Homer Stryker Patents – Key Insights and Stats

Homer Hartman Stryker founded Stryker Corporation, as an American orthopedic surgeon, inventor, and businessman. His inventions improved orthopedic care, patient comfort, and the efficiency of medical personnel.

He created Orthopedic Frame Company Inc. in 1946 to produce and sell his ideas, despite the fact that his hospital bed had yet to receive a patent. Homer Stryker resigned from medicine in 1964, and his company changed its name from the ‘Orthopedic Frame Company’ to the ‘Stryker Corporation.’ Since then, the oscillating saw from Stryker has been the tool of choice for removing casts.

The Western Michigan University Alumni Association presented him with the Distinguished Alumni Award in 1970.

Homer Stryker’s portfolio has 15 patents and these all are belong to unique patent families.

How Many Patents did Homer Stryker File Every Year?

Homer Stryker Patents Filing Trend

How many Homer Stryker patents are Alive/Dead?

Worldwide Patents

Homer Stryker Patents Portfolio

How Many Patents did Homer Stryker File in Different Countries?

Homer Stryker Worldwide Patents

Countries in which Homer Stryker Filed Patents

United States Of America12

10 Best Homer Stryker Patents

US3304116A is the most popular patent in the Homer Stryker portfolio. It has received 267 citations so far from companies like General Electric Company, Huntleigh Technology Limited and Hill-Rom Services, Inc.

Below is the list of 10 most cited patents of Homer Stryker:

Publication NumberCitation Count

List of Homer Stryker Patents

Publication NumberTitle
US3214869ACombined Abrading And Vacuum Device
CA460297ACutting Implement
US3178574ALocating Apparatus For Determining The Position Of The Neck Of A Femur Under X-Ray Examination
US3832742AEnd Support For Anterior Bed Frame
US3302218ATurning Frame
US3143110AFoot Holder For A Cast Table
DE1162508BHospital Rotating Bed
US2427580APlaster Cast Cutter
US3304116AMechanical Device
US3139884AOrthopedic Device
US3034152AHospital Bed
US2582511ASurgical Tool For Cutting Graft Skin
US3221744ASurgical Knife
CA836202ATurning Frame

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