Application Area of Uber’s Patent Portfolio: Wireless Communication

Uber’s patent portfolio has 315 patent families covering wireless communication technologies. The exhibit below represents the distribution of the patent families into various applications and sub-technologies.

43% of the wireless communication portfolio of Uber is concentrated on Location-Based Notifications, 15% on V2X communications, 7% on each Service Signaling, and Short Range Communication Service. The rest of the portfolio is distributed among various applications and technologies.

The numbers in the exhibit are calculated based on CPC analysis. It represents the number of patent families classified in a CPC. A patent family is a group of patent documents – globally or in a jurisdiction – that covers the same (or similar) information.

In the patent portfolio of Uber, there were 2496 patent documents that belong to 884 patent families. The 884 patent families were categorized into 1351 unique CPCs. More often, a single patent gets categorized into more than 10 CPCs.

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