M&T Bank Patents – Key Insights and Stats

M&T Bank has a total of 32 patents globally, out of which 28 have been granted. Of these 32 patents, more than 28% patents are active. United States Of America is where M&T Bank has filed the maximum number of patents, followed by Germany. Parallelly, United States Of America seems to be the main focused R&D centre of M&T Bank.

M&T Bank was founded in the year 1856. Company operates as a bank holding company, which engages in the provision of retail and commercial banking, trust, wealth management and investment services.

Do read about some of the most popular patents of M&T Bank which have been covered by us in this article and also you can find M&T Bank patents information, the worldwide patent filing activity and its patent filing trend over the years, and many other stats over M&T Bank patent portfolio.

How many patents does M&T Bank have?

M&T Bank has a total of 32 patents globally. These patents belong to 25 unique patent families. Out of 32 patents, 9 patents are active.

How Many Patents did M&T Bank File Every Year?

M&T Bank Patent Filling Trend

Are you wondering why there is a drop in patent filing for the last two years? It is because a patent application can take up to 18 months to get published. Certainly, it doesn’t suggest a decrease in the patent filing.

Year of Patents Filing or GrantM&T Bank Applications FiledM&T Bank  Patents Granted
2018– 1
2014– 1
20123 –

How many M&T Bank patents are Alive/Dead?

M&T Bank Patent Portfolio

How Many Patents did M&T Bank File in Different Countries?

M&T Bank Worldwide Patent Filling

Where are Research Centres of M&T Bank Patents Located?

Research Centres of M&T Bank Patent

10 Best M&T Bank Patents

USD460852S1 is the most popular patent in the M&T Bank portfolio. It has received 163 citations so far from companies like Brown Medical Industries, Nike and Adidas.

Below is the list of 10 most cited patents of M&T Bank:

Publication NumberCitation Count

List of M&T Bank Patents

M&T Bank PatentsTitle
US10037711B2System And Method For In-Vehicle Operator Training
US8924138B2System And Method For Measuring And Reducing Vehicle Fuel Waste
US8240566B1Blocking Device For A Magnetic-Stripe Card Reader
US7794189B2Cargo Frame
US7750253B2Conveyor Belt Scale System
US7650228B2Internet Based Highway Traffic Advisory System
US7383216B1Trust Comparison Process
US7265501B2Mobile Light
US7211771B1De-Icing System For Traffic Signals
US7086805B2Crash Attenuator With Cable And Cylinder Arrangement For Decelerating Vehicles
US7070031B2Apparatus For Exerting A Resisting Force
US7044076B2Pontoon For Protection Barrier System
US7018130B2Side Panel
US6962459B2Crash Attenuator With Cable And Cylinder Arrangement For Decelerating Vehicles
US6908621B2Color Cosmetic Compositions Containing Organic Oil And Silicone Mixture
US6848880B2Cargo Rack
US6713727B1Caulking Warmer
USD485775S1Traffic Channeling Device
USD484047S1Carton Blank
US6592341B1Spa Filter System
USD474807S1Envelope Pack
US6526836B1Bituminous Pavement Fatigue Testing Device
US6502253B1Pillow Structure For Attachment To The Shell Of A Hot Tub
USD460852S1Bean Bag Shoe Lower
US6400139B1Methods And Apparatus For Electromagnetic Position And Orientation Tracking With Distortion Compensation
US6377041B1Method And Apparatus For Determining Electromagnetic Field Characteristics Within A Volume
US6369564B1Electromagnetic Position And Orientation Tracking System With Distortion Compensation Employing Wireless Sensors
US20130037614A1Blocking Device For A Magnetic-Stripe Card Reader
US20110055110A1Online Calculators For Offering Financial Products And Services
US20060034668A1Winch Gate For Protection Barrier System
WO2013022536A1Blocking Device For A Magnetic-Stripe Card Reader
DE202005018047U1Call And Signal Installation Lamp With Housing Equipped For Wall Mounting, Including Transparent Cover For At Least One Lamp, Comprising Frame Held Exchangeably On Lamp

What are M&T Bank‘s key innovation segments?

What Technologies are Covered by M&T Bank?

The chart below distributes patents filed by M&T Bank in different countries on the basis of the technology protected in patents. It also represents the markets where M&T Bank thinks it’s important to protect particular technology inventions.

R&D Focus: How has M&T Bank‘s search focus changed over the years?


Interested in knowing about the areas of innovation that are being protected by M&T Bank?

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