Cisco’s patents were used in 49k rejections against 4500+ assignees since 2000

We monitored the patent publications of Cisco for the past 20 years at the USPTO. The company has footprints in 62 different technology areas ranging from VoIP to Cryptography. Below are the top five technology areas of their interest.

Technology AreasNumber of Applications
Multiplex & VoIP5864
Computer Graphic Processing, 3D Animation, Display Color Attributes, Object Processing, Hardware & Memory3880
Computer Networks3479
Cryptography & Security2299
Databases & File Management1115

Since Cisco has patents covering a wide array of technologies, we thought why not check patent applications of which companies are getting rejected due to Cisco’s patents. A total of 49018 102/103 type rejections were given based on Cisco’s patents. Refer to the table below for more information:

Number of Blocked assignees4517
Number of Cisco’s publications monitored19366
Number of Cisco’s Publications involved in rejections9932
Number of 102/103 rejections49018

Top assignees that received max rejections 

The below chart shows the top 20 assignees that received maximum rejections because of Cisco patents.

AssigneeApplications Blocked102 Rejections
Juniper Networks32161
Futurewei Technologies26984
NEC Corporation309 73
JPMorgan Chase Bank26559
The Bank of NewYork Mellon Trust Company25142
Sony Corporation21559
Citi Bank as Collateral Agent20447

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