Aspect of Delivery (Cannabis): Patent Filing Trends (Jan 2009- Jun 2019)

Innovation in the Cannabis domain is concentrated around Delivery systems as the industry is striving to make cannabinoid-based formulations easy, safe, and effective for consumption.

We have divided the patent filed in Delivery Systems’ into three sections:

  • Routes of Administration.
  • Delivery Devices
  • Adding Excipients

Routes of Administration (39 Patent Families)

Route of Administration (ROA) refers to the path being followed to deliver a drug to a desired location in the body. The routes of administration are inhaling by vaporization, taken orally oromucosal, and topical-transdermal (minor).

Cannabinoids are highly lipophilic molecules with very low aqueous solubility. So, for the optimal therapeutics researchers are studying to overcome such challenges and evaluating the correct dosage for the delivery.

Delivery Devices (156 Patent Families)

Delivery devices are being employed for drug delivery. At present, the industry is facing several challenges associated with delivery systems. To give you an example, CBD and Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol formulations are difficult to dose as they are lipophilic in nature.

Hence, cannabis has to be emulsified to use in combination with other substances for consumer products such as cosmetics, toiletries, food, and beverages. However, it is difficult to make cannabis-based emulsions if any of the other substances present in the emulsion are of high viscosity.

Researchers are finding different solutions to solve these and several other such challenges.

Adding Excipients (262 Patent Families)

To increase the volume and additional effects, the excipients are being used as a filler agent. Drugs are even better off dissolved into an excipient as active THC molecules attach themselves to the chain of fatty acids found in many excipient oils.

Some of the challenges we discussed above in the delivery system can be overcome by adding different excipients. For example, to form a stable liquid formulation, one method is to take a heating mixture of oil and cannabinoids and once it attains a certain level of threshold viscosity, adding an emulsifying agent to it.

Industrialists are finding different and more effective stable formulations with different excipients.

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