Adidas CEO Adolf Dassler Patents – Key Insights and Stats

Adolf “Adi” Dassler created the German sportswear firm Adidas. He was a cobbler, inventor, and entrepreneur. Adi Dassler developed the world’s largest manufacturer of sportswear and equipment as a result of his ideas and creations.

Adi Dassler was a keen observer as well as an accomplished and active athlete. He realised that each discipline’s participants lacked specialised footwear. This was, in his opinion, a drawback. His theory was that if an athlete wore shoes that were specifically designed for their sport, they would undoubtedly perform better. Adi was certain that properly built shoes would boost sports performance. From that point on, he aspired to assist athletes in improving their performance, and Adidas was formed.

Adolf Dassler has received various awards for his work. In 1968, he received the German Order of Merit, First Class, and in 1974, he received the Bavarian Order of Merit. In 1978, he was the first non-American to be inducted into the National Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame.

Adolf Dassler’s portfolio has 248 patents that belong to 187 unique patent families.

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Adolf Dassler Patents Portfolio

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Adolf Dassler Worldwide Patents

Countries in which Adolf Dassler Filed Patents

United States Of America18
United Kingdom3
South Africa3
Soviet Union (USSR)1

10 Best Adolf Dassler Patents

US3341952A is the most popular patent in the Adolf Dassler portfolio. It has received 96 citations so far from companies like Nike, Reebok and Comfort Products, Inc.

Below is the list of 10 most cited patents of Adolf Dassler:

