Lockheed Martin Subsidiaries

List of Medtronic Subsidiaries

Lockheed Martin has more than 100+ subsidiaries worldwide. Here’s the full list of Lockheed Martin’s subsidiaries.

S No.SubsidiariesCountry
1Astrolink International LlcUnited States
2Chandler IncUnited States
3Deposition SciencesUnited States
4Eagle Group InternationalUnited States
5Gyrocam SystemsUnited States
6Helicopter Support IncUnited States
7I3United States
8Lockheed Martin Aculight CorpUnited States
9Lockheed Martin Advanced Energy Storage LlcUnited States
10Lockheed Martin Advanced ProjectsUnited States
11Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology LaboratoriesUnited States
12Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems CoUnited States
13Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Service IncUnited States
14Lockheed Martin Aeroparts IncUnited States
15Lockheed Martin Aerospace Holdings IncUnited States
16Lockheed Martin Aerospace Systems Integration LlcUnited States
17Lockheed Martin Cdl Systems Usa IncUnited States
18Lockheed Martin Center For InnovationUnited States
19Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies IncUnited States
20Lockheed Martin Commercial Space SystemsUnited States
21Lockheed Martin CorpUnited States
22Lockheed Martin Desktop Solutions IncUnited States
23Lockheed Martin Electro-Optical SystemsUnited States
24Lockheed Martin Employee Benefit PlanUnited States
25Lockheed Martin Energy Research CorpUnited States
26Lockheed Martin Engine Investments LlcUnited States
27Lockheed Martin Engineering & Sciences CoUnited States
28Lockheed Martin Enterprise Information SystemsUnited States
29Lockheed Martin Enterprise OperationsUnited States
30Lockheed Martin Fairchild SystemsUnited States
31Lockheed Martin Global IncUnited States
32Lockheed Martin Global Supply Chain ServicesUnited States
33Lockheed Martin Global TelecommunicationsUnited States
34Lockheed Martin Global Training & LogisticsUnited States
35Lockheed Martin Gyrocam Systems LlcUnited States
36Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies CoUnited States
37Lockheed Martin Information & Technology Services IncUnited States
38Lockheed Martin Information Technology Commercial CorpUnited States
39Lockheed Martin Infrared & Imaging SystemsUnited States
40Lockheed Martin Integrated Business SolutionsUnited States
41Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems & Solutions IncUnited States
42Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems IncUnited States
43Lockheed Martin International Services CorpUnited States
44Lockheed Martin Investment Management CoUnited States
45Lockheed Martin Investments IncUnited States
46Lockheed Martin LibrascopeUnited States
47Lockheed Martin Logistic Services IncUnited States
48Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems & SensorsUnited States
49Lockheed Martin Master Retirement TrustUnited States
50Lockheed Martin Michoud Space SystemsUnited States
51Lockheed Martin Millimeter Technologies IncUnited States
52Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire ControlUnited States
53Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space Co IncUnited States
54Lockheed Martin Mission Systems & SensorsUnited States
55Lockheed Martin Mission Systems & TrainingUnited States
56Lockheed Martin Mission Systems IncUnited States
57Lockheed Martin Operations Support IncUnited States
58Lockheed Martin Orincon CorpUnited States
59Lockheed Martin Overseas LlcUnited States
60Lockheed Martin Procerus Technologies LcUnited States
61Lockheed Martin Services IncUnited States
62Lockheed Martin Shared ServicesUnited States
63Lockheed Martin Sippican Holdings IncUnited States
64Lockheed Martin Skunk WorksUnited States
65Lockheed Martin Sonar Systems CorpUnited States
66Lockheed Martin Space Alliance CoUnited States
67Lockheed Martin Space Operations CoUnited States
68Lockheed Martin Space Systems CoUnited States
69Lockheed Martin Systems IntegrationUnited States
70Lockheed Martin Tactical Defense SystemsUnited States
71Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems IncUnited States
72Lockheed Martin Tas International CorpUnited States
73Lockheed Martin Technical Operations CoUnited States
74Lockheed Martin Technology ServiceUnited States
75Lockheed Martin Training Solutions IncUnited States
76Lockheed Martin Transportation & Security SolutionsUnited States
77Lockheed Martin Unmanned Integrated Systems IncUnited States
78Lockheed Martin VenturesUnited States
79Lockheed Martin Vought SystemsUnited States
80Lockheed Martin Western Development LaboratoriesUnited States
81Qtc Management IncUnited States
82Sikorsky Aerospace ServicesUnited States
83Sikorsky AircraftUnited States
84Sikorsky International Operations IncUnited States
85Sun CatalytixUnited States
86Systems Made SimpleUnited States
87Zeta AssociatesUnited States
88Lockheed Martin Investment FundChina
89Lockheed Martin Investment Management Co Hong KongChina
90Lockheed Martin Helicopter Co LtdUnited Kingdom
91Lockheed Martin Uk Ampthill LtdUnited Kingdom
92Lockheed Martin Uk Holdings LtdUnited Kingdom
93Lockheed Martin Uk Integrated Systems & Solutions LtdUnited Kingdom
94Lockheed Martin Uk Strategic Systems LtdUnited Kingdom
95Amor GroupGermany
97Lockheed Martin Global Os IncGermany
98Lockheed Martin GmbhGermany
99Lockheed Martin Australia Electronic Systems Pty LtdAustralia
100Lockheed Martin Australia Pty LtdAustralia

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