LG’s grant rate is 9% higher than the average grant rate of USPTO

LG has filed 65293 patent applications at USPTO so far (excluding Design and PCT applications). Out of these 48235 have been granted leading to the grant rate of 86.86%. 

The table below provides key stats of LG’s patent prosecution at the USPTO:

Notably, the abandonment/rejection rate of LG (13%) is half compared to the average rejection rate of its GAUs (25%). Also, the allowance rate (or Grant Index) of LG is higher than the average grant index of USPTO and their GAUs.

Allowance rate of top 10 GAUs of LG’s interest:

GAUTotal ApplicationsAllowance Rate

5 out of the top 10 GAUs of LG have the allowance rate less than its average grant index. 3 among these 5 GAUs have a grant rate even lower than the average grant index of LG’s GAUs.

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