United Kingdom Most Innovative Companies – 2023

The United Kingdom’s innovation landscape is vibrant and evolving, demonstrated by a notable 4.2% increase in patent applications at the European Patent Office in 2023. (Source) This surge in patent filings by British companies and inventors highlights the country’s strong commitment to innovation and technological advancement. Consistently ranked among the top 5 in the Global Innovation Index (GII) over the last five years, the UK secured the 4th position in the GII 2023, according to the latest data from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), maintaining this rank for the fourth consecutive year. (Source) This ranking provides a benchmark, offering insights into the state of innovation in the UK and serves as a valuable snapshot for UK’s innovation dynamics.

United Kingdom based Innovative Companies

RankCompanyPatent CountHQ CountrySector
1Coconutgrass1892United KingdomGifting Company
2Red Ocean International1100United KingdomRetail
3Miim Media895United KingdomInformation Technology (IT)
4Vision Bros Ltd830United KingdomSoftware
5Jaguar Land Rover661United KingdomAutomotive
6Dyson Tech558United KingdomSmart Home Solutions
7Nicoventures Trading467United KingdomTrading
8Rolls Royce299United KingdomAutomotive
9Games Workshop297United KingdomBoard Game Company
10Frizkey Ltd265United KingdomMerchant Wholesalers
11Arm Ltd253United KingdomSemiconductor
12Print Britannia239United KingdomPrinting Services
13BAE Systems236United KingdomAerospace
14Imagination Technologies214United KingdomSemiconductor
15Ocado Innovation193United KingdomE-commerce
16Dreibach Ltd180United KingdomRetail
17Art Workers Ltd170United KingdomArt
18Ventures Premier Ltd167United KingdomInvestment
19Platinum Corp167United KingdomCorporate
20F&F Stores Ltd167United KingdomRetail
21British Telecommunications160United KingdomTelecommunications
22Affargo Ltd148United KingdomLogistics
23Henchman Ltd140United KingdomRetail
24Making Man Trading140United KingdomTrading
25Triangle Partners Ltd140United KingdomConsultancy
26Mossodor134United KingdomLighting
27Tala Energy128United KingdomInterior Lighting
28Maritime Merchandise127United KingdomRetail
29Wilton Bradley125United KingdomConsumer Products
30Searchlight Electric124United KingdomInterior Lighting
31Dynergy Ltd123United KingdomRetail
32Aleaty Ltd120United KingdomRetail
33Porta Romana Ltd115United KingdomInterior Lighting
34Dewra Ltd110United KingdomNetworking Technology
35V-Nova109United KingdomSoftware
36Ultimat Defence107United KingdomDefense
37Johnson Matthey107United KingdomChemicals Manufacturing
38Le Toy Van103United KingdomToy Manufacturing
39A Creative Cog101United KingdomDesign Services
40Edwards Ltd99United KingdomVacuum Pump & Exhaust Gas Management System Manufacturer
41Sc Goods Ltd99United KingdomRetail
42Hll Ip98United KingdomIntellectual Property
43Crafted Online Ltd98United KingdomE-commerce
44Jfa Medical Ltd98United KingdomHealthcare Products
45Kies Home Ltd98United KingdomRetail
46Anra Deals96United KingdomRetail
47Etail Tech96United KingdomE-commerce
48Coral Sanitary Uk94United KingdomManufacturing
49Corston91United KingdomRetail
50E-Comerst Mart90United KingdomE-commerce
51Prevayl Innovations Limited89United KingdomHealthcare

Key Findings:

The list of top 50 companies based in United Kingdom filing most patents in United Kingdom reveals the diverse innovation landscape in the country;

Technology: Represented by tech giants like Dyson Tech (ranked 6th) and Arm Ltd (ranked 11th).

Automotive: Illustrated by Jaguar Land Rover (ranked 5th) and Rolls Royce (ranked 8th).

Telecommunications: Demonstrated by British Telecommunications (ranked 21st).

Gaming: Indicated by Games Workshop (ranked 9th).

Healthcare: Represented by Jfa Medical Ltd (ranked 44th).

Retail: Illustrated by F&F Stores Ltd (ranked 20th).

