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Lori Greiner’s patent portfolio has 146 patents that belong to 75 unique patent families. Her patents belong to design, container, jewellery storage system, etc.

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Countries in which Lori Greiner Filed Patents

United States Of America110
United Kingdom6
Hong Kong (S.A.R.)2

What Technologies are covered by Lori Greiner’s Patents?

Lori Greiner Patent Technology Area

Patents related to Design relates to unique or ornamental designs of Cosmetic Holder, Handbag, Cutlery, Swivel Organizer, Garment Hanger, Jewellery Storage box, Candle cover, Vanity Table, and Make-up Organizer.

Container related patents points to Decorative container, methods for decorating a container, and containers for candle.

Patents related to Jewellery Storage System indicates jewellery organizer for storing all types of types of jewellery, a jewellery chest and box for storing jewellery having a number of compartments to store jewellery items of various configurations, and A jewellery holder with at least two movable and interchangeable stands and a base.

Vanity Table relates to a vanity table organizer that includes multiple compartments for storing jewellery, and cosmetic in an efficient manner, and other configurations of a vanity table which is use to make it more user friendly and efficient.

Patents related to Bag are basically related to a compartmentalized handbag and a travel bag.

US6158578A-Jewelry holder with at least two movable and interchangeable stands, the most cited patent of Lori Greiner relates to a jewellery holder featuring at least two interchangeable and movable stands as well as a base. The base might be a box with a slidable drawer into which a ring holder platform could be fitted. The base contains a number of grooves that can be used to hold jewellery supports. The jewellery stands come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

10 Best Lori Greiner Patents

US6158578A is the most popular patent in the Lori Greiner’s portfolio. It has received 46 citations so far from companies like Automed Technologies, Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. and Jinyun Xinyang Arts And Crafts.

Publication NumberCitation Count

List of Lori Greiner Patents?

Lori Greiner PatentsTitle
DE102005012583B4Jewellery storage system
USD667589S1Cosmetic holder
USD667238S1Swivel oval mirror without stand and interior
USD667237S1Swivel oval mirror with stand
USD667236S1Swivel oval mirror without stand
USD667235S1Swivel oval mirror with stand and interior
US8029076B2Jewellery cabinet
USD643216S1Cosmetic organizer
USD642741S1Cosmetic holder
USD634476S1Cosmetic holder
US7905426B1Fragrance emitting snow globe
USD630800S1Cosmetic holder
USD630799S1Cosmetic holder
DE602006012162D1Swivel organizer for storing vanity items e.g. makeup items, has base that is attached to bottom wall by using swivel joint to allow cabinet to rotate at predetermined degree with respect to base
EP1803367B1Swivel organizer
US7651178B2Jewellery cabinet
USD592423S1Swivel charging station
USD591973S1Swivel organizer
USD591080S1Swivel charging station
USD591081S1Swivel organizer
USD591077S1Swivel organizer
USD590631S1Swivel organizer
USD590629S1Swivel organizer
USD590628S1Swivel organizer
USD590627S1Swivel organizer
USD589722S1Swivel organizer
USD588375S1Swivel organizer
USD588374S1Swivel organizer
USD587930S1Swivel organizer
USD587929S1Swivel organizer
USD587928S1Swivel organizer
USD587927S1Swivel organizer
USD587925S1Swivel organizer
USD587487S1Swivel organizer
USD587486S1Swivel organizer
US7490914B2Jewellery organizer
USD579689S1Swivel organizer
USD577525S1Vanity organizer
USD577233S1Vanity organizer
USD577232S1Vanity organizer
USD577225S1Vanity organizer
USD576424S1Swivel organizer
USD576425S1Swivel organizer
USD571579S1Swivel organizer
USD569658S1Swivel organizer
USD569659S1Swivel organizer
USD569129S1Swivel organizer
USD566964S1Travel organizer
USD566986S1Closet organizer
USD560069S1Handbag with exterior pouch
USD558482S1Swivel organizer
USD557892S1Vanity handbag
USD557930S1Swivel organizer
USD557939S1Swivel organizer
USD557517S1Swivel organizer
USD557518S1Swivel organizer
USD552349S1Travel organizer
USD551472S1Closet organizer
USD551473S1Closet organizer
GB2412293BJewellery cabinet
USD547579S1Closet organizer
USD547471S1Candle cover
USD545459S1Candle cover
USD544969S1Candle cover
USD543295S1Candle cover
USD543294S1Candle cover
USD542439S1Candle cover
USD542438S1Candle cover
USD540583S1Closet organizer
USD539580S1Closet organizer
US7182416B1Jewellery organizer
US7182231B1Garment hanger
US7147291B1Jewellery chest and box with slidable features
USD528840S1Jewellery storage container
US7052098B1Jewellery chest and box with slidable features
USD510189S1Organizer box
GB2401306BJewellery organizer
GB2400017BJewellery organizer
USD502327S1Garment hanger
USD502326S1Garment hanger
USD502012S1Garment hanger
GB2400016BJewellery organizer
GB2386315BJewellery organizer
GB2400018BJewellery organizer
US6595609B1Jewellery chest and box with slidable features
US6325211B1Decorative container and method for decorating a container
US6253918B1Decorative container and method for decorating a container
US6158578AJewellery holder with at least two movable and interchangeable stands
USD418947S1Make-up organizer
USD395768S1Jewellery holder
US5762184AJewellery holder with at least one movable stand
USD394762S1Jewellery holder
US20140217867A1Swivel organizer
US20130312784A1Cosmetic organizer
US20110256328A1Three-dimensional decoration kit
US20110121697A1Swivel organizer
HK1110755A1Swivel organizer
US20090121593A1Vanity organizer table
WO2007047415A3Closet organizer
WO2008076789A3Tri-fold mirror swivel organizer
WO2008070719A9Tri-fold mirror organizer
EP1942777A2Closet organizer
CN101208025AConfigurable travel accessory
US20080143222A1Tri-fold mirror swivel organizer
CN101199380AThree-folded-mirror rotary settling apparatus
US20080129163A1Tri-fold mirror organizer
US20080129171A1Jewellery organizer
WO2008030848A1Furniture storage unit
US20080054770A1Furniture storage unit
EP1767847A3Candle system comprising a container for storing items
EP1885214A2Configurable travel accessory
HK1085892A1Jewellery cabinet
CN101112266ACompartmentalized handbag
US20070284979A1Jewellery organizer
WO2006102585A3Configurable travel accessory
US20070267114A1Compartmentalized vanity handbag
EP1852030A1Compartmentalized vanity handbag
EP1810591A1Vanity organizer system
CN101002645ADressing management system
US20070164643A1Vanity organizer system
CN1989872ARotary arranging box
US20070145868A1Swivel organizer
US20070080120A1Closet organizer
WO2006058283A3Candle cover
EP1712149A1Travel bag with means for coupling the flap to the telescoping handle
US20060207697A1Configurable travel accessory
US20060210940A1Candle system
US20060196744A1Discrete organizers for a travel bag
US20060115781A1Candle cover
AU2002250500A8Decorative container, e.g. beverage mug, used for displaying items, e.g. decorative objects, in internal cavities, includes removable member allowing access to hollow region, and removable dividers defining hollow cavities
US20030189052A1Decorative container
US20030146678A1Jewellery organizer
US20030094457A1Decorative apparatus for displaying items
WO2002081314A3Decorative container and lid
US20020139804A1Decorative container
WO2001089340A3Jewellery chest and box with slidable features
AU200164752AJewellery chest and box with slidable features
WO1999000005A1Jewellery holder with at least two movable and interchangeable stands

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Updated on April 21, 2022

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