Sony Subsidiaries

List of Sony Subsidiaries

Sony has 100+ subsidiaries worldwide. Here’s the list of Sony Subsidiaries

S. No.NameCountry
1550 Digital Media VenturesUnited States
2Affirm Entertainment IncUnited States
3Affirm Films IncUnited States
4Alamo RecordsUnited States
5BungieUnited States
6Cogitai IncUnited States
7Columbia Pictures Entertainment IncUnited States
8Cpt Holdings IncUnited States
9Crackle IncUnited States
10Crispin CorporationUnited States
11Crunchyroll LlcUnited States
12Crunchyroll San FranciscoUnited States
13Dh Publishing LpUnited States
14Ellation Holdings IncUnited States
15Ellation IncUnited States
16Emazing IncUnited States
17Firewalk StudiosUnited States
18Fly By WireUnited States
19Gaikai IncUnited States
20Game Show Network LlcUnited States
21Grouper Networks IncUnited States
22Grouper.ComUnited States
23Guber Peters Entertainment CompanyUnited States
24Human Re SourcesUnited States
25Icyt Mission Technology IncUnited States
26In2Une Music IncUnited States
27Incognito EntertainmentUnited States
28Industrial MediaUnited States
29InfobeatUnited States
30Insomniac Games IncUnited States
31Nile Acquisition LlcUnited States
32Proud Life IncUnited States
33Sony America Holding IncUnited States
34Sony Corporation Of AmericaUnited States
35Sony Electronics IncUnited States
36Sony Interactive Entertainment IncUnited States
37Sony Music Holdings IncUnited States
38Sony Music Publishing LlcUnited States
39Sony Pictures Entertainment IncUnited States
40Sony China Co LtdChina
41Audiokinetic IncCanada
42Sony Bmg Music Canada IncCanada
43Housemarque Oy IncFinland
44Finetunes GmbhGermany
45Sony Bmg Music Entertainment Germany GmbhGermany
46Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbhGermany
479X Media Pvt LtdIndia
48India WebportalIndia
51Broad Street Digital LtdIreland
52Advasense Technologies LtdIsrael
53Altair Semiconductor LtdIsrael
54Aiko Denki Sangyo Co LtdJapan
55Aiwa Co LtdJapan
56Aniplex IncJapan
57Cbc Sales Film CorpJapan
58Lifecare Design IncJapan
59So Net CorporationJapan
60Sony Assurance IncJapan
61Sony Bank IncJapan
62Sony Communication Network CorporationJapan
63Sony Computer Entertainment IncJapan
64Sony CorporationJapan
65Sony Electronics CorporationJapan
66Sony Emcs CorporationJapan
67Sony Financial Group IncJapan
68Sony Financial Holdings IncJapan
69Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations CorporationJapan
70Sony Global Solutions IncJapan
71Sony Group CorporationJapan
72Sony Group Kabushiki KaishaJapan
73Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products IncJapan
74Sony Imaging Products & Solutions IncJapan
75Sony KkJapan
76Sony Life Business Partners Co LtdJapan
77Sony Life Insurance Co LtdJapan
78Sony Life With Insurance Co LtdJapan
79Sony Magnescale IncJapan
80Sony Manufacturing Systems CorporationJapan
81Sony Marketing IncJapan
82Sony Mobile Communications AbJapan
83Sony Music Entertainment Japan IncJapan
84Sony Network Communications IncJapan
85Sony Precision Technology IncJapan
86Sony Prudential Life Insurance Co LtdJapan
87Sony Semiconductor Energy Management CorporationJapan
88Sony Emcs Malaysia Sdn BhdMalaysia
89Beyond Sports BvNetherlands
90Guerrilla BvNetherlands
91Smartlink Network Europe BvNetherlands
92Sony Europe BvNetherlands
93Sony Overseas Holding BvNetherlands
94Artspages International AsNorway
95Sony Electronics Singapore Pte LtdSingapore
96Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AbSweden
97Awal LimitedUnited kingdom
98Bad Wolf LtdUnited kingdom
99Columbia Records UkUnited kingdom
100Csc Media Group LtdUnited kingdom

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