Audrey Sherman Patents – Key Insights and Stats

Audrey Sherman has a total of 974 patents that belong to 189 unique patent families. Her patents cover topics related to Adhesives, Films, Medical equipment etc.

“Be brave, because you don’t have to know the answer. You’re going to find the answer.”

Audrey Sherman graduated from Augsburg College with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. She has worked at 3M for almost 30 years in various capacities, including R&D laboratory operations, organic synthesis, and condensation polymerizations. She has more than 180 U.S. patents, making her the first woman at the corporation to hold 100 patents.

Audrey Sherman was initially attracted to science by the prospect of “cooking polymers all day and driving a sports vehicle,” but it was her personal ambition and insatiable curiosity that propelled her to the position of 3M’s top female patent holder.

How many Audrey Sherman patents are Alive/Dead?

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Audrey Sherman Patents

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Audrey Sherman Patent Families

How Many Patents did Audrey Sherman File Every Year?

Audrey Sherman Patent Filing Trend

How Many Patents did Audrey Sherman File in Different Countries?

Audrey Sherman Patent Filing Worldwide

Countries in which Audrey Sherman Filed Patents

United States Of America209
Korea (South)87
Hong Kong (S.A.R.)4
Gulf Cooperation Council2
South Africa2
New Zealand1

What Technologies are covered by Audrey Sherman Patents?

Audrey Sherman Patent Technology Area

Patents talking about Adhesives include Primer Layers: when bonding or coating two different materials together, priming layers are utilised. Controlling the level of adhesion of one material to another is one of the goals of the priming layer. The priming layer can help strengthen the bond between two layers.

Heat sensitive adhesives have been described for a range of applications. This refers to the fact that when heat is applied to an adhesive product, a response is produced. The reaction in some articles is to build a bond, whereas in others it is to sever a bond.

Patents talking about Films include metallized films, in example, can produce a decorative aesthetic or specular mirror reflection that is less time consuming and less expensive than standard chrome plating. Manufacturing a conformable metallized reflective film that stretches to the shape of a three-dimensional surface, has optical uniformity and reflection, and stays in place whether put in deep channels or around sharp radii, on the other hand, is extremely difficult. The present invention addresses the challenges faced in manufacturing a conformable reflective film.

Over the course of her career, Sherman has concocted countless formulas for adhesives that are designed to withstand the wear-and-tear of consumer electronic devices, each time reinforcing it with erudite knowledge of the way an invention will impact decisions in material selection, the end-user and environment.

The most popular patent US6569521B1– Stretch releasing pressure sensitive adhesive tape and articles, talks about Stretch releasing adhesive tape innovation. These are frequently used to attach to a substrate and then release when stretched. These tapes can be used for a range of tasks, such as assembling, connecting, attaching, and mounting. By extending the tape at an angle to the surface of the substrate to which it is bound, it can be removed from the substrate. The invention contains a stretch releasing adhesive tape with a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive composition that has a 180° peel strength on a glass substrate when the relative humidity is 98 percent.

Once adhered to a substrate, such as wallboard, many stretch releasing adhesive tapes are neatly removed from the substrate, leaving no apparent residue and causing no visible harm to the substrate. However, in high-humidity situations such as showers, baths, and kitchens, they have trouble adhering to substrates like porcelain and glass.

10 Best Audrey Sherman Patents

US6569521B1 is the most popular patent in Audrey Sherman’s portfolio. It has received 446 citations so far from companies like Johnson & Johnson, General Electric Company, and Dexcom Inc.

Publication NumberCitation Count

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