Adidas Subsidiaries

List of Adidas Subsidiaries

Adidas has more than 130 subsidiaries worldwide. Here’s the full list of Adidas’s subsidiaries.

Adidas (South Africa) (Pty) LtdSouth Africa
3 Stripes SaUruguay
Adidas (China) LtdChina
Adidas (Cyprus) LtdCyprus
Adidas (Ireland) LtdIreland
Adidas (Malaysia) Sdn BhdMalaysia
Adidas (Suzhou) Co LtdChina
Adidas (Thailand) Co LtdThailand
Adidas (Uk) LtdUnited Kingdom
Adidas AgGermany
Adidas America IncUnited States
Adidas Argentina SaArgentina
Adidas Australia Pty LtdAustralia
Adidas Austria GmbhAustria
Adidas Baltics SiaLatvia
Adidas BelgiumBelgium
Adidas Benelux BvNetherlands
Adidas Beteiligungsgesellschaft MbhGermany
Adidas Budapest Sportcikkeloallito Es Kereskedelmi KftHungary
Adidas Bulgaria EadBulgaria
Adidas Business Services (Dalian) LtdChina
Adidas Business Services LdaPortugal
Adidas Canada LtdCanada
Adidas Cdc Immobilieninvest GmbhGermany
Adidas Chile LtdaChile
Adidas Colombia LtdaColombia
Adidas Corporation De Venezuela SaVenezuela
Adidas Cr SroCzechia
Adidas Croatia DooCroatia
Adidas Danmark AsDenmark
Adidas De México Sa De CvMexico
Adidas Do Brasil LtdaBrazil
Adidas Egypt LtdEgypt
Adidas Emerging Markets FzeUnited Arab Emirates
Adidas Emerging Markets LlcUnited Arab Emirates
Adidas España SaSpain
Adidas Finance Poland SaPoland
Adidas Finance Spain SaSpain
Adidas Finance Sverige AbSweden
Adidas France SarlFrance
Adidas Franchise Brasil Servicos LtdaBrazil
Adidas Golf Usa IncUnited States
Adidas Hellas SaGreece
Adidas Holding SaFrance
Adidas Hong Kong LtdChina
Adidas Imports & Exports LtdEgypt
Adidas India Marketing Pvt LtdIndia
Adidas India Pvt LtdIndia
Adidas Industrial Sa De CvMexico
Adidas Infrastructure Holding BvNetherlands
Adidas Insurance & Risk Consultants GmbhGermany
Adidas International Finance BvNetherlands
Adidas International IncUnited States
Adidas International Marketing BvNetherlands
Adidas International Property Holding BvNetherlands
Adidas International Re DacIreland
Adidas International Trading AgSwitzerland
Adidas International Trading BvNetherlands
Adidas International Trading Bv (South Carolina)United States
Adidas Israel LtdIsrael
Adidas Italy SpaItaly
Adidas Japan KkJapan
Adidas Japan KkJapan
Adidas Korea LlcSouth Korea
Adidas Korea Technical Services LtdSouth Korea
Adidas Latin America SaPanama
Adidas Levant LtdUnited Arab Emirates
Adidas Levant LtdJordan
Adidas LlpKazakhstan
Adidas Logistic Services BvNetherlands
Adidas Logistics (Tianjin) Co LtdChina
Adidas Morocco LlcMorocco
Adidas New Zealand LtdNew Zealand
Adidas Norge AsNorway
Adidas North America IncUnited States
Adidas Perú SacPeru
Adidas Philippines IncPhilippines
Adidas Poland Sp ZooPoland
Adidas PolskaPoland
Adidas Portugal – Artigos De Desporto SaPortugal
Adidas Promotional Retail Operations IncUnited States
Adidas Romania SrlRomania
Adidas RussiaRussia
Adidas Sarragan France SarlFrance
Adidas Serbia DooSerbia
Adidas Services LtdChina
Adidas Singapore Pte LtdSingapore
Adidas Slovakia SroSlovakia
Adidas Sourcing El Salvador Sa De CvEl Salvador
Adidas Sourcing Honduras SaHonduras
Adidas Sourcing LtdChina
Adidas Spor Malzemeleri Satis Ve Pazarlama AsTurkey
Adidas Sport GmbhSwitzerland
Adidas Sporting Goods LtdEgypt
Adidas Sports (China) Co LtdChina
Adidas Sports Goods (Shanghai) Co LtdChina
Adidas Sportschuhfabriken Adi Dassler Stiftung & Co KgGermany
Adidas Suomi OyFinland
Adidas Sverige AbSweden
Adidas SwitzerlandSwitzerland
Adidas Taiwan LtdChina
Adidas Team IncUnited States
Adidas Technical Services Pvt LtdIndia
Adidas Trgovina DooSlovenia
Adidas Ukraina ScUkraine
Adidas UsaUnited States
Adidas Ventures BvNetherlands
Adidas Verwaltungsgesellschaft MbhGermany
Adidas Vietnam Co LtdVietnam
Adidas-Salomon (Canada) LtdCanada
Adidas-Salomon (Uk) LtdUnited Kingdom
Adidas-Salomon AgGermany
Adidas-Salomon Usa IncUnited States
Adisport CorpPuerto Rico
Ashworth Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Concept Sport SaPanama
Five Ten Europe NvBelgium
Five Ten UsaUnited States
Gev Grundstücks-Beteiligungsgesellschaft Herzogenaurach MbhGermany
Gev Grundstücksgesellschaft Herzogenaurach Mbh & Co KgGermany
Hydra Ventures BvNetherlands
Hydra Ventures FundNetherlands
Immobilieninvest Und Betriebsgesellschaft Herzo-Base GmbhGermany
Pt Adidas Sourcing LtdIndonesia
Raelit SaUruguay
Runtastic GmbhAustria
Runtastic Software Technology (Shanghai) Co LtdChina
Smedley Industries (Hong Kong) LtdChina
Spartanburg Dc IncUnited States
Sport Développement SaFrance
Stone Age Equipment IncUnited States
Tafibal SaUruguay
Textronics IncUnited States
Trafford Park Dc LtdUnited Kingdom
Zhuhai Adidas Technical Services LtdChina

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