomotive

Key Findings:

The data set reveals the technological diversity in the innovation landscape:

  • Semiconductors: Qualcomm (ranked 3rd), Micron Technology (ranked 20th) and SK Hynix (ranked 21st)
  • Automotive: Toyota (ranked 5th), Honda Motor (ranked 7th), Hyundai Motor (ranked 10th), Kia (ranked 19th)
  • Display Technology: Samsung Display (ranked 4th) and LG Display (ranked 18th)
  • Consumer Electronics: Samsung Electronics (ranked 2nd) and LG Electronics (ranked 12th)

Insights and Takeaways:

  • The absence of companies from other sectors like finance, healthcare or renewable energy demonstrate limited technological diversity.

These rankings showcases China’s extensive innovation landscape, characterized by technological diversity and strong patent activities across various sectors. This diversity not only drives the country’s economic growth but also positions China as a global leader in technological advancements and industrial innovation.

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