Domino’s Autonomous Vehicle Patents – Insights & Stats

Domino’s Pizza has recently introduced its autonomous delivery options in Houston, Texas, through a partnership with robotics company, Nuro. This collaboration marks a significant step in Domino’s vision towards using autonomous vehicles for enhancing delivery services.

The program utilizes Nuro’s R2 robot, allowing customers to experience a novel and interactive method for receiving orders. This initiative is a part of Domino’s ongoing efforts for innovating and improving the customers experience in food delivery.

How does the Domino’s Autonomous Delivery Vehicle work?

On the surface, the functionality of autonomous robot delivery seems pretty simple, but there are a lots of intricate details of the underlying tech being patented by the companies. We looked at the patents being filed by Domino’s to protect their innovations and here’s what we found: 

The patent, JP2019516201A, details Domino’s Autonomous Delivery Vehicle, consisting of a motorized mobile base unit with on-board computer, sensors and navigation software for safe traffic navigation. 

The generalised process of automated pizza delivery can be observed in the image below.

Components of Domino’s Autonomous Delivery Vehicle:-

  • Sensors: High-resolution cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and LIDAR for navigation and obstacle detection.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS): Location tracking and route planning.
  • Computing Hardware: On-board computers with powerful processors for real-time data processing.
  • Connectivity: High-speed cellular and Wi-Fi connections for communication and remote monitoring.
  • Battery: Electric power source with sufficient capacity for extended delivery range.
  • Safety Features: Emergency stop mechanisms, collision avoidance systems, and redundant systems for fail-safe operation.
  • Autonomous Software: Advanced algorithms for decision-making, navigation, and adapting to various traffic conditions.

As Domino’s advances with its autonomous Nuro R2 robot in Houston, the contrasting fate of Amazon’s Scout program—launched in 2019 and discontinued by 2023—highlights the unpredictable journey of autonomous delivery technology. This evolving landscape showcases the mix of setbacks and breakthroughs shaping the future of delivery services, where technology, convenience, and innovation intersect. With each autonomous courier that rolls out, we’re reminded of the exciting, yet ever-changing, path of robotic integration in our daily lives.

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