Sensory Technologies (Cannabis): Patent Filing Trends (Jan 2009- Jun 2019)

Natural cannabis has a harsh smell and tastes bitter as they have terpenes and flavonoids in it. So, to enhance the sensory experience for consuming cannabis it’s required to mask its bad organoleptic properties [smell, taste, etc.].

For that purpose, flavors are being added to cannabis to significantly suppress the perception of its unpleasant organoleptic sensations. Majorly used flavoring agents are Cinnamon, Limonene, Peppermint, Spearmint. 

Even now the flavor is imparted to cannabis at the cultivation stage only. Industry people have different solutions to enhance the sensory experience. For example, US10273193B1 is filed by Horticulture growth media which addresses the problem of supplying chemical fertilizers to the plants. 

If the appropriate amount of fertilizer is not supplied, the plant may have to undergo stress which results in suboptimal growth of the plant. These stresses also prevent the natural genetic capacity of the plants, which in result affects the aesthetic appearance, taste, and smell of the product.

There are 159 patent families filed under sensory technologies some of them are related to enhancing the sensory experience during the extraction stage.

Updated on August 2, 2020

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