L’Oréal’s Coloursonic Patents

L’Oréal‘s Coloursonic is making waves in the hair care industry with its innovative at-home hair coloring device. Developed over ten years, this innovative device ensures precise mixing of dye and developer for even application and vibrant, long-lasting color. Its user-friendly design features leak-proof cartridges that offer up to three uses, significantly reducing plastic waste. This device makes salon-quality hair color easily accessible at home, combining convenience and professional results. Following its recent successful launch, Coloursonic will be available at select Target stores and online by July, and globally by the end of 2024.

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What makes L’Oréal’s Coloursonic unique?

  • Automated Brush: The device features bristles that operate at 300 times per minute, ensuring consistent and thorough color application.
  • Leak-Proof Valve System: Prevents mess ensuring even distribution of the hair color.
  • Sustainable Cartridges: Each cartridge offers up to three uses, reducing plastic waste.
  • Ergonomic Design: Easy-to-handle, providing a comfortable and efficient coloring experience.
  • Paraben and Ammonia-Free Formulas: Cartridges contain hair-friendly ingredients, offering healthier coloring options.
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Key Patents behind L’Oréal’s Coloursonic

We’ve analysed the key patents behind L’Oréal’s Coloursonic. Explore the summary below to uncover the innovative features and cutting-edge technology that make this at-home hair coloring device a game changer!

The patent, US2024172858A1, details the innovative structure of L’Oréal’s Coloursonic device. This device features advanced formulation delivery systems, including a reusable handle, a dispensing assembly with a pump and nozzle and a controller. The system uses cartridges with a refillable body and a formulation refill unit, allowing for efficient and precise dispensing of hair formulations. The image below is the schematic view of a formulation delivery system.

The patent, US2023232965A1, discloses a system which automatically determines the hair characteristic of the user based on signals from a formulation delivery device, which indicate the application of one or more formulation products dispensed by the device. The image below illustrates the side section view of the formulation delivery device.

The patent, US11896102B2, describes a valve system for a hair color formula cartridge to prevent leakage during multiple uses. It includes a valve body, valve cap and a compressed valve plug with a central bore. This system is welded to a packet containing the hair color formula and can be used in a cartridge for the dispensing device. The image below is the illustration of a dispensing device and a formula cartridge along with the diagrammatical detailed view illustration of the valve system.

As L’Oréal’s Coloursonic enters the market, it faces competition from other brands like Madison Reed and eSalon, which also offer at-home hair coloring solutions. However, Coloursonic sets itself apart with its automated brush technology, leak-proof valve system and sustainable multi-use cartridges. This unique combination of features ensures precise, mess-free and eco-friendly application, making salon-quality results accessible at home. Coloursonic has the potential to transform the at-home hair coloring industry by combining convenience, innovation and sustainability.

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