GAP Patents – Key Insights and Stats

GAP has a total of 39 patents globally, out of which 17 have been granted. Of these 39 patents, more than 33% patents are active. Italy is where GAP has filed the maximum number of patents, followed by Brazil and the USA, it has generated an annual revenue of $15.89 billion in the year 2022. Parallelly, Italy seems to be the main focused R&D centre of GAP.

GAP was founded in the year 1969 by Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher. The company is an American worldwide clothing and accessories retailer. As of May 2023, GAP has a market cap of $3.08 Billion.

Do read about some of the most popular patents of GAP which have been covered by us in this article and also you can find GAP patents information, the worldwide patent filing activity and its patent filing trend over the years, and many other stats over GAP patent portfolio.

How many patents does the CEO of GAP have?

The CEO, Bob L. Martin or Bobby Martin, has 0 patents.

How many patents does GAP have?

GAP has a total of 39 patents globally. These patents belong to 38 unique patent families. Out of 39 patents, 13 patents are active.

How Many Patents did GAP File Every Year?

GAP Patent Filing Trend

Are you wondering why there is a drop in patent filing for the last two years? It is because a patent application can take up to 18 months to get published. Certainly, it doesn’t suggest a decrease in the patent filing.

Year of Patents Filing or GrantGAP Applications FiledGAP Patents Granted

How many GAP patents are Alive/Dead?

GAP Patent Portfolio

How Many Patents did GAP File in Different Countries?

GAP Worldwide Patent Filing

Where are Research Centres of GAP Patents Located?

R&D Centres of GAP

Most Cited GAP Patent

US7424409B2 is the most popular patent in the GAP portfolio. It has received 21 citations so far from companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Apple.

List of GAP Patents

GAP PatentsTitle
US7613572B2Stochastic Modeling Of Spatial Distributed Sequences
US7424409B2Stochastic Modeling Of Time Distributed Sequences
WO2012170971A1Modular Ladder Frame Playground System
IT020000018352B1Anti-Slip Trolley For Pulleys Of Sliding Doors
IT201500062170B1Anti Scroll Device, For The Safe Support Of Wheels For Sliding Doors
IT201500062197B1Device With Magnetic Cushioning Elements, Especially For Sliding Doors Of Furniture
ITUB2015004705A1Anti-Derailment Device, For The Safe Support Of Wheels For Sliding Doors
ITUB2015004711A1Device With Magnetic Damping Elements, Particularly For Sliding Furniture Doors
ITUB2015000675A1Improved Group For Moving Doors With Coplanar Closing.
IT281898Y1“Simplified Trolley For Sliding Doors”
IT1408374B1Plug-In Fastening System For Upper And Lower Rails, Particularly For Sliding Furniture Doors.
IT278108Y1Trolley For Sliding Doors.
IT1406742B1Panel Tensioner
ITMI2012001388A1Device For The Movement Of Coplanar Doors Of A Furnishing Element.
ITMI2012001204A1Device For The Movement Of Coplanar Doors Of A Furnishing Element.
IT269478Y1Profile With Variable Orientation Lighting Device
IT1385347B1Furniture Frame Made Up Of Variable Size Profiles.
IT1384754B1Component Element Equipped With Lighting For Modular Furniture Of Various Kinds.
HK10018758SPocket For Garment
IT259723Y1Support Surface For Wall Units And Other Types Of Furniture Equipped With A Lighting Unit
IT0086108S1Series Of Profiles For Furniture And Furnishing Elements.
BRDI6300824SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Tight Rope
BRDI6300831SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Wooden Horse
BRDI6300501SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Support For Tunnel
BRDI6300638SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Ziguezag
BRDI6300561SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Corrugated Slide
BRDI6300563SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Spider Climbers
BRDI6300691SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Basketball Tree
BRDI6300878SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Car
BRDI6300637SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Boat
BRDI6300639SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Long Slider
BRDI6300692SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Mirror
BRDI6300503SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Boxes
BRDI6300560SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Short Slider
BRDI6300344SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Support For Octogonal Tunnel
BRDI6300342SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Double Cover
BRDI6300343SConfiguration Applied In Toy – Zôo Box

What are GAP’s key innovation segments?

What Technologies are Covered by GAP?

The chart below distributes patents filed by GAP in different countries on the basis of the technology protected in patents. It also represents the markets where GAP thinks it’s important to protect particular technology inventions.

R&D Focus: How has GAP‘s search focus changed over the years?


Interested in knowing about the areas of innovation that are being protected by GAP?

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