Qualcomm Company Subsidiaries

List of Qualcomm Subsidiaries

Qualcomm has 100+ subsidiaries worldwide. Here’s the list of Qualcomm Subsidiaries.

S. No.CompanyCountry
1Arriver US IncUnited States
2Airgo Networks IncUnited States
3Woodside NetworksUnited States
4Augmented Pixels IncUnited States
5Auvitek International LtdUnited States
6Berkana Wireless IncUnited States
7Bernoulli HealthUnited States
8Cardiopulmonary CorpUnited States
9Bigfoot Networks IncUnited States
10Black Sand Technologies IncUnited States
11Capsule TechnologiesUnited States
12Centrality Communications IncUnited States
13Clay Air IncUnited States
14Cogency SemiconductorUnited States
15Digital Fountain IncUnited States
16Empowered Careers CorpUnited States
17Encore Career Institute IncUnited States
18Enuvis IncUnited States
19Fatskunk IncUnited States
20Firethorn Mobile IncUnited States
21Flarion Technologies IncUnited States
22FleetadvisorUnited States
23Doongo Technologies IncUnited States
24Innopath Software IncUnited States
25Intellon CorporationUnited States
26Iridigm Display CorporationUnited States
27Iskoot IncUnited States
28Microtune IncUnited States
29Mogad IncUnited States
30Now Software IncUnited States
31Nphase LlcUnited States
32Nuvon IncUnited States
33Oak Technology IncUnited States
34Orb Networks IncUnited States
35Pixtronix IncUnited States
36Qualcomm IncUnited States
37Qualcomm Semiconductor Mentorship ProgramUnited States
38Qualcomm VenturesUnited States
39Qualcomm Wireless ReachUnited States
40Qualphone IncUnited States
41Quantumthink Group IncUnited States
42Rapid Bridge LlcUnited States
43Sandbridge Technologies IncUnited States
44Sirf Technology IncUnited States
45Snaptrack IncUnited States
46Social.imUnited States
47Softmax IncUnited States
48Spike Technologies IncUnited States
49Stonestreet One IncUnited States
50Summit Microelectronics IncUnited States
51SylectusUnited States
52Tapioca Mobile IncUnited States
53Tcd Labs IncUnited States
54Telecis WirelessUnited States
55TeralogicUnited States
56Transilica IncUnited States
57Truespan IncUnited States
58Scenix SemiconductorUnited States
59Ubicom IncUnited States
60Ultra Scan CorporationUnited States
61U Nav Microelectronics CorpUnited States
62Within Technology IncUnited States
63Xionics Document Technologies IncUnited States
64Zoran CorporationUnited States
65Ikanos Communications IncUnited States
66Qualcomm Atheros IncUnited States
67Qualcomm Technologies IncUnited States
68Qualcomm Innovation Center IncUnited States
69Atheros Communications IncUnited States
70Nuvia IncUnited States
71Rf360 Technology Wuxi Co LtdChina
84Bitboys OyFinland
95Let It Wave SaFrance
74Qualcomm India Private LimitedIndia
89Designart Networks LtdIsrael
98Oren Semiconductor LtdIsrael
100Crowdx LtdIsrael
72Qualcomm River Holdings BvNetherlands
92Euvision Technologies BvNetherlands
99Scyfer BvNetherlands
73Qualcomm Cdma Technologies Asia Pacific Pte LtdSingapore
76Rf360 Singapore Pte LtdSingapore
87Cellwize Wireless Technologies Pte LtdSingapore
77Veoneer IncSweden
81Arriver Software AbSweden
97Nordnav Technologies AbSweden
94Kooaba AgSwitzerland
82Attansic Technology CorporationTaiwan
83Augmented Pixels CoUkraine
75Qualcomm Technologies International LtdUnited Kingdom
78Accel Technology LtdUnited Kingdom
79Apt Licensing LimitedUnited Kingdom
80AptxUnited Kingdom
85Cambridge Positioning Systems LimitedUnited Kingdom
86CpsUnited Kingdom
88CSR plcUnited Kingdom
90Elata LtdUnited Kingdom
91Epos Development LtdUnited Kingdom
93Haloipt LtdUnited Kingdom
96Cambridge InternetworkingUnited Kingdom

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