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Audrey Sherman Patents – Key Insights and Stats

Audrey Sherman has a total of 974 patents that belong to 189 unique patent families. Her patents cover topics related to Adhesives, Films, Medical equipment etc. “Be brave, because you don’t have to know the answer. You’re going to find the answer.” Audrey Sherman graduated from Augsburg College with a

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Lori Greiner Patents – Insights & Stats

Lori Greiner – United States Copy link Total Patents 155 Granted Patents 104 Field of Invention Jewellery and Cosmetics   Lori Greiner has filed 155 patents, out of which 104 have been granted. Of these 155 patents, more than 12% patents are active. Lori Greiner has developed and patented over

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Catia Bastioli Patents – Key Insights and Stats

Catia Bastioli is an Italian inventor and she is CEO of Novamont Spa. is She is also listed as one of the top female inventors and winner of the European Inventor Award 2007. Catia Bastioli’s global patent portfolio has 1291 patents that belong to 186 unique patent families. Below are

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Patricia Billings Patents – Key Insights and Stats

Patricia Billings, born in 1926 in Clinton, a city in Missouri, is an aged artist at heart, and an inventor and businesswoman by profession. She started her career as a medical technician in 1946, and then later, embraced her love for sculpting and began studying art in 1956. Billings ventured

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Ursula Keller Patents- Key Insights and Stats

Ursula Keller is a Swiss inventor and in her career filled with achievements and awards, she has created several breakthroughs in optoelectronics. Her work in ultrafast lasers has become a crucial standard for many industries, ranging from automotive to communication, medical surgery, and in laser industry itself. Keller finished her

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Helen Lee Patents – Key Insights and Stats

Helen Lee has dedicated her whole life to research in diagnostics. She has bestowed this world with wonderful inventions that help detect infectious diseases like Hepatitis-B, Covid-19, HIV, etc. to save millions of lives around the world. She is the inventor of an instant blood diagnostic kit known as SAMBA

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Sophie Wilson Patents – Key Insights and Stats

Sophie Wilson is one of the key figures who revolutionized microprocessor technology. She co-developed the ARM processor that might be living inside your smartphones, tablets, computers, WiFi devices, or even the ABS in cars, etc.  The success of this processor could be attributed to the fact that her company has

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Margarita Salas Patents – Key Insights and Stats

Margarita Salas was a Spanish biochemist, researcher, and author in the field of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics. She was the first woman ever elected to the Royal Spanish Academy.  Salas achieved greater heights in the fields of Biochemistry and Molecular biology. Though she is no longer between us, her works will always

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