Toyota and Denso Joint Venture for Next-generation In-vehicle Semiconductors

In June 2018, Toyota and Denso agreed on creating core and solid electronic components production with Denso. Last year, they announced that it will be named ‘MIRISE Technologies’ and to be established in April 2020.

This deal is focused on conducting research and advanced development of next-generation in-vehicle semiconductors to achieve fast and efficient competitive production and development systems.

Toyota transferred the Hirose plant, for the production of the carmaker’s electric components and transferred 437 patents to Denso, out of those 384 patents are granted and 53 are patent applications.

If we dive into the technologies that Toyota transferred to Denso, we found that 80% of patents are falling in the ‘Electrical’ domain. And 50% of patents belong to core semiconductor technology. Below is the full chart:

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