Insights and Takeaways:

  • Unexpectedly, companies like Coconutgrass and Red Ocean International leading the list of top innovators, potentially indicate the focus on specific innovations in the gifting and retail domain.
  • The top 10 companies account for a large proportion of total patents, highlighting a concentration of innovation efforts among the leading firms.
  • Presence of emerging companies with around 100 patents such as Le Toy Van (ranked 38th) and A Creative Cog (ranked 39th) suggest that these players may become significant innovators in near future.

Foreign Innovative Companies in United Kingdom

RankCompanyPatent CountHQ CountrySector
1Nike Innovate993United StatesFootwear
2Apple775United StatesConsumer Electronics
3IBM717United StatesInformation Technology (IT)
4Pierre Balmain Sas558FranceFashion
5Changsha Osun Supply Chain Management519ChinaSupply Chain
6Nokia403FinlandPhysical and Biological R&D
7Halliburton Energy Services383United StatesEnergy
8Samsung Electronics289South KoreaConsumer Electronics
9Canon287JapanOptical Imaging
10K Mart276United StatesRetail
11Eglo Leuchten Gmbh276AustriaInterior Lighting
12Motional Ad Llc266United StatesAutonomous Vehicle Manufacturing
13Sony Interactive Entertainment247United StatesDigital Entertainment
14Cirrus Logic239United StatesSemiconductor
15Mercury Prod Ltd220United StatesIndustrial Machinery Manufacturing
16Lg Display208South KoreaElectronics
17Melb Molds Llc200United StatesManufacturing
18Airbus Operations185FranceAerospace
19Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations Llc174United StatesOil & Gas
20Huawei167ChinaInformation & Communication Technology (ICT)
21Hk Hongmei Trading Co Ltd160Hong KongAutomobile Repair & Replacement
22Guangdong Brunp Recycling Tech140ChinaRecycling
23Hunan Brunp Recycling Tech Co Ltd138ChinaRecycling
24Fisher-Rosemount Syst Inc134United StatesConsultancy
25Caterpillar126United StatesConstruction & Mining Equipment Manufacturing
26Nchain Licensing Ag124SwitzerlandBlockchain
27Traxxas121United StatesAutomotive
28PING119United StatesGolf Equipment Manufacturing
29Deere & Co118United StatesAgriculture Equipment
30Cambridge Mechatronics117United StatesElectronics Manufacturing
31Nvidia115United StatesSoftware
32Foshan Hongxi Trading Co Ltd113ChinaTrading
33Boe Tech Grp Co Ltd112ChinaBiotechnology
34Snap On110United StatesTransportation Tools Manufacturing
35Airbnb109United StatesHospitality
36Zebra Tech Corp108United StatesMobile Computing
37Continental Automotive Tech Gmbh102GermanyAutomotive
38Landmark Graphics102United StatesSoftware
39Illinois Tool Works101United StatesIndustrial Machinery Manufacturing
40Suzhou Iknit Fashion Design100ChinaFashion
41Kohler99United StatesPlumbing Products Manufacturer
42Kimberly Clark98United StatesConsumer Goods
43Google98United StatesTechnology
44Wonderland Switzerland96SwitzerlandRetail
45Honeywell96United StatesTechnology
46Eaton Intelligent Power92United StatesEnergy
47Schlumberger Tech90NetherlandsOilfield Services Company
48Skechers Us89United StatesFootwear
49Mercedes Benz88GermanyAutomotive

Key Findings:

The list of most innovative foreign companies filing most patents in United Kingdom reveals the diverse innovation landscape in the country;

Technology: Represented by tech giants like Apple (ranked 2nd), IBM (ranked 3rd), Samsung Electronics (ranked 8th), Canon (ranked 9th), Nvidia (ranked 31st) and Google (ranked 43rd).

Automotive: Illustrated by Traxxas (ranked 27th), Continental Automotive Tech Gmbh (ranked 37th) and Mercedes Benz (ranked 49th).

Consumer Goods & Retail: Demonstrated by Nike Innovate (ranked 1st) and K Mart (Ranked 10th).

Energy: Indicated by Halliburton Energy Services (ranked 7th), Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations LLC (ranked 19th) and Schlumberger Tech (ranked 47th).

This data underscores the country’s role as global innovation leader but also highlights the diverse sectors driving its technological advancements. These insights provide a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape of innovation across various industries in United Kingdom, showcasing both established giants and emerging players.

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