Top 100 Inventors who have the most patents

The table below has a list of the top 100 inventors who have the most US patents. The numbers are based on patent filing between Jan 1981 and May 2021 at the USPTO.

InventorNumber of Filings
Yamazaki Shunpei6819
Silverbrook Kia5877
Luo Tao3930
Gaal Peter3583
Chen Wanshi3571
Wood Lowell L.3212
Hyde Roderick A.3158
Karczewicz Marta2925
Wood William I.2869
Cheng Kangguo2810
Shelton Frederick E.2747
Li Junyi2527
Gurney Austin L.2395
Weder Donald E.2387
Goddard Audrey2356
Xu Hao2148
Ive Jonathan P.2104
Wang Wei2059
Tegreene Clarence T.2046
Zhang Wei2009
Zhang Lei2006
Wang Lei1989
Godowski Paul J.1879
Zhang Li1858
Walker Jay S.1856
Yu Chen-Hua1845
Li Li1824
Jung Edward K.y.1787
Rosen Craig A.1774
Ruben Steven M.1755
Ji Tingfang1747
Andre Bartley K.1734
Chen Wei1733
Zhang Xiaoxia1716
Wang Jun1712
Owner Patent1698
Malamud Mark A.1692
Li Wei1691
Levien Royce A.1671
Kerr Duncan Robert1641
Stringer Christopher J.1637
Lord Robert W.1631
Kare Jordin T.1620
Lapstun Paul1609
Howarth Richard P.1599
Sun Jing1568
Suzuki Takashi1565
Koyama Jun1562
Montojo Juan1550
Liu Wei1549
Seo Hanbyul1541
Coster Daniel J.1501
Smith Victoria1496
Cherian George1492
Whang Eugene Antony1482
Zhang Hongyuan1481
Zhang Yi1479
Rohrbach Matthew Dean1473
Chen Jian1459
Chen Ying1454
Ishikawa Muriel Y.1452
Wang Jian1448
Watanabe Colin K.1447
Fan Shou-Shan1439
Myhrvold Nathan P.1418
De Iuliis Daniele1410
Karaoguz Jeyhan1389
Liu Jun1358
Jorasch James A.1353
Li Jun1334
Hall David R.1332
Li Xiang1327
Sullivan Michael J.1307
Damnjanovic Aleksandar1280
Harris Jason L.1267
Russell-Clarke Peter1263
Wei Yongbin1258
Forbes Leonard1250
Sandhu Gurtej S.1249
Zhou Yan1248
Leuthardt Eric C.1237
Seo Satoshi1228
Liu Yang1225
Kim Kijun1222
Liu Yong1215
Marinier Paul1207
Wang Tao1204
Nagata Satoshi1188
Merlin Simone1186
Reznicek Alexander1184
Wang Xin1176
Yi Yunjung1170
Li Yan1169
Baker Kevin P.1163
Yue Henry1160
Li Jian1156
Wang Jing1155
Resch Jason K.1122
Liu Shan1120
Malladi Durga Prasad1119

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