Singapore 100 Most Innovative Companies – 2023

Singapore is amongst the global leaders in innovation, with companies constantly pushing boundaries and developing new technologies. Here, we explore the top 100 companies in Singapore, ranked by the number of patents published for the year 2023.

RankCompaniesPatent CountHQ CountrySector
1Huawei247ChinaInformation and Communications Technology (ICT)
2Applied Materials222USASemiconductors
3Advanced New Tech180USASoftware Development
4Samsung Electronics135South KoreaConsumer Electronics
5Disco132JapanHuman Resources
6Visa129USADigital Payments
7Regeneron Pharmaceuticals124USABiotechnology
8Apple116USAConsumer Electronics
11Alipay (Hangzhou) Information Tech95ChinaMobile Payments
13Xiaomi92ChinaConsumer Electronics
14IBM88USAInformation and Communications Technology (ICT)
16Dow78USAChemical Manufacturing
17Evonik78GermanyChemical Manufacturing
18Sk Jewelry76South KoreaJewellery
19Exxonmobil74USAOil & Gas
20Merck Patent Gmbh73GermanyPharmaceuticals
21Ebara72JapanMachinery Manufacturing
22Becton Dickinson71USAMedical Device Manufacturing
26Mitsubishi Heavy Industries62JapanHeavy Machinery
28Oppo59ChinaConsumer Electronics
29Love & Co59SingaporeJewellery
30Edwards Lifesciences50USAMedical Technology
31Razer48SingaporeConsumer Electronics
32Beijing Zitiao Network Tech47ChinaInternet and Technology
33Kokusai Denki47JapanSemiconductors
34Universal City Studios46USAFilm Production
35Halliburton45USAOil & Gas
37Bristol Myers Squibb44USAPharmaceuticals
38Lam Research44USASemiconductors
41Resonac42JapanChemical Manufacturing
43Shinkawa41JapanConsumer Electronics
45Inventio40USABusiness Consulting and Services
47Daiwa Seiko39JapanSports Manufacturing
48Vivo39ChinaConsumers Electronics
49Gaztransport & Technigaz37FranceNaval Engineering
50Versum Materials37USAChemical Manufacturing
51Chevron37USAOil & Gas
52BASF36GermanyChemical Manufacturing
54Deka Products34USAConsumer Products
55Changxin Memory Technologies34ChinaSemiconductors
57Givaudan33SwitzerlandFlavors & Fragrances
58Tokyo Electron33JapanElectronics
59China Petrochemical32ChinaOil & Gas
60Abiomed32USAMedical Device Manufacturing
61Eli Lilly32USAPharmaceuticals
62Illumina Cambridge31United KingdomBiotechnology
63Mastercard31USAFinancial Services
64AstraZeneca31United KingdomPharmaceuticals
65BYD30ChinaAutomotive & Electronics
66Hoya30JapanOptics & Electronics
67Sintre Tech (Singapore)30SingaporeConsumer Electronics
69Louis Vuitton29FranceLuxury Goods
70Mitsubishi Electric28JapanConsumer Electronics
71Phoenix Industries28TaiwanAlloy Manufacturing
72Millipore27USAHealthcare & Life Science
7310x Genomics27USABiotechnology
74Air Liquide27FranceIndustrial Gases Supplier
75Nippon Steel27JapanSteel Manufacturing
76Alcon27USAMedical Device Manufacturing
77Shell26NetherlandsOil & Gas
78Denka26JapanChemical Manufacturing
80Murata Machinery26JapanHeavy Machinery
81Douyin Vision26ChinaVideo Hosting Service
82Life Tech26USABiotechnology
83Boehringer Ingelheim25GermanyPharmaceuticals
84Univation Tech25USAChemical Manufacturing
86JFE Steel24JapanSteel Manufacturing
87Chevron Oronite24USAChemical Manufacturing
89Canon24JapanImaging & Electronics
90Google24USAInternet and Technology
91Nestlé24SwitzerlandFood & Beverage
92China Mobile23ChinaTelecommunications
93Beijing Naura Microelectronics Equipment23ChinaSemiconductors
94Int Security Tech Shenzhen23ChinaSecurity Solutions Provider
96Fisher & Paykel23NetherlandsHome Appliance Manufacturing
98Takeda Pharma22JapanPharmaceuticals
99Microsoft22USASoftware Development
100Chugai Pharma22JapanPharmaceuticals

Key Findings:

The list top 100 companies filing most patents in Singapore reveals the diverse innovation landscape in the country;

Technological Dominance: Companies like Huawei (ranked 1st), Samsung Electronics (ranked 4th) and Apple (ranked 8th) in the top 10 companies with high patent counts, highlights Singapore’s strong focus on electronics and technology innovation.

Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals: Presence of companies like Regeneron (ranked 7th), Illumina (ranked 9th), Merck (ranked 20th), Roche (ranked 23rd) Pfizer (ranked 36th) and Novartis (ranked 44th) amongst top 50 companies demonstrate significant investment in healthcare and biotechnological research.

FinTech Innovation: Visa (ranked 6th) and Mastercard (ranked 63rd) underline the growth of financial technology, aligning with Singapore’s status as a financial hub.

Energy Innovation: Companies like ExxonMobil (ranked 19th), Halliburton (ranked 35th), Chevron (ranked 51st) and China Petrochemical (ranked 59th) indicate ongoing innovations in sustainability and efficiency within the sector.

Insights & Takeaways:

  • Technological landscape in Singapore is shaped by external multinational corporations bringing global perspectives and investments into local innovation ecosystem.
  • Presence of specific companies like Grab and Razer highlights unique regional strengths.
  • Grab (ranked 25th) begun as a ride-hailing service has expanded into financial services reflecting innovation in business model adaptation.
  • Razer (ranked 31st) with the gaming technology patents signifies niche innovation catering to specific consumer segments.

This data reflects Singapore’s commitment to nurturing a dynamic environment for technology and innovation, emphasizing its strategic importance in global innovation networks. As these companies drive advancements across sectors like fintech, biotech, and more, Singapore continues to strengthen its position as a leader in transforming ideas into protected, impactful technologies.

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