Sweden Patent Trends 2023

In 2023, Sweden was ranked 2nd in the most innovative economies, overtaking United States, United Kingdom & Singapore. According to Insights;Gate, approximately 2,000 patents were published in Sweden in the year 2023 (January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023), with around 1,400 patents granted during this period.

Leading the innovation charge in Sweden is the machine industry company, The Husqvarna Group, which secured the top spot with 126 published patents. Following closely behind is the pacakging company Stora Enso, with 122 patents, and Scania claiming the third position with 102 published patents.

In addition, other notable patentees in Switzerland include companies like Northvolt and Ikea among others.

Our analysis of the portfolio shows a strong focus on homegrown innovation. The majority of R&D Centers behind these patents are located in Sweden itself, followed by the United States and Finland.

Explore this extensive article to learn about the top technologies in Sweden for 2023, the individuals with the highest number of patent filings in the nation, and top companies filing patents in Sweden among other interesting insights!

How Many Patents were Published and Granted in Sweden Every Month in 2023?

2023 Published & Granted Patents in Sweden

Note: Because it can take up to 18 months for a patent application to be published, we are considering total records of published patent applications for our research, utilising the most recent year’s patent count for comparison.

What are the primary countries driving innovation in Sweden?

This chart talks about the primary sources or locations where a significant number of innovations in Sweden originate. It’s inquiring about the main regions responsible for generating the most innovations within the country.

Patents by Countries in Sweden in 2023

Top patent filers and innovators in Sweden in 2023

Most Innovative Companies of Sweden
Leading Companies in Sweden in 2023

Focus on Industrial Innovation:

The list is dominated by companies in industrial sectors like:

  • Manufacturing (Husqvarna, Scania, Volvo Truck)
  • Forestry and Paper Products (Stora Enso)
  • Engineering (Assa Abloy, Atlas Copco)
  • Agriculture (Vaderstad)

This suggests a strong emphasis on industrial innovation in Sweden.

Emerging Players: The presence of Northvolt (battery technology) on the list highlights Sweden’s focus on emerging technologies crucial for the future.

Diverse Patent Portfolio: The list includes a mix of well-established companies (Volvo, Ikea) and those specializing in niche areas (Vaderstad – agricultural equipment). This reflects a diverse and innovative Swedish industrial landscape.

Inventors driving the innovation in Sweden in 2023
Leading Inventors in Sweden in 2023

Top technology-focus area of published patents in Sweden 2023

Technology focus in Sweden in 2023

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