Sweden 100 Most Innovative Companies – 2023

Sweden is amongst the global leaders in innovation, with companies constantly pushing boundaries and developing new technologies. Here, we explore the top 100 companies in Sweden, ranked by the number of patents published for the year 2023.

RankCompanyPatent CountHQ CountrySector
5Philips3199NetherlandsConsumer Electronics
7Robert Bosch1563GermanyAutomotive
8General Electric1523United StatesConglomerate
10Electrolux1365SwedenConsumer Electronics
12Hoechst1324GermanyChemicals Manufacturing
13IBM1244United StatesInformation Technology
14Western Electric1240United StatesElectrical Engineering
15Atlas Copco992SwedenIndustrial Gases
16RCA883United StatesConsumer Electronics
17Imperial Chemical Industries853United KingdomChemicals Manufacturing
20Bofors771SwedenArms Manufacturing
21Tetra Laval699SwitzerlandFood & Beverage Packaging
22Unilever692NetherlandsConsumer Goods
24Union Carbide649United StatesChemicals Manufacturing
25BASF632GermanyChemicals Manufacturing
26Colgate-Palmolive632United StatesConsumer Goods
27Westinghouse Electric574United StatesNuclear Technology
28Telia Company572SwedenTelecommunications
29DuPont569United StatesChemicals Manufacturing
30Dow563United StatesChemicals Manufacturing
31Shell560NetherlandsOil & Gas
32Volvo Truck552SwedenTruck Manufacturing
34AMP Inc523United StatesConsumer Electronics
35Husqvarna515SwedenMachine Industry
36Valmet513FinlandPaper Manufacturing
37Merck481United StatesPharmaceuticals
38Danfoss473DenmarkElectrical Engineering
39SCA468SwedenPaper Manufacturing
40Alfa Laval463SwedenHeat Transfer, Separation, Fluid Handling
41AGA AB459SwedenIndustrial Gases
42Stora Enso432FinlandForestry Industry
43ABB Fläkt431SwedenIndustrial Gases
44Rhone Poulenc428FrancePharmaceuticals
45Saab Scania420SwedenVehicle Manufacturing
48Dynamit Nobel374GermanyChemicals Manufacturing
49Evonik Degussa369GermanyChemicals Manufacturing
50Procter & Gamble369United StatesConsumer Goods
52Alfred Teves Gmbh350GermanyAutomotive
53Xerox341United StatesDigital Printing
55Monsanto339United StatesAgrochemical
56SKF338SwedenBearings and Seals Technology
57Saab Ab334SwedenAerospace & Defence
59United Technologies320United StatesConglomerate
60MAN SE319GermanyAutomotive
61American Cyanamid310United StatesChemicals Manufacturing
62DeLaval Holdings299SwedenDairy Industry
63Zf Friedrichshafen Ag297GermanyAutomotive
64Illinois Tool Works296United StatesIndustrial Products Manufacturing
65Henkel296GermanyChemicals Manufacturing
66Boliden294SwedenMetallurgy & Mining
67Mo Och Domsjo290SwedenForestry Industry
68Tetra Pak288SwedenFood & Beverage Packaging
69Eli Lilly & Co288United StatesPharmaceuticals
70Dart Industries279United StatesFood & Beverage Packaging
71Perstorp Ab277SwedenChemicals Manufacturing
72Sumitomo Chemical276JapanChemicals Manufacturing
73Akerlund & Rausing272SwedenFood & Beverage Packaging
74Motorola268United StatesTelecommunications
75Rockwell International268United StatesAutomotive
76Texaco Dev264United StatesOil & Gas
78The Goodyear Tire & Rubber261United StatesTire & Rubber Manufacturing
79United Aircraft259United StatesAerospace
80UOP258United StatesPetroleum Industry
81Michelin253FranceTyre Manufacturing
83Hilti249LiechtensteinConstruction Products Manufacturing
84Metallgesellschaft249GermanyChemicals Manufacturing
85Marconi Company248United KingdomTelecommunications
86Dunlop248United KingdomTyre Manufacturing
87Seco Tools247SwedenMachine Industry
88Hughes Aircraft244United StatesAerospace
89BP Chemicals235United KingdomChemicals Manufacturing
90Sunds Defibrator Industries231SwedenMachine Industry
91Knorr Bremse230GermanyAutomotive
92Borg Warner229United StatesAutomotive
93Snamprogetti227ItalyOil & Gas
94Kalle227GermanyIndustrial Products Manufacturing
95Sulzer224SwitzerlandFluid Engineering
96Studsvik222SwedenNuclear Technology
97Bendix Corporation221United StatesAutomotive
98PPG219United StatesChemicals Manufacturing
99Montedison218ItalyChemicals Manufacturing
100Stamicarbon211NetherlandsChemicals Manufacturing

Key Findings:

The list top 100 companies filing most patents in Sweden reveals the diverse innovation landscape in the country;

Telecommunications and Electronics: Siemens (ranked 1st) and Ericsson (ranked 3rd) indicate innovations in telecommunications, network systems and consumer electronics.

Automotive and Transportation: Scania (ranked 2nd), Volvo (ranked 19th) and Volvo Truck (ranked 34th) demonstrate focus on vehicle design, engine technology and innovations in electric vehicles and autonomous driving.

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare: Presence of renowned players like AstraZeneca (ranked 10th) and Bayer (ranked 12th) showcase focus on drug discovery, medical devices and healthcare technologies.

Energy and Electrical Engineering: ABB (ranked 5th), Western Electric (ranked 15th) and Brown Boveri (ranked 28th) highlight innovations in power systems, renewable energy solutions and smart grid technologies.

Industrial and Machine Engineering: Companies like Sandvik (ranked 7th), Atlas Copco (ranked 16th) and Illinois Tool Works (ranked 66th) suggest innovations in tools, machinery and industrial processes.

Chemicals Manufacturing: Firms such as BASF (ranked 26th), DuPont (ranked 31st), Sumitomo Chemical (ranked 74th) and BP Chemicals (ranked 91th) indicate a focus on chemical engineering and sustainable material technologies.

Consumer Electronics: Philips (ranked 4th) and Electrolux’s (ranked 11th) presence suggests innovations in consumer electronic products.

Information Technology: IBM (ranked 14th) in the dataset indicate innovations in computing technologies, software and artificial intelligence.

Insights & Takeaways:

  • The Swedish patent landscape is both globally connected and constantly evolving.
  • On the basis of the diverse technological and innovation landscape in Sweden, it can be deduced that innovation is not limited to established companies as new players have made their space in the list.
  • The dataset demonstrates significant patent activity in specific sectors such as telecommunications, consumer electronics, automotive and pharmaceuticals.

This data underscores the country’s role as global innovation leader but also highlights the diverse sectors driving its technological advancements. The presence of both local and international firms showcases Sweden’s competitive industrial environment and positions it as a key player for future technological and economic growth.

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