Publication NumberCitation Count

List of Adolf Dassler Patents

Publication NumberTitle
USD255617S1Athletic Shoe
US4180923AOutsole For Sport Shoes
US3888026ARunning Sole For Sports Shoe
US3742622ASports Shoes
US2104973AGalvanic Battery
US3224117ASport Shoes, Especially For Runners
US2131592AElectric Battery, Particularly Secondary Battery, And Method Of Operating The Same
US2934581AElectrodes For Alkaline Accumulators
US3859739AGripper Elements For Sports Shoes
US3911600AExchangeable Gripper Element
US4134220ASports Shoes
US4100685ASports Shoe
US3341952ASport Shoe, Especially For Football
US3808713ARunning Sole Of Flexible Synthetic Material For Sports Shoes
US3750209AMethod Of Forming A Shoe Lining
US3284931ASport Shoe
US3156987ASport Shoe
US3967392AGripper Elements For Sports Shoes
DE1998909UFootball Boot
DE1877400USports Shoe, In Particular Jump Shoe.
DE1807851UProtection Against Damage Caused By Sports Shoes With Thorns.
DE1031182BSports Shoe, In Particular Racing Shoes Or Football Boots
DE1685275A1Sports Shoe, In Particular Football Boot
DE7008252UFootwear, In Particular Sports Shoe.
DE1918613USports Shoe, In Particular Football Shoe.
DE2805426A1Sprinting Shoe Sole Of Polyamide – Has Stability Increased By Moulded Lateral Support Portions
DE2520797B2Sports Shoe, In Particular Tennis Shoe
DE1967656UContainerboard For Sports Equipment, Especially Sports Shoes.
DE2239824A1Outsoles For Sports Shoes, In Particular Racing Shoes
DE801897BRace Shoe With Thorns
DE2717910A1Sports Shoe Sole Which Grips Synthetic Grass – Has Numerous Small Studs On Sole Each With Longitudinal Ribs And Grooves For Non-Slip Effect
DE816510CSports Shoe, Especially For Ice Hockey And Football
DE2535623A1Sport Shoe Having Hard Plastic Sole With Studs – Arranged On Strips Detachable From The Sole
DE1899722UFootball Boot.
DE7034182USports Shoe, In Particular Jump Shoe.
DE1929942UGoalkeeper Glove.
DE2162456A1Sports Shoe, In Particular Football Halbschuh
DE2659586A1Heel Plate For Cross-Country Ski – Has Short Upwardly Projecting Studs Preventing Ski Boot Heel Slipping Off Plate
DE1874425USportschuh, Especially Running Shoe And Jumping Shoe.
DE2533622A1Ventilated Sports Shoe Esp. For Tennis – Has Ventilation Holes In Sole In Area Of Ball Of Foot
DE1962818UScrew-In Studs For Sports Shoes, Especially Football Shoes.
DE2400473A1Gripping Element, In Particular Studs For Football Shoes
DE7017614USports Shoe Sole, In Particular For Football Shoes.
DE1791938UFootball Shoe.
DE1737733USocket With Through-Threaded Holes For Receiving Studs Carred Down Under The Sole Of A Sports Shoe.
DE1832359UHeel Cap For Shoes, In Particular Sports Shoes.
DE2314627C2Gripping Element For Sports Shoes, Especially Racing Shoes
DE1485639ASports Shoe
DE1014462BSports Shoe, In Particular Rennschuh
DE1869307USport Shoe.
DE2116488A1Profiled Outsole For Sports Shoes
DE817699BFootball Boot
DE1885452UFootball Shoe.
DE2635474B2Sports Shoe, In Particular Tennis Shoe
DE1685271A1Sports Shoe, In Particular Football Boot
DE2654116A1Sports Shoe For Long Distance Hard Track Running – Has Sole With Heel Wedge And Back Extension With Reinforcement
DE2759654B1Pimple Outsole For Sports Shoes
DE6807240USportswear, Especially Sport Pants
DE1973320USports Shoe, Especially Football Shoe.
DE816967BShoe And Process For Its Production
DE2520796A1Tennis Shoe With Profiled Plastics Sole – Whose Front Portion Features Fish Scale Contoured Flat Studs With Inclined Surface
DE7032848USportschuh, Especially For Light Athaltics.
DE801897ARace Shoe With Thorns
DE868859CFootball Boot
DE2022974A1Sports Shoe Sole, Especially For Football Boots
DE2104292C3Method Of Making A Padded Shoe Upper With Partial Upholsterypage 1 — (Bi, Sr)
DE817699AFootball Boot
DE817856CMandrel With Base Plate For Racing Shoes
DE1862723URacing Shoe.
DE2216872B2Outsole Made Of Flexible Plastic For Sports Shoes
DE2225144B2Sports Shoe Spike For Synthetic Tracks – Has Axial Grooves Of Varying Depth To Prevent Embedding In Track
DE1685260A1Sports Shoe, Especially Racing Shoe
DE7006079USports Shoe Sole, In Particular For Football Shoes.
DE1809034USole For Shoes, Especially Sport Shoes With Fasteners, Such As Stollen Or Dornen.
DE2732463A1Sports Shoe Or Football Boot Sole Support – Using Resilient Portion Curved Transversely To Longitudinal Direction Of Sole Into Dish Shape
