Mark Parker Patents: Insights and Stats (Updated 2024)

Mark Parker

United States

In sports and beyond, Mark Parker has made an unforgettable impact, transforming Nike from a sports brand into a global icon of innovation.

Mark Parker, the visionary Executive Chairman of Nike and chairman of The Walt Disney Company, has revolutionized the sports industry. His focus on innovation led to the creation of Nike Air and several other breakthroughs in product designs. Under his leadership, Nike has consistently stayed ahead in the sports industry, setting trends and pushing boundaries.

Total Patents 25
Granted Patents 23
Associated Companies Nike, The Walt Disney Company
Field of Invention Sports and Footwear

Mark Parker’s portfolio has 25 patents belonging to 19 unique patent families. His patents belong to Footwear domain where majority of the patents are design patents.

Key Patents of Mark Parker

“Innovation is not about being new, it’s about being better”

This quote by Mark Parker captures the essence of his vision for Nike and summarizes the innovations and groundbreaking product designs brought to reality by the man himself. Given below are some of the key inventions by Mark Parker:

S.No Publication Number Title First Filing Year Tech Area
1. US4817304A Footwear with Adjustable Viscoelastic Unit 1987 Shoe sole
2. US4439936A Shock Attenuating outer sole 1982   Shoe sole  
3. US4439936A   Article of footwear with 360° wrap fit closure system 1995 Lacing Pattern Technology
4. USD707028S1   Shoe upper 2013 Shoe
5. USD311989S1   Shoe sole 1987 Shoe sole

Join us in this venture to uncover the diverse technological areas Mark Parker has patented inventions in. This article also discloses the patent filing trend, worldwide filing and research centers along with several other insights mined through the patent data set for the renowned inventor.

The data of inventors patents made available here is solely intended for informational purposes. Although we make every effort to maintain the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the provided information, we cannot guarantee that all data is completely free of errors or entirely up-to-date. If you happen to be the Inventor and wish to contribute additional data for your respective portfolio, kindly get in touch with us.

How Many Patents did Mark Parker File Every Year?

Are you wondering why there is a drop in patent filing for the last two years? It is because a patent application can take up to 18 months to get published. Certainly, it doesn’t suggest a decrease in the patent filing.

Year of Patents Filing or Grant Mark Parker Applications Filed Mark Parker Patents Granted
2021 1
2020 3 1
2019 4
2018 7
2017 3
2016 3
2014 1
2013 1 1
2012 1

How Many Mark Parker patents are Alive/Dead?

How Many Patents did Mark Parker File in Different Countries?

Countries in which Mark Parker Filed Patents

Country Patents
United States Of America 19
Canada 2
Europe (EPO) 2
Australia 1
Germany 1

Which Technologies are covered by Mark Parker’s Patents?

Our analysis of the Mark Parker patent portfolio revealed that Mark Parker majorly owns design patents for protecting the innovative designs in footwear while the utility patents also protect technological advancements in footwear. However, technological domains for patents owned by Mark Parker are illustrated in the chart below.

We also came across few intriguing innovations in the Mark Parker patent portfolio. Read the summary of these ingenious innovations in footwear showcasing Mark Parker’s technological advancements.

Imagine a shoe which hugs your foot like a 360o hug! Well the patent, US5692319A, describes exactly this innovative footwear with the components encircling the sole or attached to sole which distribute the tension in shoe upper and midsole evenly, conforming to the unique shape of the foot. This means all-day comfort and a fit which feels custom-made.

The patent, US4817304A discloses a shoe with super comfy sole. A squishy layer filled with air, like a built-in bubble wrap for your feet where the inner foam layer is shock absorbing. This squishy layer can be adjusted in different areas of the sole for a personalised fit.

Well, this sums up the interesting summaries of the fascinating patents we discovered during our analysis. Keep reading to get more informative insights we mined through the Mark Parker patent portfolio.

10 Best Mark Parker Patents

US4817304A is the most popular patent in the Mark Parker’s portfolio. It has received 564 citations so far from companies like Reebok, Puma and Asics Corporation.

Below is the list of 10 most cited patents of Mark Parker:

Publication Number Citation Count
US4817304A 564
US4439936A 335
US5692319A 326
USD707028S1 161
USD311989S1 157
USD281460S1 132
USD281459S1 105
EP96542A1 41
USD673765S1 35
USD802279S1 34

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