Patent Counts in Sub Sector of Automotive Industry in US (2007-2018)

Automotive Industry has always welcomed emerging technologies with open arms. In recent years, the industry has adopted new technologies at a never-seen-ever-before rate. After AI and Big Data Analytics, the industry has been exploring IoT and Blockchain.

The industry has been completely transformed by technology and we are going to see a new automotive industry very soon. Drivers are being replaced by computers; internal combustion and gas-fed engines are going to become obsolete in the coming decades.

Automotive engineers and researchers today are focusing on the development of Advanced Driver Assistant System, electronic vehicles, solid-state EVBs, and NEV batteries. OEMs are funding or acquiring ride-hailing and autonomous vehicle startups and inking partnership deals and joint ventures with other top players to develop batteries or EV platforms together.

On-board computers are proliferating. Every car today has an on-board computer to control a range of functions – GPS, cruise control, exhaust emission, etc. Vehicle manufacturers have started focusing on on-demand, electrified, autonomous, and connected vehicle technologies. This will push the rate of innovation in automobile technologies.

The chart below represents patent filings in the US in various segments of the automobile industry.  Vehicle Control System, Vehicle Components, AI Integrated Vehicle, Battery Power Electric Vehicles are some of the segments that have received a lot of research attention.

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