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Esther Sans Takeuchi Patents – Key Insights and Stats

Esther Sans Takeuchi is one of the most active and appreciated innovators, known for her life-saving innovations in batteries. Esther invented the lithium/silver vanadium oxide (SVO) battery, which is now the leading battery tech for implantable cardiac defibrillators (ICDs), a device that is helping save the lives of millions of

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Agnès Poulbot Patents – Key Insights and Stats

Dr. Agnes Poulbot is a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, and currently holds the position of senior expert in 3D design simulation programs at Michelin. She is a mother of five and loves solving puzzles. One such puzzle she untangled is related to truck tire treads which earned her European inventor

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Ann Lambrechts Patents – Key Insights and Stats

Ann Lambrechts developed a revolutionary concrete that opened an entirely new world of possibilities for building professionals around the world by overcoming major technical, structural, and engineering challenges. Her invention is marketed under the brand name Dramix by Bekaert where she works as a Global Sales and Product Manager. It

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Macinley Butson Patents – Key Insights and Stats

Macinley Butson, a young and talented inventor from Australia, became globally known for many of her life-saving inventions. Being extremely curious and eager to solve problems around her, she created her first invention at the age of 6. And in coming years, at the age of 17, Macinley became the

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Myra Einstein Patents – Key Insights and Stats

Myra Einstein is Director of Product Management of X1 Entertainment Operating System at Comcast where her focus is on Advertising products and Content Playback Experience features for the X1 Platform. Before joining Comcast, Myra was part of the NBCUniversal – a subsidiary of Comcast where she played an important role

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