ASML Holding Patents – Insights and Stats (Updated 2024)

ASML Holding has a total of 32564 patents globally, out of which 19371 have been granted. Of these 32564 patents, more than 48% patents are active. The United States of America is where ASML Holding has filed the maximum number of patents, followed by Japan and Taiwan. Parallelly, United States of America seems to be the main focused R&D center and also is the origin country of ASML Holding.

ASML Holding was founded in 1984. The company develops, produces, and markets semiconductor manufacturing equipment, specifically machines for the production of chips through lithography.

Do read about some of the most popular patents of ASML Holding which have been covered by us in this article and also you can find ASML Holding patents information, the worldwide patent filing activity and its patent filing trend over the years, and many other stats over ASML Holding patent portfolio.

How many patents does ASML Holding have?

ASML Holding has a total of 32564 patents globally. These patents belong to 5999 unique patent families. Out of 32564 patents, 15930 patents are active.

How Many Patents did ASML Holding File Every Year?

ASML Holding Patent Filing Trend

Are you wondering why there is a drop in patent filing for the last two years? It is because a patent application can take up to 18 months to get published. Certainly, it doesn’t suggest a decrease in the patent filing.

Year of Patents Filing or GrantASML Holding Applications FiledASML Holding Patent Granted

How many ASML Holding patents are Alive/Dead?

Worldwide Patents

ASML Holding Patent Portfolio

How Many Patents did ASML Holding File in Different Countries?

ASML Holding Worldwide Patent Filing

Countries in which ASML Holding Filed Patents

United States Of America7133
South Korea3304
Europe (EPO)2478
Hong Kong14
United Kingdom13

Where are Research Centers of ASML Holding Patents Located?

R&D Centres of ASML Holding

The technology analysis has been done considering the patent data of ASML Holding published during the last 5 years (January 2019 – February 2024)

What key Technologies are covered by ASML Holding Patents?

ASML Holding Patent Technology Area
Photomechanical Treatment Level 2 Distribution

ASML, renowned for its lithography machines, plays a pivotal role in enabling the production of ever-advancing chips that power our daily lives. At the heart of ASML’s success lies its extensive patent portfolio. Let’s explore the diverse technology areas that ASML has covered:

The company has filed maximum of its patents in the field of Photomechanical treatment. US11860548B2 this patent describes a method designed to assess the performance of a manufacturing process used to create features on a substrate, such as a semiconductor chip.

Under Lithography Apparatus, patent US11898601B2 addresses a support table for a lithographic apparatus.

Patentsunder Metrology Apparatus encompasses patents related to a device or system used for metrology, which is the scientific study of measurement. They are essential for quality control, process optimization, and ensuring that products meet specific standards and specifications.

Furthermore, ASML has patents dedicated to Fibre Optic Technology. Some of these patents are about a special kind of fiber optic technology called hollow-core photonic crystal fibers. They explore different aspects of these fibers, like how they can be used to generate broad-spectrum radiation, how to connect them to pressure supply systems, and various optical components related to them.

Interestingly, 2 patents have been filed under Deep Learning technology as well! US11847570B2 this patent talks about recognizing and understanding patterns on a surface, like a semiconductor wafer.

The chart below distributes patents filed by ASML Holding in different countries on the basis of the technology protected in patents. It also represents the markets where ASML Holding thinks it’s important to protect particular technology inventions.

ASML Holding Technology protected in different countries

R&D Focus: How ASML Holding Research Focus Changed Over the Years?

ASML Holding Technology through the years

10 Best ASML Holding Patents

US6611316B2 is the most popular patent in the ASML Holding portfolio. It has received 1224 citations so far from companies like Nikon Corporation, Numerical Technologies Inc and Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

Below is the list of 10 most cited patents of ASML Holding:

Publication NumberCitation Count

How many inventions of other companies were rejected due to ASML Holding patents?

The statistics below share strategic R&D insights. It tells the companies that were trying to protect inventions similar to ASML Holding invention. They couldn’t because ASML Holding had protected those before them.

Examiners at the USPTO referred 2088 ASML Holding patents in 7372 rejections (35 USC § 102 or 35 USC § 103 types).

The top citing companies in the ASML Holding patent portfolio are Carl Zeiss, Nikon and Canon.

List of the Companies whose Patents were rejected citing ASML Holding –

CompanyNumber of Patent Applications that faced Rejection Citing ASML Holding PatentsNumber of Rejections (102 & 103)
Carl Zeiss353884
Nikon Corporation330839
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing246628
Gigaphoton Inc133352
Kla-Tencor Corporation135358
Applied Materials Inc82179
Kioxia Corporation54125
Tokyo Electron Limited4375

Count of 102 and 103 Type Rejections based on ASML Holding Patents

Blocked Patent Applications by ASML Holding

Top ASML Holding Patents used in Rejecting Most Patent Applications

Patent NumberCount of Rejected Applications

What Percentage of ASML Holding US Patent Applications were Granted?

ASML Holding (Excluding its subsidiaries) has filed 796 patent applications at USPTO so far (Excluding Design and PCT applications). Out of these 665 have been granted leading to a grant rate of 89.38%.

Below are the key stats of ASML Holding patent prosecution at the USPTO.

ASML Holding Granted US Patent Applications

Which Law Firms Filed Most US Patents for ASML Holding?

Law FirmTotal ApplicationSuccess rate
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman Llp16294.12%
Paul A Fattibene5399.00%
Cahn & Samuels Llp1100.00%
Dekel Patent Ltd10.00%
Donald J Featherstone1100.00%
Enterprise Law Group Inc10.00%
Mcginn Intellectual Property Law Group Pllc10.00%
Michael Bernadicou10.00%
Osha Bergman Watanabe & Burton Llp10.00%
Richard C Wilder1100.00%
Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox Pllc56971.00%
Sughrue Mion Pllc1100.00%
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati10.00%

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