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Founded in 2008 by Facebook Co-founder Dustin Moskovich, and Justin Rosenstein, an early FB employee, Asana has a large user base of 3.5 million free accounts, and 1.3 million paid accounts from 200 countries.

Asana is one the key players of $23 billion work-management market that has gone public in Sep, 2020 through direct listing. On the first day, its shares were trading at $29– $8 higher than the reference price it had set. At its current share price, Asana is valued at roughly $4.4 billion.

Patent portfolio of Asana has 17 patents that belong to 9 patent families. The chart below represents the technological clusters of Asana patents. To plot the chart, we used CPC analysis.  The number in exhibits of this report represents the number of patent families classified under a CPC code. A patent family is a group of patent documents – globally or in a jurisdiction – that covers the same (or similar) information.

Asana Patent Portfolio
Asana Technology Classification

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