Huawei’s 6G Technology Patents: Insights & Stats

As the world just gets to grips with 5G, Huawei is already taking a giant leap into the future with its pioneering work on 6G technology. This next-generation technology promises unprecedented speed and connectivity, potentially revolutionizing the way we connect by 2030. In a strategic move to establish leadership in the global race in 6G technology. Huawei, in partnership with China Mobile and China Aerospace Corporation, is set to launch two satellites by July 2024. With China holding the most 6G-related patents, Huawei commands a significant portion, positioning itself as a leader in this advanced technological field.

There are 6 key pillars for development of 6G technology by Huawei as shown in the image below:

Interested in details about the development of Huawei’s 6G technologies, click on the image below to visit Huawei’s white paper.

Image Source: Huawei Tech’s 6G: The Next Horizon White Paper

Before diving into the patents owned by Huawei for the 6G technologies, check the image below to know what makes 6G technology the future of connectivity.

Image Source: Huawei Tech’s 6G: The Next Horizon White Paper

Key Patents behind Huawei’s 6G Technology

We’ve analyzed key patents related to Huawei’s 6G technology. Read the summary below and discover the ingenious innovations behind this transforming technology!

The patent, CN117176294A, describes the communication method and a communication device for improving the information transmission using 6G technology. The image below is the schematic diagram of a network architecture where 6G communication technology is applied.

Image Source: HuaweiTech’s 6G: The Next Horizon White Paper

The patent, WO2023207969A1, provides a channel measurement method and a communication device utilizing the 6G technology. The image below is the schematic diagram of the system architecture for 6G technology.

The patent, WO2023216833A1, discloses the communication apparatus and computer-readable storage medium using 6G technology. The figure below is the schematic representation of environmental imaging on the basis of 6G communication networks.

Huawei is leading the development of 6G technology, declaring a new era of connectivity and innovation. However, major competitors such as Samsung, Qualcomm, and Nokia are also contending for leadership in this emerging field. With a strategic focus on 6G, Huawei aims to establish new industry standards and push digital communication to new limits. As these tech giants compete to offer advanced and reliable solutions, the future of global connectivity and consumer technology is set for a dramatic change. The coming years will be crucial for Huawei to effectively use its patents and in

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