DE6601859USports Shoe
DE2645963B2Studs For Sports Shoes, In Particular Football Boots
DE1899352USport Shoe With Replaceable Preferably Arranged On The Outsole Studs.
DE1960926A1Sports Shoe, In Particular For Tennis
DE2657100A1Sports Shoe Sale For Long Distance Running – Has Profiled Studs With Flat Ends For Even Pressure Distribution
DE2202934A1Sports Shoe
DE1695594UStuds Or Or And Outsole For Football Boots.
DE2312198A1Sports Shoe, In Particular Tennis Shoe
DE1797088UFootball Boot.
DE2360334A1Sportschuh, Especially Tennis Shoe
DE2107447B2Sports Shoe With Molded Outsole
DE2652055A1Football Boots With Increased Friction Kicking Surfaces – Has Fine Rubber Projections On Sides Of Upper Either Integrally Moulded Or On Attached Strip
DE2835178A1Sports Shoe For Hard Running Tracks – Has Specially Shaped Heel With Indentation For High Degree Of Load Absorption
DE2602310A1Sports Shoe, In Particular Tennis Shoe
DE2116487B2Sports Shoe With Profiled Outsole
DE915907CRennschuh Dorn
DE2216874A1Replaceable Dorn For Sports Shoes
DE7027372USport Shoe.
DE817857ASports Shoe
DE1973321USports Shoe, In Particular Football Shoe.
DE1685269ASports Shoe, In Particular Football Boot
DE1923422A1Sport Shoe With Interchangeable Spikes
DE2657099A1Ski Boot For Long Runs With Elastic E.G. Polyamide Sole – Has Weakened Zones In Front Section Extending Between Ball Of Foot And Joint
DE2618655A1Nonskid Sole For Sports Boot – Has Tetrahedron-Shaped Studs With Flat Inclined Surfaces Connecting To Stud Tips
DE809292CFootball Boot
DE2522127A1Sports Shoe With Toe Portion Coated With Wear Resistant Plastics – Reinforced By Glass Fibre Or Carbon Fibre Fabric
DE2706645B2Sports Shoe With Protruding Heel Sole – Has Sharply Inclined Sole Tread Running Up To Lower Edge Of Heel Upper
DE2751146A1Sports Shoe For Use On Hard Ground – Includes Sole With Flexible Part Under Foot Arch, And Harder Heel And Ball Part
DE1963333USportschuh, Especially Football Shoe.
DE830912CFootball Boot
DE2636539A1Perforated Sole Insertion In Sports Shoe – Is Made Of Wear Resistant Plastics And Is Bounded By Continuous Edging Strip
DE2741935A1Football Shoe Preventing Deflection Of The Foot – Increases Accuracy Of Shots And Passes Without Loss Of Flexibility
DE2721336A1Football Boot Outer Sole – Has Studs Of Varying Heights Plus One Large Ring Shaped Stud In Region Of Ball Of Foot
DE809143CSports Shoe, In Particular Football Boots
DE1930740USports Shoe, In Particular Football Shoe.
DE1939526USports Shoe, In Particular Football Shoes And Jump Shoe.
DE1776337USports Shoe, In Particular Racing Shoes Or Football Boots.
DE2622966B1Cross-Country Ski Boot And Ski Binding For This
DE2812760B1Sports Shoe, In Particular Soccer Shoe
DE916816CAttaching A Racing Shoe Mandrel On Sole Leather
DE1929503UGoalkeeper Glove.
DE2113143A1Sports Shoes With Molded Outsole
DE1899338UIn Order To Perform Continuous, Activities And Certain Sports Shoe, Especially Racing Shoe.
DE1849642USportschuh, Especially Football Shoe.
DE2606800A1Sports Shoe For Running Games, Especially Football Shoe
DE1623153USports Shoe, In Particular Racing Shoe.
DE816511CSports Shoe For Football Sports O. The Like.
DE2443283A1Racing Shoe For Plastics-Covered Sports Ground Or Track – For Permanent Grip In Region Of Ball Of Foot And Toes And Optimum Sprinting Effect
DE816967AShoe And Process For Its Production
DE2535624B1Plastic Outsole For Sports Shoes, Especially Racing Shoes
DE2404803A1Sports Shoe, In Particular Tennis Shoe
DE2225143A1Gripping Element For Sports Shoes, Particularly Racing Shoes
DE1694270UCap For Sports, In Particular Football Boots.
DE2208110A1Sports Shoe, In Particular Football Halbschuh
DE1939107UGlove, In Particular Goalkeeper Glove.
DE2801964B2Outsole For Sports Shoes
DE918250CSport Shoe And Process For Its Preparation
DE2803552A1Ski Boot For Cross Country Skiing Including Walking – Has Front Sole Extension With Recess In Flexible Link Area
DE1675439USports Shoe, In Particular Football Boots.
DE816512CRace Shoe O. The Like. And Method For Producing The Same
DE1825445USportschuhmit In Particular With Gum-Existing Camsole.
DE1928411ULiner For Footwear, In Particular Sports Footwear.
DE820707CRace Shoe And Thorn With Base Plate For The Same
