Samsung’s patents were used in 201k rejections (102/103 types) since 2000

We monitored the patent publications of Samsung for the past 20 years at the USPTO. Samsung’s patent portfolio shows that they have their footprints in 69 different technology areas ranging from Semiconductors to Optics.

Below are the top technology areas of their interest – 

Technology AreasNumber of Applications
Selective Visual Display Systems10817
Computer Graphic Processing, 3D Animation, Display Color Attributes,Object Processing, Hardware & Memory10036
Multiplex and VoIP7930
Electrical Circuits and Systems3848

Since they have patents covering a wide array of technologies so we thought why not check which type of companies are getting blocked by these patents. Refer to the table below for more information:

Number of Blocked assignees11870
Number of publications monitored140422
Publications involved in rejections53788
Number of 102/103 rejections201001

Interestingly, ~200,000 rejections (102/103) were given based on Samsung’s patents. More so, Samsung has patents covering varying technology areas so it would be even more interesting to see which companies are getting rejections based on Samsung patents.

Which assignees faced the most rejections?

The below chart shows the top 20 competitors which get maximum rejections because of Samsung’s patents.

AssigneeApplications Blocked102 Rejections
LG electronics38631115
BOE Technology Group23031048
Sony Corporation1844632
LG Display 1737672
Shenzhen China Star Opto-electronics Technology1204501
Micron Technology1222741
SK Hynix1241771
Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute1189344
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory827227
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company836365

We used our proprietary tool BOS to track which assignees were getting blocked by Samsung’s patents.

Updated on January 26, 2021

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