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What’s Inside Disney Patent Portfolio?

Disney has a total of 6045 patents in its patent portfolio and there are 3349 unique patent families. In this report, we will perform a technical analysis of Disney’s Patent portfolio to understand Disney’s portfolio development strategy. Picking up from where we left in our last post related to Disney,

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What is Inside Netflix’s Patents?

It all started in 1998 when Marc Randolph wanted a large category of portable items to be sold over the internet using a business model similar to Amazon. Netflix launched as the world’s first online DVD-rental store, and today has become a medium, which changed the way how many people

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Netflix Patents – Insights & Stats

Netflix needs no introduction. From a DVD-by-mail service, the company has grown to the world’s one of the largest subscription-based OTT services with a market cap of $213.39B in Sep 2020, and a net income of $1.86 bn in 2019. One can see Netflix’s success from the increase in its

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