Mastercard Acquisition of Finicity

On Jun 23, 2020, MasterCard acquired another fintech company ‘Finicity’ specialize in data aggregation with the amount of $825M. 

The acquisition of Finicity is for enabling a secure and innovative financial data-sharing ecosystem, for Mastercard and strengthening their open banking system in the US as well as in Europe. 

On top of this, Mastercard will also hand over $160M to Finicity, if they meet some performance targets.

Mastercard received 72 patents from this acquisition, where 20 patents are alive and the rest of the patents are dead.

The data of the Finicity shows that 80% of the patents are falling in ‘G06Q – Data processing system and method’ technology, here’s the full data:

Stats collated by Sachin Singh, RGT Team

Updated on August 2, 2020

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