Preparation/Extraction of the Cannabinoid: Patent Filing Trends (Jan 2009- Jun 2019)

The cannabis plant contains more than 113 cannabinoids including the CBD and THC. Scientists have identified more than 550 chemicals in cannabis in general including components like terpenes.

Different extraction techniques are being used to concentrate chemicals of interest. Companies are aggressively researching in the extraction of cannabinoids especially in the plant-based extraction that has 203 patent families.

While looking at the market this seems to make sense as the demand for Cannabinoids (except THC) is booming especially after the approval of the drug “ Epidolex”. The active ingredient in Epidiolex is cannabidiol (CBD).

The pot growers are struggling to cope up with the demand. Pot growers are trying to identify ways by which yield can be increased and at the same time quality can be maintained. As per the data, no one has been able to master the art of extraction, even though many say otherwise.

Research in biosynthesis is increasing as cultivators are aiming to increase the yields. Scientists are working on methods to generate cannabinoids found in the cannabis plants—such as CBD and THC – with higher purity and at low costs while keeping the carbon footprint at the low end.

Analysts are suggesting that biosynthesis is the future of cannabinoids as 90% of the plant volume typically ends up as biomass waste, while the THC and CBD content only accounts for 10% of the plant. As of now, 26 patent families exist under biosynthesis.

Synthetic CBD technology (36 patent families) can help in bringing economies of scale where mass production will become viable at a reduced cost. The race to gain the first-mover advantage on synthetic CBD is already on, and companies such as CannBioRex and Katexco Pharmaceuticals are hard at work refining the technology’s potential to treat rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and other inflammatory diseases.

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