Electreon Wireless Charging Road Patents

Imagine never stopping to charge your electric car again. Wireless charging roads promise a seamless future for electric vehicles.

So for that Electreon Wireless is revolutionizing how we charge electric vehicles. This company is taking the first steps towards transforming the EV charging infrastructure. Imagine seamlessly charging your car while driving—Electreon’s advanced technology makes this possible.

Founded in 2013, Electreon has developed an integrated wireless charging system embedded within roadways, enabling Electric Vehicle’s to charge dynamically. They put charging stations under roads so cars can charge while they drive, reducing “range anxiety” (worrying about running out of battery). Electreon isn’t just making charging easier, they’re building a cleaner and more efficient way to get around in the future.

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Impacts and Benefits of Electreon Wireless Technology

  1. Dynamic Charging: Electreon’s technology enables electric vehicles to charge while driving, providing a continuous power supply and significantly reducing the need for traditional charging stops, especially for long-distance travel.
  2. Range Anxiety Solution: Electreon’s continuous charging technology alleviates range anxiety, allowing EV drivers to travel longer distances without worrying about running out of battery or finding charging stations.
  3. Sustainable Future: Electreon’s wireless charging system promotes EV adoption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation ecosystem.
  4. Smart Management: Electreon’s system is powered by advanced software that optimizes energy distribution, ensures efficient operation, and dynamically adjusts charging based on real-time data. This smart management enhances the system’s overall efficiency and reliability, providing a robust and future-ready solution for EV charging networks.

We’ve analyzed key patents related to Electreon Wireless. Read the summary below and discover the ingenious innovations behind this breakthrough technology!

  1. Wireless Charging System with Power Sharing

The patent CA2935330C describes a system for wirelessly powering electric vehicles (EVs) on the road. It includes a power generator that supplies energy to an inductive accumulator array installed in the road. This array transmits power to receiver coils placed beneath the vehicle. The system allows the receiver array to send any excess power back to the road’s accumulator coils, enabling it to be redistributed to other vehicles.

2. Patent for Validating Electric Vehicles in a Network

The patent EP3898314A4 describes a system and method for validating electric vehicles (EVs) in a network. The method includes transmitting energy from road sections to EVs and recording the energy received by the vehicles. It also records the energy transmitted from the road sections. These records are transmitted for validation, where the received energy is periodically compared with the transmitted energy to identify component failures or potential fraud. The system implements this method within a power-over-the-air network for EVs.

How Electreon Wireless Generates Revenue?

Electreon Wireless generates revenue through various channels. First, it secures contracts with governments, municipalities, and private companies for the installation and maintenance of its wireless charging infrastructure. These projects include dynamic and static wireless charging systems embedded in roads, ensuring a steady income from both setup and ongoing maintenance.

Additionally, the company licenses its proprietary wireless charging technology to automotive manufacturers, generating revenue through licensing agreements and royalties.

Electreon also offers a subscription-based service model called Charging as a Service (CaaS), where fleet operators and public transit companies pay for the use of its infrastructure, providing continuous revenue from software services, operations, and maintenance.

Competitors of Electreon Wireless

  1. WiTricity – WiTricity is a pioneering company in the field of wireless power transfer, specializing in magnetic resonance technology that leads in wireless power transfer using magnetic resonance technology. Their system includes a transmitter pad embedded in the roadway and a receiver pad in the vehicle, enabling EVs to charge while in motion, enhancing convenience and adoption of electric mobility.
  2. HEVO Power – HEVO Power develops wireless EV charging solutions, focusing on dynamic systems that use magnetic resonance for power transfer. Inductive coils embedded in the road and receivers on vehicles enable wireless charging while driving. Their technology integrates with existing infrastructure, simplifying EV charging in urban and highway settings.
  3. Momentum Dynamics – Momentum Dynamics offers high-power wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles, specifically targeting commercial fleets, buses, and autonomous vehicles. Their dynamic system charges vehicles while in motion using magnetic fields generated by coils embedded in the road and received by coils on the vehicle. This setup ensures continuous operation and reduces downtime, making it ideal for large vehicles such as buses and trucks.

Need to know anything else? We got you covered!

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