DE801898CRunning Shoe
DE1794640USportschuh, Especially Running Shoe Or Football Boots.
DE1133277BSports Shoe With Attachments Attached To The Outsole
DE1233751ASports Shoe, Especially Racing Shoe
DE2607628A1Lower Leg Guard For Football Players – Has Stiffened Foam Rubber Shin And Calf Guards Combined Into One Piece
DE2220524A1Sport Shoe For Running And Jumping Competitions
DE2202935A1Sports Shoe
DE2152465A1Shoe, In Particular Sports Shoe For Jumping Competitions
DE2157413A1A Method For Manufacturing A Shoe, Particularly Sport Shoe
DE2164217A1Sports Shoe
DE2161928A1Sports Shoes With Molded Outsole
DE1906925UHockey Boots.
DE1927532ULiner For Footwear, In Particular Sports Footwear.
DE822512CProcess For The Manufacture Of Shoes, In Particular For Sports Purposes And Shoe Produced By This Method
CA1002750AExchangeable Gripper Element
CA832211ASports Shoe, In Particular A Football Shoe
CA1051656ASports Shoe
CA782215ASport Shoe, Especially For Football
CA1078176ASports Shoes
CA975555ARunning Sole Of Flexible Synthetic Material For Sports Shoes
CA1016742AGripper Elements For Sports Shoes
CA947011AMethod Of Forming A Shoe Lining
CA1068900AOutsole For Sport Shoe
CA1002312AGripper Elements For Sports Shoes
CA707929ASport Shoe
CA605695ASport Shoes
CA586560AMethod And Means For Securing Cleats And Spikes On Sport Shoes
CA1062457ASports Shoe
CA730373ASport Shoe
CA764658ASport Shoes, Especially For Runners
AU1973054245A1A Running Sole For A Sport Shoe
AU285346BAthletics Shoes
AU1978033929A1Outsole For Sport Shoe
AU272095BSports Shoe
AU230058BA Sport Shoe, Particularly A Racing, Soccer, Or Ice Hockey Shoe
AU420411BSports Shoe, In Particular A Football Shoe
AU1973055742A1Gripper Elements For Sports Shoes
AU1978038028A1Sports Shoe
AU1967023176A1Sport Shoe, Especially For Football
AU276770BSport Shoe
AU1974069722A1Athletic Shoe
AU294167BSport Shoe, Especially For Football
AU1974070471A1Sole For Shoes
AU1977021591A1Sports Shoe
AU1969061764A1Sports Footwear
FR1346516ASport Shoe
FR1528950ASports Shoe Especially Running Shoe
FR1439799ASports Shoe Sole Plastic, Preferably Nylon
FR1451216ASports Ball
FR1368621ASport Shoe
FR1455785ASports Shoe Upper, In Particular Running Shoe
FR1525554AA Stud For Sports Boots Or Shoes
FR1183553ASports Shoes, Especially Running Shoes, Football Shoes Or Ice Hockey Skates
FR1345900ASports Boot Or Shoe
FR983850AFootwear And Method For Making It
FR1557510ASports Shoe, In Particular A Football Shoe
FR1416431ASports Shoe, Especially For Ice Hockey
FR1406328AFootball Shoe
NO19780233ASole For Sports Shoes.
CH626517A5Outsole For Sports Shoe
TW022664USnail Element Of Sports Shoes
CH431324AShoe Tongue For Covering The Lace Opening Of Sports Shoes
CH427566AFootball Boot
FI60113BOuter Sole For Sports Shoes
AT248288BReplaceable Spine For Sports Shoes
CH421754ASport Boots, Especially For Ice Hockey
TW025592SSports Sole / Fordeli Sneakers
AT195802BDevice For Attaching Blocks Or Thorns To Sports Shoes
CH431323ASports Shoe, In Particular Football Shoe
AT248916BSports Shoe, Especially Racing Shoe
DD134044A5Outsole For Sports Shoes
SU948281A3Sole For Sport Footwear
CH401746ASport Shoe
AT296818BSports Shoe, Especially Racing Shoe
AT246604BFootball Boot
FIM197800500001SProfiled Shoe Sole
GB1151306AA Stud For Sports Boots Or Shoes
FIM197800490001SProfiled Shoe Sole
AT247747BFresh Airships
NO19781821ASports Shoes, Especially Football Boots.
CH475729ASports Shoe, In Particular A Football Shoe
TW024737SSneakers With Protruding Backs
DD136450A5Sportschuh, Especially Football Shoe
FI17321AGalvanic Element, Especially Electric Accumulator
CH331827ASports Shoe, In Particular Racing Shoe Or Football Boots
AT295352BSport Shoe, Especially Football Shoe
DK105256CSports Footwear.
GB1263960ASports Footwear
CH314756AImprovements In Or Relating To Alkaline Electrlc Accumulators
FI782213ASports Shoe, Especially Football Shoe
GB1223066ASports Boot Or Shoe
AT270447BSports Shoe, In Particular Football Shoe
SE7800827LRunning Shoe For Sports Shoes
CH427567ASport Shoes, Especially For Runners
AT208263BOutsole For Sports Shoes
FI40868CSports Footwear
ZA195202967BPositive And Negative Electrodes For Alkaline Accumulators
ZA196205265BSpark Shoe
ZA196304745BSport Shoe

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