Patent Filing Trends and Top Patent Holders in the US between 2007-2018 in Protective and Decorative Building Materials (21850 Patents)

Protective and decorative materials are the most researched area in building and construction materials. These materials are going to play a key role in developing smart buildings of the future that will be energy efficient and can ensure safety against natural and artificial disasters.

Protective coating prevents structures from a plethora of harm like penetration of moisture, UV rays, acid rain, and industrial vapors. These materials include paint, vapor barriers, polishes, etc. Another benefit these materials offer is of reinforced concrete or brick surface, and energy saving.

Another reason for the increase in research in this area is the decrease in landmass available for construction. This is encouraging the construction of skyscrapers. Skyscrapers demand high safety and energy efficiency.

The charts below can give you an overview of patent filing trends and top players of the Protective and Decorative Building Material:

Analysis By: Nitin Balodi, Marketing

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